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 Misery Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Misery Sacrifice    Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:43 pm

Full Name: Donavon Hayes
Nickname: Ace
True Name: Misery (Sacrifice)
Partner's Name: Wate Mesatsu
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 23
Birth Date: June 17
Occupation/Grade: Third year college
Dreams/Life Goals: While he's being made to get a degree in business management and accounting, Ace would love to become a counselor for abused children.

Hair: Halfway between copper and light brown
Eyes: Forest green
Height: 5'3"
Build: Slender
Name location: Chest

Pessimistic and quiet, Ace isn't exactly the person you would go to for a pep talk. In fact, the only time he manages to be anything but depressing is when someone else is miserable. That's the point when he gives a rare glimpse at his real personality: soft-spoken, gentle and honestly caring for the wellbeing of others. Turns out his pessimism is some sort of twisted sense of humor? Ah well, he's interesting to talk to if you can ignore it. Oh, and he has a soft spot for kids and turns out to be pretty awesome with them.

For his boyfriend only:

My fault. Always, always, my fault. Da gets drunk; my fault. Mum's been hit; my fault. If I'd never been born, they would have been happy. If they were happy, she would never have hit me. If it weren't for me, mother would still be alive. If mother were still alive, father wouldn't have been sentenced to rot in prison. All my fault.

I was born into an abusive environment. That's what the counselors told me when I was fifteen and my father was finally put behind bars. The facts? Who knows. All I know is that, as far back as I could remember, my mother blamed me for her misery. Apparently, the reason my father got drunk and beat her had something to do with me. Hell if I remember. All I remember is her coming into my room when he'd gone out to get drunk, boxing me upside the head, and telling me things would be better if I'd never existed. What a loving mum she was.

I was thirteen when she died. I heard a thump and a crash, came out of my room, and there she was. Bleeding out into the carpet at the base of the stairs. Look up, there's Da. "She fell,' he says. Right, fell. I'll believe that one the day pigs fly and Fighters start bashing their Sacrifices' faces in. No way on God's green, allergy-inducing Earth did Mum simply fall. He killed her. And I told the officers as much.

The trial lasted a year and a half, roundabouts. He got life, convicted of spousal abuse, child abuse, and second degree murder. Gotta love the judge for that one. Mum hit me, and Da goes to jail for it. As for me, I got to live in an orphanage and go to therapy for a couple years before M'ser and Missus Mochizuki flew in from Japan and adopted me. (In case you bloody morons are having trouble keeping up, I was seventeen at that point.) Turns out the Mochizukis are a Unit couple. Of course, their only interest in me was the fact that I mysteriously got a tat without going to a shop.

So, the Mochizukis brought me to Japan and enrolled me at this school. It's ridiculous. I'm playing catch-up with a bunch of high schoolers because I didn't know about this whole Unit thing until I met the M'ser and Missus. Ah, but I should answer your question, since you're starting to look worried that I may not have heard you the first time...

"Fine, if you really must know...Da beat Mum, Mum beat me, and Da killed Mum. Now Da's in gaol, and I'm here. End of discussion."

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Origin: Ireland
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Apparently, at some point, his mother took a knife to his back and carved the words 'Your fault' into his skin five times, as well as the word 'Blameless' near his hip. I didn't realize he had these scars until he removed his shirt. He doesn't talk about it, but his parents' unit name was Blameless.
Likes: kids, mind games--until someone starts crying
Dislikes: overly-cheerful people, violence/abuse
Good qualities: has his moments of being nice...rare, but they exist
Bad habits: making people cry

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Misery Sacrifice
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