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 Ambrose's Condo 67 Floor 3

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PostSubject: Ambrose's Condo 67 Floor 3   Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:22 pm

"Mmmm...What time is it...?"

A young looking man rustled from the bed and turned to his alarm clock on the dresser. The small object shown the time in tiny neon green numbers. It was still two hours before his photoshoot was to begin. He slowly sat up in his rather too large bed. He ran his hand through his long, silver hair and started to get out of bed. He was thankful his parents haven't came in yet to wake him. Today seemed like another day of silence and being forgotten.
After his shower, he went over to his bed and found it perfectly neat with his clothes for the day laying across it. Thanks mom, he thought as began to put on the dark clothing that concealed his arms and legs. He hated people seeing his bare skin except during his photoshoots. He didn't like people to stare at the old scars of torture that were on him. He pushed on the turtle neck and pants, going out into the living room.
He found his parents cooking breakfast. "Ohayō no okāsan, otōsan(1),"Ambrose greeted to them as he sat at the table. His mother turned and smiled big as she dropped a plate of eggs and bacon in front of him. He nodded and thanked her for the meal before starting to eat it. After he finished, he was going to go back into his room until his father stopped him. What does he want, he thought. "Gin, why don't you go get some fresh air today before your photoshoot?" His father smiled sheepishly. How was Ambrose supposed to say no to that? He nodded as he turned to the the door and opening it, not forgetting to get his dark purple hat. "Satsuei de anata o sanshō shite kudasai(2)."

[(1. "Good morning mom, dad.") (2. "See you at the photoshoot.")]
[Ambrose has left Lapis Lazuli Condo: Ambrose's Condo 67 Floor 3 and went to Mall: Shopping?]

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Ambrose's Condo 67 Floor 3
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