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 Torment Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Torment Sacrifice   Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:50 pm

Full Name: Calidane Oneral
Nickname: Cali
True Name: Torment
Partner's Name: Dmitry Kardinovsky
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 22
Birth Date: May 13, 1988
Occupation/Grade: College Senior/owns a small fashion line
Dreams/Life Goals: For her fashion line to gain popularity

Hair: Black and very straight.
Eyes: Mint green
Height: 5'8”
Build: very, very thin.

She's bossy and spiteful and very brazen. Isn't afraid to get in someone's face or call them out for doing something wrong. Cali enjoys teasing people [toying with her prey], and seems to know just how to get under someone's skin. She's very strict when it comes to her clothes line, and forces almost all of her closest friends into crazy wardrobes to both advertise and test how the clothes will be received by the public. All in all, she's a downright bitch. But she has her moments, very rarely, when a softer side shows.

Cali was born in Troy, New York on May 13, 1988. Her parents, Leigh and Cordele, already had one son, Jason, age five. Three years after Cali, they welcomed Hannah into the family.
Living almost right next to Albany, NY, Cali was always being introduced to new clothing ideas. New dress up toys, new jewelry, etc. Everything to fuel her natural passion for clothes, which had first reared it's head at the tender age of four. Calidane's favorite game had always been dress up. Not princess dress up, or tea-time, but just plain changing her clothes dress up. The little girl would change outfits anywhere from four to eleven times a day. Laundry was always a hassle, needless to say.
At six years old, Cali's parent's marriage came to an abrupt halt. Leigh had been jealous of a man Cordele always seemed to be around. Uncle Alex, as the children knew him. Seems that Alex and Cordele had been inseparable friends since college, and Leigh couldn't get over the suspicion that there was something more to the pair.
And how right, in the very wrong way, had he been.
The kids went with their mother after the divorce, though they saw Leigh three times a year. Cordele moved to Japan, Alex in tow, and once the youngest child, Hannah, turned age ten, the two sat them all down and explained the truth about everything. Alex was actually something called a 'sacrifice', and their mother, a 'fighter.' Their 'bond,' as they described it, was just like being brother and sister, though there were many different ways the bond could turn out. Their mother informed the siblings that it was very likely they would all turn out to be either a fighter or sacrifice, and that though painful, very, very painful, meeting their 'other half' would be worth every scrape they would have.
Not long after that, Jason was sent to Seven Moons. He was a fighter. His name had appeared suddenly one day, and the next week, he was packed up and leaving. But the girls didn't understand why he had to leave.
At fifteen, the same thing happened to Hannah.
Calidane was the only one left, just about to turn eighteen, a new graduate of high school, with nothing but distant siblings, a father who was ignorant to everything going on, and a lying mother (she had told Leigh that Jason went off to a distant college, and Hannah insisted on boarding school.) Overall, Cali felt isolated and alone. Her siblings taunted her about not having a partner, tormented her, really. It was painful. But Cali had sketchbook upon sketchbook of her creative release, clothing designs. And she had saved up enough money to rent a small room in a shopping complex and buy a sewing machine. With a group of friends 'working under' her, Cali's gift to herself on her eighteenth birthday was Sunflower, her clothing store. She didn't really expect it to gain popularity, but she had high hopes. And they seemed to pay off well. Within two years, half of the city's high schoolers were donning her fabrics and hitting the streets with confidence. Cali made enough money to leave her mother's house and rent an apartment near the store. She mostly uses her college's workspace for creating new designs, and forces all of her friends into wearing new ideas to see how well they're reacted to. She knows about fighters and sacrifices, and secretly wonders who and where her fighter is, but knows that in due time, she'll find them.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Race/Ethnicity: American
Language: English, Japanese.
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 103 lbs. Very skinny.
Family: Leigh and Cordele Eneral.
Career/Past Careers: Cali rents a store room and sells her clothing line from it.
Hobbies: fashion design, yelling at those under her.
Likes: mushrooms, smooth fabrics, fashion shows.
Dislikes: when something goes wrong at a show or with the production of new clothing.
Fears: losing her clothing line.
Strengths: no fear.
Good qualities: pure ambition and drive
Bad habits: yelling at people.
Other: Sunflower, Cali's line, bears the logo of a leaf on the bottom right corner of every shirt, or the same leaf on the farthest right belt loop of pants.
This form template was created by DK/firefly of and exclusively for Loveless: Redemption.
Stealing shall merit a lifetime of being chased by rainbow unicorn tanks and visions of the most horrific gut-wrenching nude
dancing you will ever encounter...same goes for modifying it without permission (outside of the information fields).

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Torment Sacrifice
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