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 Falling Off the Face of the Earth [closed]

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PostSubject: Falling Off the Face of the Earth [closed]   Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:22 pm

A young boy named Fang laid in the grass, his whole body stretched out, as he stared up at the canopy of the trees. Little light passed through the trees, Fang didn’t mind, it was better on his eyes either way. His sleeves were rolled up and in result he could feel the cool grass against his slightly pale skin. It always fascinated Fang how the grass could remain so cool in the middle of a hot day.

Such a hot day!” Fang muttered under his breath, rolling over to where he was laying in another patch of cool grass. It had probably been an hour for Fang’s lunch break, maybe more Fang wasn’t keeping track of time.

Slowly, Fang sat up and rested his arms upon his knees, staring at all the people that were in the park. Joggers, pet parents, children and their parents, he just stared before placing his head on his arms. He could feel his head spin; his black pants seemed to spin with him. Finally Fang lay back down and the world stopped spinning, though Fang now felt like he was falling backwards. He closed his eyes and gripped the ground.

That’s it. No more drinks after 10 from now on.” Fang laughed to himself, and then sighed, the thought passed through his mind, “It’s not the alcohol that makes you feel like this…” Fang knew it wasn’t the alcoholic beverages that made him feel like he was falling; it was he, himself that felt like falling.

Falling from the face of the earth wouldn’t be so bad. Never knowing where you’ll land, never knowing who’ll be waiting.” Fang closed his eyes and placed his right arm over his eyes, though he could still half see the word that appeared as a tattoo. “Soundless” Fang though, “How strange, my line of work wouldn’t represent soundless at all.” Fang laughed and shook his head, as he remained in his thoughts laying there.

[Fang Hikou left the City Park and went to Down Town]
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Falling Off the Face of the Earth [closed]
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