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 Evermore Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Evermore Sacrifice   Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:24 am

Full Name: Boris Airay
Nickname: B
True Name: Evermore
Partner's Name: Erik Kamazaki
Gender: Male
Marital Status: seeing someone
Age: 20
Birth Date: October 20
Occupation/Grade: Dj's at clubs

Hair: purple and pinkish
Eyes: Golden color
Height: 6'0
Build: medium built he doesn't work out that much
Name location: On lower back

well im kind, fun to be around with, i love partying. but when you pissed me off i have a pretty good reason i dont want nothing to do with you. me and you could be the best of friends just dont make me mad.

Well my parents names are Ken and Emily Airay. As you can tell my last name, in fact my whole name is not Japanese at all. I've been living in Japan for about half of my life now. At least from what I can recall right now. My parents are fun people and trust me you would love to be their friend if you always wanted to go somewhere. As a child we went on trips around the world. Exploring and seeing new things and discovering worlds beyond our imaginations. Cruises over the summertime exploring all the 7 seas and more if there were. I have the best parents in the world....until they acted like any other parent by laying down the rules and saying things like don't do this or don't do that. God they would give me a headache about the do's and don'ts. Oh you want to know about my parents?? Well you could have just said so nut. My dad was an architect for like 20 something odd years before he retired. He told me that when he was younger he would build things in the sand and stuff and his father was the one who suggested it to him. Thanks to his own fathers influence he said he was living his dream. Well his first one anyways since he claims he is living his second one now. My mom was a chemistry teacher at a college that she graduated from. Beauty and brains never looked so beautiful. I asked my mom and dad how they meet and my mom said she was walking while listening to her music when she bumped into dad on a crowded street. It was sort of that love at first sight kind of thing for them. One thing led to another and they started seeing each other more often when they had the time. After a while of seeing each other dad asked her if she would marry him. She said yes of course but through the excitement she told him she was pregnant. Now at that point my parents would have burst like ballons with so much joy and excitement. He was so happy for them both. Before long they got married while she was eight months pregnant with me and a month later on October 20 I was born. Nice little fairytale there don't you think?

Growing up I had a good childhood with everything a child could want. I had a room full of toys, always did good in school, and had many friends. I can actually say that those are my best times, being a kid I mean. Of course I had good times but there were some bad times I would always remember. Like the time my friends and I would play in this construction site near school that my dad told us NOT to play in but we didn't care we were kids on an adventure. Anyways we played in the trucks one day since they left them unattended in the yard. One of them had the keys still in the ignition. Being curious I had turned it on and even though I didn't know how to make the crap move we managed to have the bed of the bulldozer knock off the foundation of the new school building and we even dumped dirt onto the school grounds. Now on of my other friends managed to make it move and it started rolling in town. I think we went over like 2 cars before an adult came and shut everything off. Some business guy who started yelling at us about his car we had managed to hit. Yeah we got scolded really badly and our parents had to pay a lot of money for all the damages and help pay for the rest of the school's newest building. We were grounded for like a year. I could be exaggerating but man it was so fun. Great times being a curious kid back in the day.

During my second year of middle school I got home a little earlier than normal. Mostly because it was teachers day at the school, whatever they do during that time, so me and and a couple of friends went skateboarding for a couple of hours after that I went home. Feeling a bit on the bored side since I didn't want to do homework just yet I put my books down on the kitchen table. As I was going to my room I heard my parents talking about something. So me being who I was I sneaked in as quietly as I could so I could hear what they were saying. They were talking about moving conditions and my mind began racing. At this point I didn't care about them seeing me ore not so I stood up fully and walked into the living room and asked were we really moving. They told me yes and that we'll be moving to Japan. I swear I think my jaw must have hit the floor. I didn't want to go there because I didn't want to leave my friends and all the other memories I had created her to be left behind. I was so heart broken that they didn't ask me first and man was I such a loner child. We didn't even talk at all over the rest of my school year. Each time we tried it was always about moving and I for one didn't even want to hear it. Over the summer we moved and I had to go to a new school, a new home, new everything. My parents had packed all my stuff up so quickly I didn't even have a chance to organize things before we left our old place. The house we live in is okay in size compared to our old one. As I unpacked my things which looked like mother's care since everything was so perfect. I didn't notice an image in a neat looking frame before. My friends gave me a picture of all of us together before our final days as a group and each one wrote a farewell note on the back. God I felt so depressed and started just looking at it. So many memories just left behind in the dust without my consent of course. I began wearing black and dying my hair all these strange colors until I decided to stay with something more to my natural hair color. As soon as my school year started though I had to give credit to one memory that I had. It was a good thing that we had Japanese language class at my old school and I took it during that time because I thought it would be something cool to learn. So my Japanese came in handy quiet a lot once we moved here. It took my parents a little more time before they too learned the language and became familiar with the industry of work and culture.

Over the years pass I graduated high school and now I am an adult but let me tell you what happened when I was 19. My parents told me I should settle down and get married and all that other good stuff. I think kids was even mentioned as well. I told them I'll think about it and went back outside to wait on some of my friends. As I was sitting on a bench looking into space my eyes caught sight of a beautiful girl. I went up to her and started a nice talk with her. You know the usual stuff like her name and she said Fumiyo. We got along great and started dating. One day as I was walking to go and visit her. I saw her talking to another guy I had never seen before and she was giggling and smiling then the unthinkable happened that made my heart break. She kissed him right on the lips. Damn it hurted me to even watch that. I real lot so I went back home and threw everything away that I had ever done with her or even got from her. She tried calling me that night and I picked up reluctantly. We had a huge fight and I hung up in her face. I laid on my bed and forced myself to sleep everything off. I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror as I turned sideways I saw a word on my back: Evermore.

I rushed to my mom and dad who were in the living room at the time and asked them what this writing was. They were shocked to see such intricate writing on me. They didn't know what it was so I am determined to find out what this means let alone what it is that just randomly appeared on my body. So till this day I'm still trying to find answers to my hidden problems but I feel I am getting close to finding all my answers.

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Evermore Sacrifice
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