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 Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)

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PostSubject: Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:59 pm

(((WARNING! This thread is NOT pleasant in any way, shape or form. It starts with torture and ends in rape an murder. If it weren't so important for this plot line, it wouldn't be here at all. I have placed all torture scenes in spoilers, but please, DO NOT READ if you aren't capable of handling all manner of violence in a fictional setting.)))

The first thought Taki had was that there was something cold pressed against him. The second was that he was naked. He opened his eyes, frowning into the dim light of an empty warehouse. Chains bound his wrists to a ring drilled into the floor. His head hurt. What the Hell had happened? He sat up, still feeling a bit groggy as he looked around. A small, flashing red light brought his attention to the silouette of a camera on a tripod. Shit. Naked, camera...this was starting to look a little too much like he was in trouble.

He folded his legs in front of him to hide his torso. And that's when he remembered the fighter at his stepfather's gym. I was set up...

A shiver started low in his spine and shook his entire body for several minutes. It was so damn cold...and wet. If he got out of this, he'd be sick, for sure. He froze in place as the door to the room groaned a complaint as it opened.

"You can scream, if you like. Nobody comes out this way anymore." The fighter's voice was quiet enough, but the anger in it was hot enough to push the shivers right out of Taki's body. The teen tried to lunge at the man, but didn't get two steps before the chains jerked him back onto his ass.

"Who are you? How do you know Segumi--that rat-faced bastard?" The boy was pleased to hear his anger more than match the fighter's. He was even more pleased that the fighter took a step back, seeming surprised to find that the boy wasn't going to break at the first sign of trouble.

" aren't scared yet, brat?" The man smiled slowly, like the fucking Cheshire cat. "We'll just have to fix that..."

Just what I need. A sadist... The young sacrifice sighed and shook his head. "I remember you...from the wedding. Never did hear how you two knew each other, though..." At the startled look on the man's face, Taki smiled his own Cheshire grin. "Let me guess, you'll keep me alive until I break?"  He stood, ignoring the goosebumps raising up on his skin, ignoring his own nudity, tempting the danger in front of him. "You wanna break me, go ahead and try, but you'll never see me scared."

The fighter's eyes flashed at the boy's challenge, and he turned toward the wall, where he'd hung several tools of his trade. "Tough words for a spoiled little shit...

Day One:

Taki rolled away from the mess on the floor, crawling clumsily to a nearby puddle to wash the nasty mess off his face. Sure, all the water here was dirty, but anything was better than leaving the vomit on his face. Once that was done, he moved to another puddle to wash the blood off his skin and get an idea how badly he'd been cut up.

When he'd taken care of those immediate needs, he lay down on his back and slowly stretched out his muscles, glad for the cold water easing the burning welts on his back. What now?

The teen stayed there for a while, letting his pain fade to a dull ache before he made his way to the ring that held him tied down. Using both hands, he pulled at the metal, to no avail. Then he tried turning it. Yes, that's it. The ring barely moved, but it was progress. He kept turning the eye for several hours until his arms were trembling and exhaustion dragged him into a fitful sleep.

He woke to something yanking on his ankles. His muscles screamed in protest as his feet began to lift into the air. Taki opened his eyes to glance down his legs and groaned. Shackles bound his feet together, but they were attached to a chain. His eyes followed the chain to a pulley in the ceiling, to a device that Hitoru was cranking. With each turn of the device, the teen's legs were pulled higher, until he hung suspended between the shackles on his ankles and the shortened chain at his wrists. The Fighter turned the crank a few more times until Taki screamed in pain, his muscles pulled to the point of almost--though not quite--tearing.

Day 2:

Taki wanted to scream, but he couldn't breathe, could barely think. The last thing he was aware of before the darkness of unconsciousness claimed him was that Hitoru was removing the shackles at his ankles.

A few hours later, Hitoru poured a glass of cold water on Taki's face, and the boy woke sputtering. He rolled painfully to his side, still coughing out the small amount of water he'd accidentally inhaled. The man crouched beside the boy's head, confident that the Sacrifice was too weak to lash out. "Guess what, kid." He grinned maliciously as the boy rolled his eyes up to him. "Your precious sister is on her way here. You know what's gonna happen to her, don't you?"

He stopped breathing and just stared at the Fighter as his mind processed this new information. Miko...was coming to rescue him...but this guy... "Segumi set her up...just like me..."

Hitoru threw his head back, laughing in delight. "I get to have fun with your big sister. First, I'll make it so she can't use any spells." He leaned down closer to the boy. "Then, I'll pin her down and take her." His lips pressed against Taki's ear as he whispered. "And, while she's still trying to beg for mercy, I'll put a bullet between her pretty gold eyes."

Anger gripped the boy, sending a shock of adrenalin through his veins. He jerked his head up, smirking as the man yelled in pain. He watched as Hitoru stood, gripping his nose. He smiled in satisfaction as he watched the blood trail down the bastard's chin. He was still smiling as the man's boot connected with his face, knocking him out.
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PostSubject: Re: Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)   Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:27 am

Emiko Matsumoto (NPC)

Emiko stood in the park and squinted into the glaringly bright sunset, drinking a small hot chocolate. She's searched all afternoon, and if this was going to be her last day, why sweat the calories? Taki-chan wasn't being held in any of the Rogue hangouts she knew of, and she wasn't sure where else to look at this point. It's not like she didn't know who had him. That much was obvious. Segumi's Fighter was the one who'd done this, at Rei's bidding. And she would know if her brother were dead, wouldn't she? He was her Sacrifice, after all, no matter how many people told her he wasn't, that it was too rare for siblings to be part of the same Unit. So, she was taking a break, trying to clear her head, to concentrate on their Bond.

Would be nice if she could have some peace and quiet for that part, but no such luck. Her cell rang in her handbag, the annoyingly cheerful tone setting her on edge. Why had she even picked that ringtone? She picked up the phone and spoke in a pleasantly empty voice. "Hello? Segumi-sama...Yes...Yes...I see..." Did the man think she was stupid? He was pretending to have talked to her brother's kidnapper, to have delivered ransom money. Oh, well, at least he'd told her where Taki-chan was being held. "Yes, I'll go pick him up. Thank you, Segumi-sama." She rolled her eyes and hung up the phone as she walked to the curb to hail a taxi.

Five minutes later, she was seated in the back of a bright yellow cab, dialing a number she'd memorized years ago; the direct line to the Headmaster's office. She almost cursed when an answering machine picked up. "Sensei, it's Miko. I know where they're holding my brother." After a short pause, she continued. "Do you remember saying you owed me a favor? I don't know if you were serious, but I need something from you now. It really depends on whether or not my brother makes it out of this alive. If he does, I need you to convince Matsumoto Rei he is dead. If he doesn't, I need her dead. At any cost. Please, Sensei." She wiped the tears from her eyes and gave him the address to an abandoned warehouse before hanging up and dialing another number. "Ace. It's time. Go to the hospital to wait for me and Taki-chan. Contact the Morrigan." She hung up before he could say a word and dialed one more number, the one from the texts she'd found when she woke up. "Rhys-san. The Headmaster isn't answering his phone. I found my brother, and I need your help to get him out alive. Please, the address is..."

The cab pulled to the curb about a block away from the address Segumi had given her, and she paid the fare hastily, running down the street before the driver could so much as count her change. She pushed her way into the derelict building, climbing to the second floor, just as she'd been instructed. When she saw her brother, she gave a mournful cry. He was lying, naked and covered in blood, chained to the floor and covered in his own filth. Fighting down a scream of pain and rage, she crossed the room to him, kneeling at his side.

Taki groaned softly, eyes fluttering open. "...Mi...ko...?" She shushed him as her hands followed the chain to the eye ring in the floor. "Sh...It's okay, Taki-chan. I'm going to get you out of here. Dissolve." The metal ring hissed softly as her spell took effect. Yes, it was slow, but unscrewing the damn thing would be slower. Taki tried again to speak. "Miko...trap...It's a need to...go..." He gave a pained grunt as he struggled to sit up. Miko leveled him with a stern frown. "Not a chance, baby brother. You're the Heir of the Matsumoto family, and I will not let our bitch grandmother kill you. Listen, there's a man on his way to help us. His name's Rhys, and he's a good man. I want you to be nice to him, okay?" He stared at her in shock, the only thing registering in his mind the fact that his soft-spoken, too-polite sister had just cursed at him.

NC+17, violence:
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PostSubject: Re: Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)   Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:31 pm

Rhys was walking around the downtown area more so in thought rather than for shopping or to meeting people. Stuffing his hands into the front of his dark rinse skinny jeans Rhys released a low sigh as he looked up and tried to focus on the signs as he slowly walked by the many shops and fronts. His hair was held up by a small clip as it cascaded down like a fountain of red water. The small breeze blew as he looked around while his thoughts blew as evident as the breeze. How long have we been searching? he wondered as he stopped at a signal and waited for the light to change for them to walk across the street. He recalled Emiko's conversation with them about her missing brother. Rhys hasn't been here long but he is already working to get things in order. Much like he did at home.

Soon the signal changed and Rhys began crossing with the crowd as his mind continued to wander. He could be anywhere if we haven't found him yet.... His mind was racing with ideas and thoughts knowing full well that time was running out for the siblings. Just as he reached the corner his phone rang. Rhys stopped as he pulled it out of his coat pocket and saw Emiko's name pop up. "Emiko?" He said as he answered the call and looked around. "Hello?" He said as he heard her talking fast on the line. his eyebrows furrowed when she mentioned the Headmaster wasn't answering his phone. He figured he might have been busy in order to not answer. "Alive?! Okay okay....I got it! But-" before he could say anything she had hung up. Rhys looked at his phone and sighed as he looked at his current cross streets. "Need directions..." He said as his feet moved towards a store.

He ran inside swiftly being very careful not to bump a single person as he made it to the counter. "Excuse me.." He said as the woman behind the counter of the clothing store looked a bit puzzled. Rhys motioned to the receipt tape that was partially hanging over the register dispenser. "Uh.." The woman said as she dispensed a longer sheet, ripped it and handed it to him. Rhys pulled out a pen from his coat pocket and wrote down the address Emiko told him. He showed it to her once he was done. Making sure it was for her eyes only and motioning for her to to mention it out loud. "What is the fastest street to this location?" He asked her as she looked around searching for a pen. Rhys handed her his own pen as she nervously began writing the answer to his question. Rhys noticed the other register open and the guy looked confused as Rhys nodded to him whispering ignore in a low tone. The woman showed him the answer and he nodded as he took the paper. "Thank you." He said placing the pen back in his pocket and heading out the door.

Once outside he looked at the directions and followed them. So many people were out and he didn't need attention to himself so he kept at his normal pace until the crowds started to thin out a bit. He concentrated as the streets became bare and his eyes focused on the destination. "Blurred Vision" He said in a low calm voice as he ran at a much faster speed for a short distance. Once the boost wore out he saw the building come into view. His pace slowed as Rhys tried to catch his breath. Some people in the alleys watched him as he made his way to the building. He entered a partially opened door and began walking around. It didn't take long until he heard gunshots some floors up. He climbed the stairs as fast as he could finding another opened door. He walked down the hallway and found a door partially opened. As he ran in a shot rang out and a flying bullet grazed his cheek.

He had a look of shock since he was startled by the sudden attack. Bodies on the ground, most dead but one was barely clinging to life. "Shit!" He said as he removed his jacket and wrapped Taki in it as he phoned for the police. He removed his vest and placed it over Emiko's body as he tried to find something to place Taki on top of. He was cold and sitting in all this water wasn't helping except to drop his temperature more than it was currently. After calling the police he called Shivani and Kyros leaving a message for them both as he surveyed the scene. "Alright I have you both on 3-way right now and here is the situation currently. Emiko called and gave the address to her location. Taki is here barely alive right now. I called the Emergency and I will ride with him to the hospital. 3 people are dead and I am sure you both would like to keep record of this in your system. Call me when you get this message. Bye." Rhys hung up on both of them and sighed as he found nothing to set Taki on. So he picked up the male and wrapped the coat tighter around him to try and warm him. Rhys sat down by a window and kept Taki in his lap until someone came. Damn...who knew thing would ever turn out like this... He thought as he held Taki as best he could while he whispered warmth into the fabric of his coat to help warm the other up.
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PostSubject: Re: Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)   Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:32 pm

The taping of her shoes didn’t echo in the abandoned building as she walked, there was no sound from the white cocoon like thing she dragged behind her either. No, a simple, elegant spell of silence covered it over, the thin tiny frame of the German fighter so easily pulling it along with one hand? Well, know that was a secret that would stay locked behind the steel eyes. In her other hand, carried the more annoying black bag that carried about any tool one could think of for the task at hand. There was no need to call and inform the Headmaster of what was happening. O the wonderful art of “Over seeing his health” as Zeal had said once, but changing his phone that at a certain point only a few phone calls ever made it to his cell.

Everything else?

Came to her.

Eyes closed as she walked without looking through the building.

She listened to the stupid redhead fighter taking through the Bluetooth nestled against her right ear underneath her pulled back hair. If she could, she would have told the man he was an imbecile . He was supposed to be ‘similar’ to her, after all he had done this type of work before.

Yet had no sense of keeping things quiet, with the risk of the ‘normal’ coming she would not have the time for the pleasure in this art.

But not that it could be seen on her cold empty face.

No one of that was there; there was no need to ‘pretend’ to put others at comfort now.

… gave the address to her location. Taki is here barely alive right now. I called the Emergency and I will ride with him to the hospital. 3 people are dead and I am sure you both would like to keep record of this in your system. Call me when you get this message. Bye." The phone turn silent in her ear as the newly appointed secretary hung up on the ‘voice machine’; perhaps no one had thought to tell him that she was the Headmaster’s personal message taker after hours.

Slight insight, yes, that would probably be corrected before this could happen again.  So, the Doll would have to take her pleasure now, for it would not be another time she could get it.

Rhys, please remove yourself from the child.” Were the first and only words that left her lips as she came into the more so light area then were she had been. Dragging behind the cocoon toy of hers, the size of what would makes similar to Takiumi once she was through creating the Mimic Doll.  Eyes turned the room over, a recording camera?

Well now that would be useful.

The two piece of the unit that she knew had taken the boy killed on opposite sides a ways on the room. Rhys was knelt on the floor, his jacket over the young boy she had seen days behind at the school, though he had not seen her. From the abstraction, she could not tell how badly he was injuried.

But she didn’t care about that.

Emiko lay next to them, naked, broken, and dead.

O the sad little Martyr.

Gather the video camera, we will need it if we are to convince Matsumoto-sama that the heir to her fortune is dead. It cannot be taken by the common police this is a unit world affair.” She dropped her large burden down on the ground next to the dark haired dead girl as she knelt down to look over the gun wound.

Yes, the mimic would work.

Quickly Rhys, you do not leave me much time to work my craft.” Her voice was flat and empty as she spoke standing up to walk over to Takumi.
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PostSubject: Re: Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)   Thu Jul 24, 2014 2:02 pm

The water was soaking his good pants but he didn't care at his point. He sighed as he held Taki and tried to see what else he could do right about now. It would be a while before emergencies came to get Taki. He needed medical treatment and fast meaning walking to the hospital with Taki in his arms would take too long and be too tiring. Plus it would draw attention to himself which he dared not do. Soon he heard his name and he looked confused at the thin framed woman walking in. "Remove myself? He is cold, dehydrated and a bloody mess and yet you want...." He stopped himself. He cold eyes meant nothing she is a doll. Something he tended to forget with this woman here. From the first day they met till now she was cold, heartless in his eyes. Carefully he placed Taki on the floor still in his coat but the warming technique was fading since he put him down.

She ordered him to retrieve the recordings and Rhys walked past her then stopped a moment. "You may be nothing but a puppet but I don't take kindly to how you treat me on this mission. I may not know your craft but don't you question mine. You have 20 minutes and Taki's drop off point is in the house on the corner in the bedroom. You better move quickly yourself." He stated as he walked towards the door and out of the room. Something about that woman had always struck a chord in him that was just wrong. He met partial dolls but a full fledged doll?! That was just a headache to deal with. Climbing down the stairs Rhys began placing on his black gloves and tying his hair better. He came to a steel black door at the bottom of the case. Using a pin and placing it near his ear he whispered scope and listened. The hmming of machinery in the background behind the door proved there was a command center there. In an instant he was picking the lock and opened it with ease.

The dark room was wired every where and he could smell the days old food and humming of machines everywhere. He walked up to the command center and narrowed his maroon eyes. He began working his craft and removed all data from the system. Making a copy to his Notebook phone and making a hard copy on a disk he found in the room. Once transferred he overrode the system and added old footage of a drug convention being held here months ago. Once he finished he shut everything of and ripped a chord without leaving a trace. He went through the door and sealed everything back up. Climbing back up the stairs he kept his temper with the other down knowing nothing would come of it. She was a doll...a real living, breathing, human doll. Once back at the room he stood by the door and just listened for others who walked by the building. Today he felt he failed to save Emiko but he did save Taki. He looked at the wall where the bullet grazed his cheek then struck the wall. He touched it with the glove and let his thoughts run for a few seconds. He drew his hand back and sighed as he looked down the hallway and picked up on other scents but non relevant to their mission.
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PostSubject: Re: Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)   Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:58 pm

Shivani didn't even bother to look at the man as he spoke to her. Or care. Empty vacant eyes only at the two bodies laying on the ground in front of the redheaded fighter. The young woman, who had been such a lively thing what could have been less then a day before now way on the filth ridden ground broken into almost unrecognizable disfigured body.

Broken, and used for the pleasure of torture against the young unknowing Heir who lay just about as broken as his sister next to him.

If she could, the Doll would smile at the irony, filth ridden rats broken by the society that gave birth to them, tossed aside and forgotten. One knowingly the other as clueless as a suckling babe pulled from its mother's breasts.  Her hands let go of the human sized coccoon on the ground a bit of a ways away from the two as Rhys finally stood up. His words sharp, probably meant to demenorize herself as a cold heartless and useless Doll.

It's why she preferred working with Raiden. The other half of the only part of this world that calmed the storm within, the only part of this place that knew already what had to be done. Less words exchanged made things like this so much faster.  Discolored eyes turned over the young woman's body as she knelt down with the bag she had been carried. Hands moved over the dead woman's face first, as if to etch the horrific expression her face as she had met her end to stay within her own mind before her other hand pulled out a pair of scissors and bottle full of crawling spiders.

And with that.

The Doll got to work.

" Weave."  The cold word left her lips as she opened the bottle and flung its burden out onto the dirty around them. Little black spiders took to the air, scuttering across the ground in every single direction around them. Perhaps she should warn the Redhead he should not walk back into this room.


The next, she set to work on the young woman. Scissors first, and a string wrapped around a lock of hair as she took a decent lock from her head. The blonde Fighter would run the ends through the drying blood of the gun shot wound before putting it into zip lock bag. Next she picked up a hand and another tool from her bag, and pulled a few of the finger nails from the woman's hand, then open her mouth to pull a few teeth.

Placing the items into the bag together she pulled another smaller bottle out, and only knocked a single large brown colored spider out only to drop it onto Emiko's shot wound.

" Copy" The spider turned about were it was and did not move as she stood to walk around to the young man. Still barely holding onto life. Breath so low, so shallow it was a wonder why Rhys didn't put up more of a fight with the Blonde.

Did he trust her to have the judgement not to let the poor little thing die?

The ends of her lips twitched as her body went though the same process as it had with the girl. But she needed more hair, blood, nails, and teeth for the set that would end with the use of the unit piece she had trapped in the human sized cocoon. Discolored eyes however, after a moment fixed on the name on the young man's face.


The beast within cackled as it bet the chains in her mind that locked it in place behind the mask of the perfect Doll. What in that name, the foolish ironic nature of it.

One without Fear.

A fool who would walk himself and those head on into death and not even know why.

His sister's death would stain deep within his hands for the rest of his life.

Being Fearless is why she didn't think twice about saving him at the cost of her own death.  The birth of his namesake took her blood to bath the path to it. A blood was what Shivani smired onto his cheek to hid the name beneath it before she stood up. Another bag sealed with peaces of his hair, blood, teethe and nails, evidence of his death to give, the other would remain open as she would use it. But at the moment.

Icy discolored eyes turned to the two other dead bodies in the room. Placing the bags on the ground at her feet she held her hands before her fingers spread out.

" String Up" The words barked out as the invisible spider silk appeared on her hands as she pulled them into herself. The bodies on the ground were then pulled up in to the air on the visible strings. After a moment she started to weave her fingers this way and that, as the two were quickly covered over in thicker strings. She would make them into cocoons that match that of the one on the ground. But not quiet covering their faces.

Around their necks she pulled the strings tighter to draw any blood she could from their corpses. From there she turned back to the two children laying next to each other as a nose pulled her eyes to the side. Rhys was coming out of another area.

With the recording for torture no doubt.

She would have to alter its images to disclose the death of the two kidnappers and Takumi late heroics. Pulling off the redhead's jacket to leave the young boy bare again Shivani walked around the two to her bag and the cocoon. Dropping the calling cards of their deaths, she took the other one to the cocoon. The muffled sobs beneath did nothing to temper her speed as she cut into the silk.

" One to bare the pain, One to bare the Damage. Turn in core the Doll to be the Master in death. And forever beyond"
Some where in her words, the young man's voice begged her to let him go but as soon as she placed the items she had taken from Takumi body within the cocoon it seal back up. And nothing more would come by muffled sobs. Discolored eyes turned again to work as she walked back over to Emiko.

Time was running short the Doll did not have any more time to make this scene as perfect as she would like. The boy's breaths were becoming more and more shallow. And soon the sirens of the normals would fill the air. She pulled the spider off of Emiko and dropped it onto Takumi's forehead.

"Mimic" It turned and melted away into what looked excaptly like the gun shot whole in the girl's head. With a Camera in hand, Shivani took several pictures. The boy was so blood brained he looked freshly dead. Which was how this would be sold.

Rhys and Shivani were just....

Moment's to late to save him.

After that she closed up everything in her bag again before kneeling down next to the child. Bloody tipped fingers she held in her hand as she raised his hand to her face. The same side his name had appeared Shivani wrote the letters in his blood.


" I am the Doll. You are the Master. One to bare the Pain, one to Bare the Damage. My heart beats... When your's has stopped" She wrapped Rhys jacket back around his body as she spoke. Wove her spell, it would buy them time if it was needed. If his body was to weak to keep going. Her's would keep it so until they reacted their destination. It was how she kept Ritsu alive for so long... Only when did her heart finally stop.

Was that Sacrifice allowed to perish. Shivani lifted him up, and over her shoulder, even though she was a bit to small in frame to carry him in such a fastion " For only in my death, will you cross beyond. "

Picking up the disgaurded gun from the ground Shivani walked over carrying the boy over one shoulder with her other hand full of the bag, to the cocoon. Holding the gun out.

A dark sinister Smile across her lips as the madness slipped out for just a moment.


The muffled cries and stopped, blood slowly slipped out from the fine white silk beneath. A nameless face that would take the place of the young Heir.

After all it was Emiko death wish.

For their grandmother to think him dead.

With that Shivani walked out of the room to find a startled looking Rhys as if he was about to come running in. A hand had to find a while as her heart fluttered.

The boy's was failing.

Color was probably draining from her face.

This spell bound him to his life, hers could give him a fighing few more moments. But if her's stopped as well the spell would break.. And death would be the only thing that waited him.

" We...." Short of air her words were low and hard to hear as she pushed herself off the wall to walk passed the other. "down to the car... Takumi Mastumoto must appear to have here. I can substant him for a time. We must..... to a Hospital under another name... Headmaster...order..... Set the building a blaze Rhys."
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PostSubject: Re: Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)   Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:29 pm

His eyes studied the door as his empty ring did a scan of the building. The party outside doing their dealing in the dark part of the building were walking away and the scurry of rats? Well they were in another room. 'That doll is dangerous. She never liked me from the start....' Rhys thought as he looked around and leaned against the wall as he waited. He was so lost in thought that a gunshot knocked him out of it. Just as he pushed the door open Shivani was carrying a barely alive Taki. She looked like death herself and when she mentioned the spell he picked them both up and walked them to the car.

After taking a few moments with the keys they finally managed to get Taki into the back seat. "I want you to drive down the street away from here." He stated as he looked at Taki's body and huffed. 'Soothing warmth' he whispered as he held his hand over Taki's heart. "That will only by a little more time now go while he has some warmth around his heart. Once you are far from me you have 3 minutes and 42 seconds before the warmth around his heart is gone and his body continues to shut down." He stated as he began removing his vest and heading back into the building. After placing the back up disk into his pants pocket he ran back down to the equipment room and broke the door. 'Depths of hell hear my command. I order you to turn this building into ash rubble and sand. Beyond the depths of metal should melt by the hand of Lucifer's help. Burn until this building and contents can not be recognized anymore.' He stated as the machinery began to spark and soon the temperature began to rise. Rhys ran out quickly using the vest as an air filter as the smoke rose quickly.

The metal began to melt and the snapping of bindings was coming undone. The building caught fire fast and Rhys ran out as fast as he could. Once out the door and coughing to get the smoke out of his lungs the building was dancing in flames. He ran to the car and got in hoping they still had time on their side to get Taki to the hospital to recover.

[Rhys, Taki and Shivani have left the burning building and have gone to the Hospital.]
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PostSubject: Re: Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)   

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Life - Death - Rebirth (Private)
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