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 Trusted Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Trusted Sacrifice   Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:33 pm

Name: Karasu Kobayashi
Birth Name: Ravyn DeLevain
Nickname: Morrigan (a reference to Celtic mythology), Ravey (by her cousin), Kara
True Name: Trusted Sacrifice
Partner: Robyn Diaz-Sakamoto
Birthday: November 5
Age: 24
Gender: Intersex/Androgyne (see "Health and Gender" below)
Occupation: Computer analyst/Club Owner

Appearance: (5'6", healthy body type) Her waist-length hair is black, as are most of her clothes. Her eyes are violet, and she wears contacts, since she's sick of her glasses getting in the way. She likes to dress in an androgynous fashion, making no complaint if she's mistaken for a guy. After all, she dresses as one most of the time. She wears black lipstick to hide the mark written across her lower lip.

Sarcastic, pessimistic, and a bit arrogant, she tends to push people away. She has MAJOR trust issues. She has a completely different attitude toward her few friends, becoming kind, loyal, and witty. She will take your secrets (and her own) to her grave.

American-born, she speaks both English and Latin fluently. She refuses to speak of her past, saying "I'm here now. That's all that matters." She inherited an apartment complex from her great-grandmother Suzume (family name: Kobayashi), which is why she moved to Japan instead of England (where she actually wanted to go).

The following is the part of her history she refuses to admit to, beginning with her family history:
The name appeared in the summer of 2004, written like a brand across her bottom lip. Her curse, her agony...her pride. She is TRUSTED. And she was a fighter...for a time.

After her name appeared, Ravyn began training on her own, learning from her mistakes which spells were effective and why, what made her stronger or weaker in battle, how to defend herself, and everything else she figured she would need to know to be an effective fighter. Unfortunately, though, the fighting style she ended up with clashed with her personality: her spells were manipulative, deceptive and involve betrayal of trust. Because of this, she decided that she, as a person, was different than she was as a fighter. This decision caused her to start using another name during battles. The name she chose came from Celtic mythology: Morrigan, the Raven Goddess, most well-known as a deity of war and death. To her, "defeat" is relative. Her only intent in battle is to test the bond between her opponents.

Kara (right) and Mama (left)

Since then, Ravyn moved to Japan. Her sacrifice, an ex-boyfriend she did not trust, followed her, only to die the day after his arrival. After this traumatic event, Ravyn changed her name, taking the name her grandmother had given her as a child. She sold her apartment complex, and went into hiding. Because, the moment he died, something in her changed. She found that she could no longer use the word spells she'd once used. She was no longer a Fighter...yet she still bore the name.

The official theory is that she became a wild fighter at the time of her sacrifice's death. But that's nowhere near the truth. No, she became a Sacrifice. Rogue, but no real threat to anyone, as long as they left her alone. Hiding in the shadows, she managed to suppress her ring enough to be able to live a 'normal' life. She learned how to use several types of guns, and has a few weapons registered in her name, just in case her past comes back to bite her in the ass. She completed her degree, and now works as a computer analyst for a major computer corporation.

Having finally found her Fighter, Kara is looking forward to a new beginning. Little does she know just how much her life is about to change yet again.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Likes: music, dancing, black & purple, computer-related anything
Dislikes: kids, abusive sacrifices, bullies in general, being called "untrustworthy"

Karasu wearing men's clothing:

Other: She is a complete computer freak. She will rarely be seen without her laptop and iPod.

Fighting Style:

Health and Gender:

This form template was created by DK/firefly of and exclusively for Loveless: Redemption. Stealing shall merit a lifetime of being chased by rainbow unicorn tanks and visions of the most horrific gut-wrenching nude dancing you will ever encounter...same goes for modifying it without permission (outside of the information fields).

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Trusted Sacrifice
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