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 Out For A Run (Open) (temporarily locked)

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PostSubject: Out For A Run (Open) (temporarily locked)   Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:28 pm

Dressed in black running shorts with a white tee-shirt covered up by a black jacket, and matching tennis shoes, Nanami played the part of a regular jogger well. However she wasn’t currently jogging, yet a light sheen of sweat on her exposed skin showed that she had been recently. Right now she was in the cool down faze, letting her heart rate and breathing flutter back down to normal after a good work out. Unlike most of the other runners though, Nanami didn’t have an iPod or MP3 player plugged in, instead she simply chose to enjoy the sounds of the park. Birds chirping, people talking, laughter, the wind rustling through the trees, the sounds of the real world… She preferred that over music any day. Not to mention it kept her more aware of her surroundings.

The park was mostly empty now, not that she minded. It was peaceful like this. Just her and the birds that flitted to and fro getting ready for the arrival of spring. Thinking about it brought a smile to her face, spring was always a beautiful time. The beginning of new life, as the world burst back into color after winter. Flowers would be blooming soon too, and she made a note to pick some up for her home and office. Lilies maybe, or tulips. Something bright and fresh to spruce things up.

After a moment longer of walking, Nanami glanced to her wrist watch. Just fifteen more minutes of walking then she could head home for a shower and order in dinner for the night if she didn’t feel like going out. The run hadn’t left her that tired, and perhaps going out one last time for the weekend wouldn’t hurt before she had to work the next day.
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Out For A Run (Open) (temporarily locked)
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