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 Shadow Fighter

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PostSubject: Shadow Fighter    Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:31 am

Full Name: Badou Maddox
Nickname: Mad Dog
True Name: Shadow
Partner's Name: none
Gender: Male
Marital Status: none
Age: 20
Birth Date: 14/2
Occupation/Grade: Was a student, now Ren Mireha's right hand man for The Dogs.
Dreams/Life Goals: None

Hair: Orangy blonde, but more on the orange side.
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9
Build: Built and lanky with slender arms and fingers.
Name location: On the left side of his hips...
Name Location:

When sober Badou is generally quiet and likes to observe his surroundings. Even though if he is in an alright mood he will still be a prick, more so when he is on gear. [Gear= Slang for being on drugs.] Badou likes a joke and will most of the time will never give up a chance to humiliate some one or even set them up verbally to pull a good one liner on them.
Loyal to only those who he knows inside out, Badou would never leave a person who he trusts behind. It just doesn't sit well for him. But if some one screws with his trust or goes behind his back, revenge is always the answer for him.
Another ability of Badou's is his interpersonal skills. He is able to make himself out to be calm and soothing, professional and business like or savage and wild. But piss him off for an extended amount of time and you might just see his down right evil and scary side.

Having lived almost all his life in the slums of town, Badou has had a fairly rough childhood by comparison. His alcoholic father and his gambling dependent mother pretty much left the boy to defend himself. When he was younger he liked school alot, but struggled to attend due to either his fathers fits of rage which left the child bloodied and cowering under a dirty and too small bed or having to look after both parents when they were passed out on the floor drunk. They regularly hit and forced the child to clean the house while telling the small red head to do this and that in between.

By the age of nine, Badou had dropped out of school altogether as he could no longer attend. This made his parents furious, not that they had really cared in the first place about his education. But his father got so drunk and angry about it that he chased the boy out of the house, throwing and smashing empty bottles after the fleeing child.
It was on that raining night that he ran into Ren Mireha. A white haired kid who, although younger, took the scared Badou and they went and found an abandoned house and slept there in each others arms cold and wet.
Soon after this Badou and Ren couldn't be separated, they were out every night, running around with other kids that were from similar homes and lives. The gang got into fights and soon after started experimenting with drugs at the age of 13. It wasn't hard for the young teens to get their hands on gear as most of the teens parents had some thing to do with it.

Thing went ok for a while, they weren't great, but the group survived and made a name for themselves. The Dogs, wild, untamed and slightly deranged. They started building up their street presence and were happy. That was until Ren had to move. It wasn't far, but it was inconvenient for the most part.
Happily though, Ren soon got expelled for hitting another student who got sent to hospital. Luckily there were no changes laid.
After this, one of the gang members only other family member passed away and was then left the house, which the whole gang pretty much moved into. It was warm and comfortable. It was in the basement of this place that Ren and Badou brought in some chemists [drug makers] to make drugs for them. From then on, the gang had a source of income. Life was great.

They got drunk, they got on gear, fought and had sex. On Ren's 15th birthday, the whole house and some outsiders came in and celebrated. It was one big drug and alcohol fueled party. And after every one had passed out, Ren and Badou, for a laugh at first started kissing, which lead to the two of them loosing their ears. It was the morning after that Badou woke to find Ren in the bath scrubbing his arm. To his utter surprise there was a word on there. It was like it had been inked there. But after interrogating the whole house. They found that no one had brought in a tattoo gun...

Skip forward a few years and Ren and Badou were living in a flat in a complex. It wasn't big but it got them out if the house that was now some thing of a dump. Every now and then Ren had his 'pets' move in with them. But he ignored them. To him they were nothing more than pathetic little pieces of shit that loved being treated as such. Pet's cam and went but he and Ren still had their nights of drug fueled fucking. He didn't mind though, he didn't love Ren it was just some thing to do. To merely pass the time.

One night walking back to their flat an altercation happened between a pair that called themselves Moonless. The whole situation was just weird. Badou, when he reflected back on it later couldn't think of a gang by that name so he thought it must be to do with some thing else.

But it wasn't long after that altercation did they have a little more of an inkling as to what the Moonless thing had been all about. Another night, a few months later, he and Ren were playing around, when Ren found an inked word on Badou's hip. Shadow. It was strange. After they had fucked a few times they sat there naked and talked about it. Making up their minds that they would find out what ever the hell was linked to these so called tattoo's.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.

Spouse: None
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese and Irish
Language: Japanese
Blood Type: O Neg
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Wears an eye patch to cover up a scar that goes over his now slightly miky eye.
Parents/Elders/Guardians: His parents whom he has barely seen since he was 12.
Career/Past Careers: Never worked, apart from drug money that he receives from Ren's 'minions'.
Hobbies: Smoking, partying, fighting, sex and getting absolutely shitfaced.
Likes: To run wild.
Loves: Naked people.
Dislikes: Party poopers.
Loathes: Cops
Fears: Waking up one day to find Ren either missing or dead.
Strengths: Will never leave some one's side even if they're loosing the fight.
Good qualities: Is fairly trust worthy.
Bad habits: Smoking and doing drugs.
Turn ons: Find out.
Turn offs: Find out.
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Shadow Fighter
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