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 Cherished sacrifice

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PostSubject: Cherished sacrifice   Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:28 pm

Name: Nasumi Umsunai
True Name: Cherished
Age: 19
Birthday: June 6
Partner: Still Looking
Occupation: 2 year of college studying to become a Doctor
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: American

Height: 5'3"
Weight: Denies to say
Name Location: Upper Right Thigh on the Outside
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Hair Type: Long to the lower back and Silver in color. Will dye it sometimes though.
Ears and Tail: Yes. Silver to white in color and the type is husky.
Clothing: She loves jewelry even though she doesn't wear it she would mostly wear her rings and necklace. She has a nose piercing on the right side of her nose, she's planning on getting more. She would shop for mostly black color clothes but other colors don't matter to her. Sometimes people will stop her and ask her how she got such a great looking tan and she tells them its not a tan she was just born with it..

Natsumi is a nice person once you get to her. She loves to play sports like volleyball, and tennis. She loves to help out others. In school she feels like all eyes are on her sometimes because she still has her ears and tail. Some boys have been asking her on dates but she rejects them because she knows they only want one thing. She has a beautiful voice when she sings it makes her feel calm and safe. She also loves to dance, she took dance lessons when she was in middle school. She makes all A's on her papers because she wants to follow in her mothers footsteps.

Natsumi was living the good life any child would want. She had a loving family, great friends,(Natasha) her mother and(Chris) father (non units). Natsumi came to this town because her dad got transfer into a big company. They moved from California in the States to their new home here in Japan when she turned 16 years old. Her mom is a world renowned doctor. She has been all over the world, she also has been on many health channels and even shared her knowledge on the news. It does get tiring for her but its everyday life she has grown used to. Every time Natsumi goes out she has been stopped by people saying how her mom is wonderful and all. Natsumi doesn't like that most of the time because they only know her from her mom and it aggravates her the most but she respectfully says thank you and continues on her way. She wants to follow in her mothers steps because she wants to see new things and help people just like her mother but she feels that she has the proper body to become a model. Her mother is a big inspiration to her because without her she would be lost in her own world with no guidance. Natsumi's dad died 2 years ago from a unknown disease. Her mom went into a very depressed state after that and she didn't go to work for about 3 months because their bond was so strong that she couldn't keep her self up knowing the love of her life was gone from her side. Natsumi was devastated and she felt so detached from life she rarely spoke. Her mother saw this and tried to do everything in her will power to change and then help Natsumi. It was so hard to move on without that father figure but due to the aide of her mother she managed to change and try to live again. Sometimes Natsumi would be upset but she knew she had to move on some point in time. One day she looked at her legs and one had writting on it that's when she realize the word cherished on her upper right thigh.  But maybe she has yet to find out who she is and what she is for. She has not awaking yet and she knows nothing about the unit world.

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Likes: movies, dancing, singing, cooking, hanging out with friends, gum, ice cream
Dislikes: men that try to hard, loneliness, being sad

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Cherished sacrifice
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