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 Main Estate Overview

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PostSubject: Main Estate Overview   Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:57 am

Jenoiu Main Estate

Though these walls tend to only house the family elders and the Head Family, this are the grounds of the Jenoiu family. Located realitively close tot eh city's main hosptial since the family owns it. Members are required to return to the main house during celebrations and of course, when the family head calls for meetings with certain individuals.

[Main Gate]

[Main Enterance]

[Side enterance, if a family member is see on the 'low end of the totem pole' they use this enterance as they are treated more as a'traditional fighter' by the family. Were they are not to be seen or heard.

SInce the estate is located within CIty limits, the family does not keep a large garden, rather a similar rock garden that can been seen though windows of the hospital.

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Main Estate Overview
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