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 aristocrat's symphony

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PostSubject: Re: aristocrat's symphony    Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:51 pm

At the touch, Jin tensed. In this weakened state his own body reacted with a self preservation instinct that his normal self had long since forgotten. It was a subtle muscle movement, but one that he was sure would not go unmissed by the astute eyes of his blonde companion. Recovering quickly, he reached out slowly and grabbed the other man, gripping onto the back of his neck, his fingers entwined themselves with golden locks. He harshly pulled the other man closer. Too close. Their faces inches apart, the blonde's hand's touch still against his skin. He peered into those amethyst orbs, sparkling as they were.

"Are you really done with this game? You're ready to let it be all mine?" Dark eyes narrowed. There was a distinct dislike of the laughter he could see, interpretted as a mockery from the younger. "If that's the case, then I'd rather drag you back into it. Leaving clawmarks behind you and all." His grip tightened, wrapping gold strands tighter. "Without you, there is no sport. You wouldn't want to take the fun out of it for me, would you?"

After a beat, Jin slowly began releasing his fingers, untangling them. He knew that the last thing the blonde would be caring about at the moment was fun, least of all Jin's fun. The words lingered in the air as a challenge, more than anything else. He let his body relax into the chair even more, still caged by the other man.

If only that godamned fighter had done his job. Cards would not have fallen this way. So easily facilitating whatever blueprints Yuri had so seemingly easily completed during the aftermath of that failure.
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PostSubject: Re: aristocrat's symphony    Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:38 pm

What he had expected to happen the moment he leaned down to the other, the affectionate tale of his caring for the namesake the blonde kept hidden by touching the other's right side in the tall tale of announcing where it was on himself to the world, it was a stupid action. One he would always do for as long as the mannerism imprinted itself in his memory, feeling the sudden tension in the other though.

Even for that split second before Jin's hands gripped around his neck and into his hair pulling him down closer inches from the other's face.

It made the mocker of his laughter deepen, the curd smirk split across his lips in the evil of it intent.

Years.. days... a decade ago this had always been in reverse.

As children, Yuri was also two steps behind...

Never won a game chess against the other, though it was the blonde's favorite of pass times.

Never won about of this word dance.

O as a Knatsu, he had been many things. He could twist knots around to the poor Jeniou heir and inveterate him in a matter of milliseconds, belittle the Umizo's into submission, twist a veil around the eyes of the little Nakamura, never mind the Wate's for he was oblivious anyways and naively childish, and the Matsumoto had not one yet, but Hizaki?

Jin was the only one he ever fell short of....

And at this moment, the other's words a declaration of bring him back into the spider web of tangled deception and death. All Yuri could do was smirk, from ear to ear in a rather dark sinister manner which had always been a characteristic of the man who had raised him.

" Drag me back, Jin, claw marks and all?" He didn't pull away from the other when he loosened his hold. Rather her remained as close as Jin had brought him. Inches from one thing or another as the words left his lips in a bare whisper. " Wouldn't you rather I was brought to you on my knees beaten, broken, and begging?"
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aristocrat's symphony
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