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 Deceit Fighter

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PostSubject: Deceit Fighter   Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:34 pm

Full Name: Malus Dolose (Last name was given to him by the old Ring master)
Nickname: Mal
True Name: Deceit
Partner's name: Satoshi Kimimaro
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Pansexual, flirts with anything that has two legs
Age: 16 ish give or take a few years.
Birth Date: unknown, picked the 4th of July
Occupation/Grade: Circus Acrobat and animal boy, has never been to school.
Dreams/Life Goals: To be free.

Hair: Black as are his ears, but he dyes his hair or wears wigs a lot
Ears and Tail: Yes, but he hides them for some performances as wigs some times cover them
Eyes: Blue but for the sake of performing he wears contacts for effect, like neons or glow in the dark ones
Height: 5'5
Build: Very lean, he has spend most of his life training in a circus.
Name location: Runs down from the tip of his middle finger in the inside of his left palm

Mal is a trickster by nature, he loves a good joke and most of the time is very good natured. Growing up in a circus, Mal is now a born entertainer, there is very little that embarrasses him as he either see's all in good fun or he really just doesn't care.

He is a little shallow some times and can say very stupid things before thinking about what it might mean to some one else. Because of growing up in the circus, like the others Mal has grown up with the mentality that the circus performers look down on others as they are the ones who come in to pay to see cheap tricks and tomfoolery. Yet at the same time he, and the other performers know that people may be in awe of the circus lifestyle, but they are also looked down upon. Seen as dirty, poor and uneducated. Another mentality he has is 'Once circus, always circus.'. Which instilled the better than you mentality. And made him feel as if he comes from a different world entirely.

There is a serious side to Mal, although it is rarely shown, it is there. This comes out when he is alone and is able to think about things. He is, while not a genius a lot smarter than he looks.
Every one thinks that Mal is this sweet little kid who cannot talk properly. Unbeknownst to many people he can talk properly, but for him it is like putting on an accent. It is difficult to keep up, but he can do it when he puts his mind to it.

Having grown up in a circus, Malus is a bit rougher around the edges than most folk. He has never been to school so his vocabulary has left much to be desired, he drops vowels left, right and centre and his curses would make a sailor blush.

He never met his parents as he was found on the streets as a baby by the old Ring Master of the circus he performs in. He was taken in and trained by Kyoji who was the head acrobat and his wife Siena, a lovely little woman who trained with the animals, but mostly the horses.
From there he was trained to be an acrobat and a darn good one at that, he performs regularly at shows across Japan, China and other parts of Asia. The circus has been to parts of Europe in their travels.
The circus, when he was younger like a gigantic family to him. The old Ring Master who had taken him in was like a grandfather to him and many of the younger kids. One other person who took him under her wing was Yvette.
She looked after him. Made sure he did little things like take a break from training and eat.

When Malus turned 12 the old ringmaster passed away and his son took the reigns. Which was unfortunate for Malus. The new ringmaster had seen how his own father had looked after Malus how he treated him like a grandson. And even though he was older, he had been jealous of the attention Mal had been getting as a young child.

So he made Mal his slave. Forced Mal to perform more and more dangerous acts. A few times Mal actually broke an arm in the attempt to keep up. Other times it was to perform degrading acts. Malus himself was never touched but was forced to do things he has tried hard to suppress.

He hated it. Hated it so much, he went back to his caravan at night feeling degraded and dirty. So in order to take out his frustrations he went for walks. And some times he found himself on top of roofs. All of his years of training had made him nimble and light. So one night he went out and found himself in an empty town house. The owners were out and they looked very rich. So he looked around. And may have slipped in his pocket a diamond ring.

As the circus travelled he was able to sell the ring for a good price on the black market or through dodgy traders. Little by little he was able to build a stash of money up. Now all the circus folk had bank accounts where they got paid and what not. But the current ringmaster had access to them and obviously Mal didn't trust him. So one afternoon he dragged Yvette down to a bank and made an account. Later in the week he went back by himself and deposited all his money into the account.

This went on for a while, when he could. He never got too bold or took risks. And when he felt he had enough in his bank account for him and Yvette he started to plan his get away from the circus.

One night as he was walking the streets in a city in Vietnam he noticed some thing. Hiding in a bush he watched the strangest thing. People were fighting, but not really fighting. After a blast came too close for comfort he ran off back to Yvette. On the way home his left palm became incredibly irritable and itchy. So upon looking down to see if there was some thing wrong with it he noticed a word had appeared there. Freaking out he hid in his caravan and refused to talk to any one for a few hours. After a while he decided to bandage his hand and hide it as nothing he had done had gotten the word off.

The circus recently have come back to Japan where Malus has noticed certain people have been giving off weird rings. He has tried to shake it off, but some times he swears that some of that ringing noise is coming from him. He has noticed that some rings make him feel sick to his stomach, and a few times he swore that the ground started spinning like he had been drinking too much.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Race/Ethnicity: Mostly Japanese.
Language: Japanese
Blood Type: unknown
Family: Yvette and the New ring master.
Career/Past Careers: Circus acrobat and animal boy.
Hobbies: small time thief, likes dressing up and randomly entertain people whether its under the big top or in the street.
Likes: Top hats
Loves: Being flexible and making people smile
Dislikes: The fact that he knows what he is and he doesn't know what to do if and when he finds his sacrifice.
Loathes: The New Ring Master
Fears: Getting caught
Strengths: Loves to make people smile
Good qualities: Is a good entertainer.
Bad habits: Cursing a lot
Turn ons: Some one who keeps his interest for long enough. People that are kind to him.
Turn offs: Fat people (Shallow side) and too serious people.

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Deceit Fighter
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