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 Sin Fighter

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PostSubject: Sin Fighter    Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:05 pm

Full Name: Alexander [Александр] Leontiev
Nickname: Alex, and Xander are the only two he responds to.
True Name: Sin
Location of True Name: Vertically down on his back where his skull meets his spine.
Partner: Currently unknown, considers Viktoriya Petrov to be his partner even though they do not share the same name.
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Russian
Languages: Russian, English, and Japanese
Age: 24
Birth Date: 10/25/1986
Occupation: No real job other than playing servant to Viktoriya
Life Goals: Not so much a life goal, but more of a personal one, he wants to forever stay Viktoriay’s favorite.
Likes: animals of all sorts, smoking, reading, going to plays and the opera.
Dislikes: Dmitry with a strong passion, reckless people/actions, crushed ice, peppermint flavors/smells, taking medicine, and being hot he prefers to be cold.

Hair: Short and wild golden blonde.
Eyes: Yellowy topaz.
Height: 6’3
Build: Fit with defined muscle mass, he works out to stay in top physical shape.
Other: His body is littered with white scars from his training days at the Academy.


If by chance you had met Alex fifteen years ago, before his life at Seven Moons began, you would have found a lively and endearingly sweet little nine year old boy. He was full of life and always seemed to bring a bit of joy into everyone’s lives. It seemed impossible for him to ever have anything but a smile on his face or never have a kind word to say to someone.

But that all changed a few months after he turned nine years old. Not long after his ninth birthday his true name appeared and he was sent to attend school at Seven Moons in Russia as a Fighter. There he quickly learned that life wasn’t as wonderful as he had previously thought it was. Life was cruel and cold full of misery and strife. And to survive you had to become as cold as ice, indifferent to anything but your own survival. He was forced to cast aside his pervious persona and adapt a new one. Alex became quiet and calculating. He incased himself in a nearly impenetrable case of ice. Numb is the perfect word for what happened to him. He expressed no feelings and in return didn’t have to experience the pain and hardship full force.

Character Background
Alex was born in 1986 to Anatoly and Klara, their second child and last child. Alex experienced a modest childhood, his father though a doctor believed in building strong values in his children and didn’t spoil them with material goods. He wanted them to know that a hearty constitution and a strong work ethic were what got you the things you wanted in life, and not just how much money your parent’s had. But despite not having loads of toys and gadgets Alex was happy. He had two parents who loved him and a kind elder sister. Life was blissfully perfect for him.

That all changed however shortly after his ninth birthday. It was just a few days before Christmas when Alex’s mother discovered a strange tattoo on the back of her son’s neck. For days she tried to scrub it away before finally telling her husband. He was just as perplexed as she was and had no clue what to make of it. He tried different ointments and creams all in hope to get rid of it but nothing worked. He even consulted some of his colleagues and they two had no clue what it was. It wasn’t until a visit from a stranger did they learn the truth.

A young man by the name of Vitaly Nikitin appeared at their home one night, claiming to be able to shed some light on Alex’s strange marking. Vitaly identified himself as the Head Master of a school in Russia known as Семь Лун (Seven Moons). Vitaly explained that the marking Alex had was a sign that he would possess special abilities, and that if Alex attended his school those ‘abilities’ would be carefully harnessed. He passed the whole thing off as if Alex were merely a gifted child and nothing more.

At first Alex’s parents were fiercely against sending their young son away to a boarding school they’d never heard of, but after a very brief conversation with Vitaly in private they suddenly had a change of heart. It was decided that Alex would attend the school, whether he wanted to or not.

The school was nothing like Alex had ever imagined. People were teaming up and fighting one another, sometimes to the death. Lies and enemies spread like wild fire. It was all very frightening for the little nine year old. He learned that you had to be tough to survive, that emotions didn’t get you far and the only way to make it to the next day was by fighting tooth and nail.

But despite all the cruelty around him, Alex did manage to make one friend. Fourteen year old Viktoriya Petrov. The elder Sacrifice took the young boy under her wing even though she had already found her own Fighter. Later on Alex would come to realize that she’d only done it just so he would become loyal to her for the future plans she had in store, but he didn’t mind. He willingly let her use him. Under her guidance Alex trained and studied hard, quickly rising to the top of his class, even managing to beat a couple of the upper classman.

For four years he listened to her every word, obeying every command as if she were his true Sacrifice. In his mind she was his Sacrifice, and he didn’t need one who shared the same name as him. He stood by her through everything, even when she finally stepped up and challenged the current Head Master. And then after the death of her real Fighter and the defeat of Vitaly he took her Fighter’s place. Becoming her favorite. For the brief year that followed Alex was almost as happy as he had been before coming to the school.

That all changed however when Viktoriya found a new favorite. A new young Fighter by the name of Dmitry Kardinovsky, whose name could prove to be just as powerful as Alex’s own. Dmitry took Alex’s place by Viktoriya’s side.

Alex instantly hated Dmitry. He hated how someone who knew nothing about their world could take all of Viktoriya’s attention away. But he did nothing about it. He feared angering Viktoriya and risking all he once had by doing something about it. So for seven years he remained in shadows ever faithful to Viktoriya but no longer by her side. Needless to say when Dmitry vanished one night Alex couldn’t have been happier. This was his chance to regain his former glory. But still Viktoriya continued to ignore him. She was furious that Dmitry had escaped her and for three years she did nothing but try and hunt him down. No one abandoned her unless she said so.

Finally she caught a break ,whispers that the Torment Fighter resided in Japan came to her notice and eager to reclaim what was her’s she immediately sent Alex out to fetch him.

Alex was more than angry about the idea. He didn’t want Dmitry to come back, but as always he cannot make himself go against Viktoriya’s will. So like the good little trained Fighter he was he set out to Japan to search for Dmitry, though he has no intentions of bringing him back.

Here's a quick timeline of important events with the characters Dmitry, Alexander, and Viktoriya

1995 Alex gets his name and goes to seven moons. (Demy age 8, Alex age 9, Vikky age 14)

1999 Vikky takes over Seven Moons (Demy age 12, Alex age 13, Vikky age 18)

2000 Demy gets his name and goes to Seven Moons (Demy age 13, Alex age 14, Vikky age 19)

2007 Demy leaves Vikky (Demy age 20, Alex 21, Vikky age 26)

And now three years later Alex is sent after Demy (Demy age 23, Alex age 24, Vikky age 29)

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Sin Fighter
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