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 Toxic Fighter

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PostSubject: Toxic Fighter   Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:36 pm

Name:  Kyler Daniels
Nickname: Ky mostly, though he does get a few rather vulgar ones from time to time
True Name: Toxic
Location Of True Name: Inside of his right ring finger
Partner’s Name: Julius Nakamura
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 19
Birth date: September 27, 1991
Occupation: Senior at Seven Moon’s Academy
Goals: He isn’t really sure. A tattoo artist maybe?

Hair: A dirty golden blonde, it falls in disheveled layers around his face.
Eyes: Some would call them hazel, but they’re more gold than brown.
Height: A comfortable 6’0 and he suspects that he might grow a few more inches yet.
Build: Fairly lean, though is stronger than he appears to be.

Kyler for the most part is very mellow and laid back, though he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. The truth is not to be withheld or sugar coated in his opinion. Sometimes what he says comes off as harsh or unkind, but generally what he says is only to help others. He knows how tough life can be and knows that the only way to get through it is to stay strong and keep your chin up. Never give up, and never let your past defeat you.

He prides himself on fidelity. Once he commits himself to something he doesn’t give up unless there’s a very good reason. As such he’s got a bit of a problem with cheating in relationships. His mother’s life was the perfect model for what not to do, and he’s made it a personal mission never to be like her.

“I was born in nineteen-ninety-one, my mother Clara was a whore-”

That’s not a very nice thing to say about your mother Kyler.

“It’s the truth, and I’m not gonna sugar coat it. Now are you going to let me tell them or are you going to interrupt me again?”

No, go ahead. I’ll be quiet…

“Good, now as I was saying. My mother Clara was a whore. Yeah not a nice thing to say I know, but like I said before it’s the truth. Even before I came into the world she was loose. I’ve got three older sisters and none of them have the same dad if that gives you any idea. And like my sisters, I don’t have a clue who my dad is. Hell, I doubt my mother even knows. But it doesn’t really matter, judging by the lowlifes mom’s dated since then I doubt I’d even want to know him. He was probably some no good druggie who scored with my mom because he fixed her up with something. Mom was always on something, or trying to get something. It was like she couldn’t function without some form of poison running through her veins. And even then she wasn’t much. On drugs she was mellow, manic, or passed out. Without them she was just a down right bitch. Those were the times you wanted to avoid her and make yourself seem small. She’d lash out from the slightest provocation. My older sisters and I got good at hiding and taking care of ourselves. As soon as my oldest sister Hana could she got a job and started taking care of us younger ones. She dropped out of high school and everything. I guess you could say she was the closest thing to a real mom the rest of us had. She made sure we got something to eat and that we got out of bed and went to school everyday. It was still hard though, ‘cause mom had a habit of stealing money from Hana to spend it on god knows what. But somehow we made it, or well sort of made it. One seventeen year old with a full time job taking care of four other children and a drunken mother isn’t exactly easy. Plus I wasn’t exactly a model citizen. Right off the bat I got mixed in with the wrong crowd. Stealing became a regular habit for me, and school was a thing of the past. I skipped more then I went and it really showed when I got held back in the first grade. Yeah the first grade, I was a devious little tyke back then. But that all changed when I was fourteen. When this freaky tattoo thing showed up on my finger. After that I was thrust into a world of Sacrifices and Fighters. It was a shell shock to say the least. I had no clue about all this, I was a newb of the worst kind. Because of that I guess and my past, I became an outcast among the other students at Seven Moons.”

Seven Moons?

“The school for Fighters and Sacrifices. Now as I was saying, I was an outcast. Kids picked on me when they could. But I mostly ignored it. Not everyone is going to like you, that’s just a fact of life, not use getting worked up over something you can’t change. Plus I wasn’t about to change for them just because I didn’t fit in. Though I guess over the years I did sort of start to change, even if I didn’t mean to. When your around something and people for that long you just get used to it. And of course, all people change over time. No one stays the same. That’s all I guess.”

That’s it? You’ve nothing more to add?

“Not really… Well I guess I should say that I haven’t found my Sacrifice yet. I live with my sisters in a house we rent, as pretty much after Lola was born Hanna took custody of her and we just left. That’s it. Anything else you’ll just have to ask, I don’t have all day to stand around and reminisce about the past.”

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Toxic Fighter
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