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 Umizo Condo [Roof Level, 701]

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PostSubject: Umizo Condo [Roof Level, 701]   Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:37 am

Ayane [Permanet] and Aiko [Temp] Address

Though the building itself is not something an individual would think a high class [and head of Family[ would take as her most permanent place of residency, this is the place Ayane views more like home then she has any place else, even her families main estate. Here is the place she finds solitude when she is rather tired of being around family, or needs to clear her mind.

Upon entering the Condo, directly to ones left is an open kitchen, AYane has no use for a dinning table as she never tends to entertain large amount of guest in her home.

Directly across from the doorway and pass the kitchen the condo opens up into the sitting room. Ayane, due to working in 'show business', has no care for TV, and thus does not keep one. [Edit the windows in Pictur einto frech doors], from teh doors the condo opens up into her 'Hanging Garden' that takes over a lot fo the roof area of the complex.


Behind the kitchen to the left there is a hallway that leads down into the one and only bedroom in the condo and bath. However the Bathroom has three doorways, one that lead directly into the sitting room, one from the hallway and another from the bathroom. Since she has a hatered for doors, if standing in the sitting room looking to the left one has a clear view straight though the bathroom into the bedroom.

[No pictured: Ayane has a large safe hidden in her closet that houses jewelry, precious stones and metals and other valueable things]

Her pride and joy one could say, a working project that seems to have become her focus of stress releif. Gardnening or rather turning the roof of the complex into her own personal garden. From flowers, to vines, or even trees and hanging plants this place as become quiet the sight to see. From the end of the building however, one can veiw across to see the Umizo Federation Main business building. A looming reminder.

[Edit: pretend the grass is really concrete]

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Umizo Condo [Roof Level, 701]
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