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  Misery Fighter

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PostSubject: Misery Fighter    Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:41 am

Full Name: Mesatsu Wate
Nickname: Mesa
True name: Misery
Partners name: Donavon 'Ace' Hayes
Located: Chest
Position: Fighter
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight, but has never been with any one.
Birth Date: 17/9
Occupation/Grade: Private school, Heir to the Wate Empire
Dreams/Life Goals: To succeed in his fathers footsteps, carry on the family name and make him proud.

Hair: Black, goes down past his ears.
Ears: Yes, black like his hair.
Eyes: Depending on the light can be charcoal grey or olive green
Height: 5'7
Build: Slight and skinny, has rarely done a hard days work in his life.

A very shy boy by nature, Mesatsu grew up being raised by various people such as his nannies as a child and then more his butler as he grew older. He is very quiet and obedient when it comes to his father as he is the heir to the family business. But when he is around Jun, his butler he is very much more relaxed, but still talks and acts how he was raised, to be very proper. He never talks out of turn, has never raised his voice at any one and is slightly scared of thinking or talking ill of any one. So you will never hear him gossiping about anything to any one. He is infact the perfect gentleman. Having grown up in the higher class and social set, Mesatsu has high social skills and uses them often when his parents 'bring him out' for their social parties. Often he has been asked to talk some of his fathers business partners about deals and business that would help the family company.
When he is not helping his father or being 'trained' by his father in the ways of business he is either at the elite private school he attends. There he has many friends who also see him as the perfect gentleman.

But he is only his true self when he is with Jun, who is like an older brother to him. When with Jun, he lets his hair down, just a little and becomes a little more talkative and a lot less shy. On outings by himself in public. Accompanied by Jun of course, he almost hides behind Jun afraid of people stares and judgemental looks.
Other times when he is out for walks or small errands for his mother, he pretends to be confident and so draws himself up tall and becomes what the boy imagines the type of person his father would want to represent the company.

He does some times gets annoyed but tries not to show it. He takes a little while to snap but, he does get angry.

But when it comes to his family he is very proud of his father and wishes to do him proud as his parents only child.

When he was born his mother Seisu nursed him only every now and then. He was a quiet baby who was mainly looked after by wet nurses. They taught him how to crawl, walk and talk and helped him refine his fine motor skills.
When he was five a nurse called Aya taught him many things like reading, writing and basic things. Mesatsu loved Aya because she told him many lovely stories about the world and used to play a harp to him when he fell asleep. Tragically she passed away from sickness when he was ten. But he was told by his new Governess Gina that she had moved away. It was not until some time later that he found out the truth, quite by accident when he was looking through some old letters that she had written to the family that she was very ill and had to go to hospital. Another letter he found was from Aya's family thanking his own for their kindness and gratitude during their hard time. He grieved for her but never told any one he knew the truth. He also found out some time after that, that is was his parents who had told every one in the house hold to tell him the story of her moving away.

After Governess Gina came and went when he he was sent to school, where he knew quite a good number of children that he knew were also from other wealthy or prestigous families. During school he became quite popular with many of the students for his gentle and kind nature and for his excellent grades, this is still the school he attends right now and will be soon preparing for entrance examinations into University.

It was when he was 13 he was introduced to Jun. He was called into his fathers study where his father introduced them to one another. And Jun has stayed on ever since as a butler and body guard.

Mesatsu's relatioship with his parents is one that most will find with children that are born into wealthy families. His mother is a social butterfly, flitting from one party to the next ever gossiping and treating herself to shopping trips. She comes in every Saturday night to talk with her son about his week. He is close with his mother, but not as close as most children are with their parents. His father is always at his work and as the head of a law firm he is rarely home. But like his mother Mesatsu goes into his fathers study on a friday (scheduled of course) to talk business and where Rokkan explains the inner works of his company and trains his son to take over from his position when the time comes.
But as Mesatsu only see's his father occassionally their relationship is very formal and business like. Mesatsu calls his father 'Sir' to indicate the formality and respect that their relatioship has become. The people who work in the house hold only ever see the three together when they are eating meals (which is rare as Rokkan often comes home late) or at parties that require the whole families attendance.

What Mesatsu didn't realise is that his family held a huge secret from him. Being born into an aristocratic family they had expected the heir to be one of their own, but alas Mesatsu showed no signs of being of their secretive world. Disappointed his father demanded that Mesatsu's mother have another child which failed. As it turned out Seisu could no longer have children. Which was a shame, but Rokkan still wanted a child. Eventually he found a way and a year later an illegitimate heir to his empire was born who was a fighter. This child was raised within the confines of the fighters compound and taught the ways of a fighter.

All this time, Mesatsu had no idea about any of the goings on. He was never introduced to his half brother Ichiro, nor did he know about the other parts of his families estate which held many other secret compounds. No, Mesatsu was being raised as a 'normal' child that would one day take over his fathers company, while Ichiro would take over the unit side.

It was not until three weeks ago did Mesatsu's name appear and all signs of him being a fighter became apparent to the rest of his family. His mother and father were of course delighted, as were, no doubt the rest of the aristocratic families and their children who over the years had to learn not to talk about the unit world or drop any mention of it around Mesatsu.

Mesatsu of course was overwhelmed by all the news and information that had been hidden from him his whole life, but he too a keen interest in the information and training sessions he had been receiving. The only person who was obviously not happy about the situation was of course Ichiro.

Ichiro spat it. And while he is still in the fighters compound, he has vowed to take from Mesatsu one day that was promised to him.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.

Race/Ethnicity: Japanese.
Language: Japanese, Chinese, Thai and English.
Blood Type: A +
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: None as of yet
Parents/Elders/Guardians: His parents and Jun.
Career/Past Careers: Student.
Hobbies: Artistic things like drawing (which he is very skilled at) and playing the violin.
Likes: Maths and science
Loves: Succeeding and pleasing his parents, and making others happy.
Dislikes: Crowds of unruely people.
Loathes: Nothing that he will ever tell.
Fears: Disapointing his father by being a failure.
Strengths: Very high social skills.
Good qualities: Pleasant natured
Bad habits: Is painfully shy.
Turn ons: Quiet loving people
Turn offs: Angry people.

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Misery Fighter
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