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 Unit Seeking

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PostSubject: Unit Seeking   Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:14 pm

Looking for your Partner? Are you a Blank looking for someone to claim you? Have you been abandoned? Then you will placed here. Once you have been paired you will be placed in a completed list. Post your Characters name here and their position and I will add them to the list. Post here if there is a name you want your partner to try and bond with. PM that person to see if it is okay and once you are established we will place you in the completed list. We ask that Staff are also bonded unless you are an Exception to the rule stated by Yuri, Shivani or Slven. Pending means someone is going to claim this person. Click on each name to read their Profiles!

Incomplete Units

Asphyxiate Fighter - Raiden Grantz*
Blank Fighter - Dokaku Masamune*
Blank Fighter - Kiyoshi Rin
Blank Fighter - Meiko Jenoiu
Blank Fighter - Shivani Tanaki*
Blank Fighter - Syra Kohl*
Boundless Fighter - Zealos Kajira*
Cataclysm Fighter - Valshe Jenoiu*
Cursed Fighter - Aceit Higo
Debolished Fighter - Bambarilla Agnito
Devoted Sacrifice - Meisukya Lu-Xlair Suppen-Tsukejunri
Faithful Fighter - Tsukiyoko Delaine
Faithless Fighter - Daisy Jade Wilson
Forgotten Sacrifice - Gin Murazaki
Hitsuzen Fighter - Yvette
Hope Fighter - Aodan Erin O'Neill
Hysteria Fighter - Katsumi Jenoiu
Merciless Sacrifice - Kirill Petrovich
Ongoing Sacrifice - Junko Tsuji
Trusted Sacrifice - Karasu Kobayashi*
Void Sacrifice - Kazuki Umizo

*Some requirements must be met before this person can become yours which is RP related. Please see the Creator for details.
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Unit Seeking
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