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 Blank Unit

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PostSubject: Blank Unit   Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:45 pm

Full Name: Alice Minami
Nickname: Doesn't have one
True Name: Blank
Partner's Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 15
Birth Date: December 12, 1995
Occupation/Grade: First year student at Yume Acadamy
Dreams/Life Goals: Unsure as of now

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Mid-light green
Height: 5'3
Build: Built due to the sports but has curves.
Name location: N/A

When she was in middle school

My personality is what you see is what you get most of the time I have an annoyed look and don't care about a lot of things. I like to sometimes just chill and relax without no one talking to me. Nice and quietness is what I like and I really don't like staying in a place that's why most of the time I...try to run away from this academy cause everything is in one place and I like to move around if I feel like it. I'm a very smart girl even though I don't look like it. I guess that's it.

I was born to a middle-class family in Tokyo, Japan.  Mom(Aya Minami), and Dad(Takaiyuki Minami).  Being an only child growing up and my parents being in and out of the house constantly I had almost anything a girl could ask for. From all the latest dolls, to the most recent toys, the highest in fashion any child would want, and lastly every pair of shoes to fit each fashion outfit I had in stock. A Walk in closet to rival any adult's closet that's for sure. My room had things that was fit for a princess from my own little dresser set that had a big mirror where I could sit and brush my hair to my fashionable princess bed decorated with sheer princess curtains that draped around the post canopy and the Biggest, fluffiest Teddy Bear my parents could find me. My life was every little girls dream to live and enjoy if you are into being a spoiled Princess like me~

So who took care of me while my parents were away you ask?  I had a nanny: Fumiko! She was so nice to me she played with me and everything she was even my at home teacher! Man she is a super star in my eyes~ I did go to school locally but mostly she would teach me what I needed to learn and whatever my parents requested. Sadly when I turned 11 my parents released her from her Nanny Duties because I was going to start middle school. They told her that they didn't need her any more and that now I can take care of myself without much trouble even while they were away. I was so upset that day when I found out but she went up to me and said "its going to be alright I know you can live without me be good to your parents and a good little girl" she smiled and then she walked out the door. I stomped off to my room and cried for hours but what's done is done. Regardless life will never be the same without my Nanny...she was the closet thing to a mother and friend I had since my own is never around...

As soon as I knew it I had started schooling in a private middle school which I don't remember the name to. Not like I cared too much to remember it though. Anyways...I passed everything that the teachers brought to me. Most asking me where I had received my previous education and all I did was smiled and said it is a secret. Of course some would ask my parents when it came time to parent teacher conferences. The darn cheaters...It was supposed to remain a secret. Like any child I had lots of friends and I did a lot of sports so I wouldn't get bored. I did softball volleyball, soccer, tennis every girl sport I could think of doing. After I was done with school things I joined the Karate Class in town. I was so good I beat all the boys there in my class. No one wanted to go against me not even the higher belts. One thing did change though while I was in school my parents were now at home more often. It was very off putting for me because when they were there I didn't feel that love that most families had. No bonding, no love, no security...nothing. I recall how often they told me that they loved me but I could never feel it. I was void of it all and all I could do was smile at them then go up to my room and lay on my bed.

When I was 14 I was walking home from one of the sports practice at school. See what happens when you are so great at everything? All sports seem to meld into each other...So as I was saying everything was how it is normally except I wasn't looking where I was walking because I was thinking about my last final and my last year as a middle school student. The teachers thought it would be nice to make the Final Exam tough since I am so smart. I will pass them with flying colors but back on track here I bumped into someone and when I looked to say sorry I saw it was a boy who had on a different uniform than me. So I knew he wasn't at my school but I said sorry, like I was supposed to, and he said sorry as well. Somehow this started a conservation with me and asked if he could walk me home I nodded yes as my mind went giddy with excitement. As we walked he told me that he was in a high school not to far from my school and that he was in his second year there. This didn't bother me at all so we talked and laughed we found out he was two years older than me. I tried walking slow but that didn't work out since I have become naturally fast. Once we made it to my house he asked me if we could meet up with each other again I smiled and said yes of course. That was the time....that I felt love and believe me it took me a few minutes before I even attempted to walk into my house.

So anyway after about a year of seeing each other the we had been together was so great I thought that we were going to stay together forever. God I felt I never loved someone as much as I loved him. One day we went to a cafe as we talked he asked me what I wanted for my birthday since it was in a month. I told him that I've been thinking about it a lot and I told him that I wanted him to take me, make me his very special someone. The look he gave me was like wow he said that was a big step for me and asked if I was sure of it with a blush on my face as I said yes he smiled that cute smile I loved so much and held my hand. The day came I had a awesome party and got lots of gifts from my friends and parents. That night him and I went to his house, he led me by the hand up to his room he laid me on his bed and then we started making out and then...well lets just say it was the most amazing birthday I ever had. The next morning I told him that I would see him later and go do something later on. I hid myself so my parents wouldn't see me and my new changes. Thankfully they didn't and wouldn't know about what happened to me the night before. I went to my room and made ears and a tail. I hid them in my closet because was going to put them on later so no one would suspect a thing. One day at my house I quietly opened the door and closed it. I had forgotten my ears and tail behind when I went to school that morning so in a panic I hurriedly tried to go to my room but, "and where have you been young lady?" I was stopped in my tracks as I heard the voice of my mother, my dad sitting next to her in the living on the couch. I looked at them and she looked at me with the most stern look ever and my father had a face of anger I had never seen before. I was shaking so badly I couldn't move. I knew I was in trouble then and that they found out about my ears and tail.  My mother got up off the couch and snatched me by my arm and flipped off the Hood that covered me. Once she saw me without my ears and tail she started yelling at me saying I shouldn't have done that and that I was too young to have sex but the one thing that she said ruined me was that I was to never see him again. She had sent me up to my room and closed the door leaving me to grieve and think about the danger I have caused myself. I laid in my bed with tears in my eyes and dislike for both of them at the moment. She took away my phone so I couldn't call him. I cried so much on that day I fell asleep crying. After about two weeks my parents called me down to talk with them about something. What they told me made my whole world collapse around me. They were taking me to an all girls boarding school. I begged them to not let me go, but the decision was final and they paid for everything. They told me I would understand once I was done with it. I ran up to my room and slammed the door and once again I cried. I would be leaving everything I knew and loved my friends, and my boyfriend everything was going to disappear right in front of me.

A couple of days later I was at the school with my suitcase in hand and a teacher telling me where everything was. I walked quietly not saying one word since I was now here against my will. Before I looked up she showed me to my room. I walked into the empty room all it had was a bed, desk and a window nothing else. I walked to the bed and sat contemplating on what was I going to do. There was no use in doing anything else might as well just stay in this hell hole for now. So that's the end of life is what it seemed like. I hope something good happens while I'm here was nothing but wishful thinking on my part. After about 5 months in this hell hole I made a escape plan and today was the day I would run. Once it was dark and everyone went to sleep, I got out of bed and placed all my personal things in a bag. I took out the rope that I hid under the wooden floor, unravel it and tied a part to the bed then threw it out the window and started to climb down. Once I was down on the ground I ran to the other side of campus and hid behind a tree as guards were passing by keeping a look out of the campus. The guards passed and I ran to the brick wall where I climbed over. I was thankful no one didn't see me escape, "HEY SOMEONE ESCAPED! QUICK TURN ON THE ALARMS." I heard one guard yell out. I cursed under my breath and ran as fast I could. As I ran I found my self in a strange city. I looked around and saw a subway station and before my feet could pause for me to look back I ran to the train there calling for the last boarders to get on. To my luck the train had its doors open still as the last people to board were getting on I squeezed in among the travelers. I saw two guards coming down the steps thank goodness the doors closed and the train was heading off. I laid my somewhat tired body on the door to catch my breath.

After about 15 minutes the train stopped and the doors opened. I got out and looked around not familiar of my surroundings I decided to go the restroom to clean myself up. I walked in and locked it. I looked at myself in the mirror and said goodbye to my old self. I went in my bag and took out a pair of scissors and started cutting off my hair once I comfortable with my cute I looked back at myself and saw that I looked like a boy. I then took off all my clothes and and put on some very baggy pants and a white shirt with holes along with a hat. From the looks I looked like a homeless boy. I cleaned up the place and myself before unlocking the door I looked both ways to make sure no one saw me got out the close was clear as I walked out seeing that I was technically homeless I sat down as I leaned against the wall and rested "Oh dear you poor young man." I heard a voice of a lady say. I looked up at her in a daze "Are you homeless?" I looked at her then back down as I slowly nodded my head yes. "Oh dear now that won't do." She said as she offered me her hand without resist I took her hand as i got up "What is your name?" I hesitated seeing as I didn't think of one "My name?" I tried my best to talk like a boy "Its~" "Oh don't worry your probably shy well let me take you home so you can eat I bet your hungry. I'll feed you real good" She chuckled "Hiro. That's my name." "Well nice to meet you Hiro." "Tell me where am I?" I asked looking everywhere "Why your in Kibo town." I smiled as I nodded as I walked home with her starting a new life.

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Blank Unit
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