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 Malik/Yuri Bedroom

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PostSubject: Malik/Yuri Bedroom   Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:55 pm

[I will edit and insert images to first post later. Computer thats got them is kind of dead atm]
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PostSubject: Re: Malik/Yuri Bedroom   Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:36 pm

Sometimes, just sometimes, he wished that he had convinced his fighter to buy a single story house so he wouldn’t have to walk up annoying stairs to get to his own bedroom, even though this was probably one of the few rooms he was ever in at most. He never slept in here, on any regular bases, perhaps only walking in to grab a change of clothing, take a shower, but other then that… It was also one of the few rooms in his house that he rather disliked and wouldn’t allow others to enter. The door opened and he flicked on the light to welcome him into the plaster white bare walls of the room. There was a bed in the middle against the interior wall since his room was on the end corner o the upper story overlooking the garden. The only other piece of furniture in the room was the plain wooden desk and chair that rested next to the window seat of the large single window of his room.

It was plain, empty, lacking personal touches of the individual who lived within its walls. It was in a way his prison cell in more ways than one. Empty, so that he had a place to sit to clear his mind when he couldn’t anywhere else; empty, so he couldn’t hurt himself in the terrors of his dreams; empty, to reminded him the duty of his bonds; empty, so that he could remember that there was nothing that was truly his.

Hands moved down the buttons of his shirt as he walked into the room taking the black thing off and folding it over his arm he walked over to the bathroom door pushing it opened. Flicking on the light switch to be welcomed by the low setting into the plain bathroom Yuri dropped the shirt into the hamper and started to empty out his pockets on the counter. Unlike all the others in the house, this was probably the only no over decorated plain bathroom, which one might think stuck out like a sore thumb to everything else. His fighter had gone all out in decorating everything else. It screamed him, from the awards displayed about the house, sighed guitars of other popular bands hanging up here and there, this place was Slven territory his place to brag about who he was, Yuri was just the additional person who lived here. Stripping out of the uniform he turned on the shower to a low setting before stepping in. A long shower to clear his mind of everything so he could deal with the situation at hand might just be what he needed….


Yuri tied the front of the plain grey kimono shut as he looked in the mirror, his wet blonde hair was pulled back up in a curled like bun with one of Shivani’s hair clips to keep the wet locks from getting the kimono wet. He tapped his phone awake to look at the time..

Slven was by far a lot later now then he should be.

But the sacrifice wasn’t about to call him, if something really was the matter the Doll would have sent him a message or Aleksander would have. Lord knew the boy had figured out a way to get a hold of his phone number the moment he step out of his Spanish hell hole of a prison from the last few years. Shutting off the light slipping back on his slippers Yuri walked out of his bathroom and his bed room to return to being down stairs. Dinner needed to be finished, and if anything there was a cold bottle of Vodka in the refrigerator he had seen.

{ Yuri has left his bedroom and is returning to the
the kitchen ]
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Malik/Yuri Bedroom
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