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 Cody Lionheart-Swiftfeather

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PostSubject: Cody Lionheart-Swiftfeather   Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:51 am


Full Name: Cody Lionheart
Nickname: Cody, Code, Leo
People who know him now: Kyokeita Whitebang (Best Friend)
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Married (Jeramey Swiftfeather)
Age: 18
Dream: To see my best friend happy again.

Hair: Tan. White Tan ears and Tail.
Eyes: Orange
Gene: Human with a Curse

Fears: My best friend coming home and losing. Only the gods know what these rogue units would do to him.

Background with Kyo
As boys we played and grew up together and everything was fine until this unit came and changed the lives of our village forever. Kyo was sent away just because he is our finest warrior. They told him to go find 7 moons, attend school, and become part of a unit. He is to return and beat them and everything will go back to the way it was or else he will die in his fathers place. Such messed up ties. I on the other hand has become their slave and wait on them hand and foot. I am sent into town to check on Kyo and make sure he does what he is supposed to other wise they will kill another villager. I am to bring proof of his progress and leave him a few months more. Life sucks for now but I hope Kyo can keep his end of the bargin.
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Cody Lionheart-Swiftfeather
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