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 Dauntless Fighter

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PostSubject: Dauntless Fighter    Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:12 am

Full Name: Charlotte Irene Delaine
(Her last name means “descendent of the challenger” which is Celtic/Gaelic in origin)

Character Name: Irene Delaine
Nickname: Rini, Charlie, Perky Monster (via her husband)
True Name: Dauntless
Unit Position: Fighter
Name location: Written down the pointer finger on her left hand from knuckle to tip
Partner's Name: N/A

Gender: Female
Age: 41
Birth Date: March 18
Nationality: American
Occupation: Housewife/ Accountant (she works part-time)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Dreams/Life Goals: To make sure her children are happy and that her sacrifice won’t come between her and Toki

Hair: Black, reaches mid-back
Eyes: Dark grey
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: very slender and somewhat delicate looking
Physical Faults: a few scars from past battles

Irene is a petite woman who never wears heels because they irritate her; she likes her height and feels heels are a waste of time and money. She has mid-back length black hair and grey eyes that are so dark in color that most people would say they were black. She is very pretty woman and she doesn’t look her age despite being in her forties. She can still pass for a woman in her late twenties, not that she tries to. Irene is also very delicate in appearance, which her daughter (Tsukiyoko) would later inherit. Irene is often seen in skirts when outside of the house but other than that she is usually found wearing whatever is comfortable, not caring in the least if it’s what’s considered “in style”.

Irene is a sweet woman but she does have a bit of a temper. While she can keep herself in control most of the time, she can be a spitfire when cornered (a lesson Toki has learned the hard way). She is hard working, always needing to keep busy because she just can’t stay still for long. It’s a habit that developed because her parents, while loving people, were a bit careless. Despite being a well trained Fighter, Irene has not been in many battles due to her dislike of needless fighting, which is what the majority of battles that she has been challenged to were. However, her rather ruthless performances in the few battles that she has been in have earned her the nickname of “Terror”, though this is a nickname that isn’t known by many outside the U. S. Irene is also weary of finding her Sacrifice as she is worried that they might force her to give up the life that she’s built for herself; but she is still looking for her unit partner despite this fear since she does feel that it her duty to guard them.

Irene was an only child, born to parents who were most certainly not ready to have children. This doesn’t mean that she had a terrible childhood and that her parents, Mary and Corey, were cruel to her. Quite the opposite, they were very loving people who just didn’t realize the responsibility that caring for a child required. They ended up acting more like her friends than her parents so the responsibility of teaching her right from wrong fell to her grand parents, George and Jenny. The elderly couple would be a profound influence on her life, both through what they taught her and just being in her life. Largely Irene’s childhood was ordinary, not really all that much to talk about until she turned ten.

That’s when her true name appeared on her finger. Initially she had been curious about it but had shrugged it off as something that would wash off. It didn’t. No matter how hard she had tried to get rid of it, it just wouldn’t scrub off. Irene, as she preferred to be called, would have probably scrubbed all the skin off her finger if her grandmother hadn’t come in to see why she had been in there so long with the water running. Jenny had calmed the terrified child down and began to explain what the name meant. Her grandparents were a retired pair who held the name Pathless. Jenny also told her their family had the tendency to produce units but this wouldn’t really sink in until later on in her life. Irene didn’t really believe her at first until she asked her grandfather confirmed the story later.

When Irene turned eleven, her grandparents convinced her parents to send her to the D.C. branch of Seven Moons. She thrived there and became quite the accomplished Fighter but she never had any luck locating a Sacrifice that had the same name. But she didn’t really worry about it since in her mind; she had all the time in the world, a way of thought that most young people have. Irene graduated with top marks and over time she gained the nickname “Terror” due to her somewhat ruthless tactics in spell battles. After leaving Seven Moons, she finished out her schooling in a regular high school but always kept an eye out for her “other half”.

When Irene graduated from high school, she decided she would study abroad and left to go college in Japan. Her family, while not particularly excited about her being so far away, helped her get started but left the rest up to her. Exactly how she had wanted it. College was your standard experience until she ran into, and we’re talking literally ran into, a boy named Toki Nakamure. The two shared some classes together, and after apologizing to each other, they went out for a bite to eat after their classes were over.

She and Toki would become inseparable which you wouldn’t think was possible given Irene’s rather loud personality and Toki being a quiet sort of guy; but they just clicked together. The two fell deeply in love and Toki asked Irene to marry him. She happily accepted but the two hadn’t counted just how his parents would take the news. The Nakamure’s were not fond of Irene in the least and they completely rejected the marriage. Toki and his parents fought, gentle and quiet Toki had quite the protective streak where Irene was concerned, but his parents refused to accept it. Irene felt helpless but knew better than to try and get in the middle of it. Toki and Irene eventually left but not after many harsh and cruel words were spoken between parents and son. Toki tried numerous times to make his parents see reason but they refused and finally stated that they would disown him if he married “that woman”. Toki could take no more and cut off all ties with his parents after that, as much as it pained him to do it.

He and Irene married soon after; and while Irene was delighted to be married to the man of her dreams, she could help but feel guilty about the situation with his parents. Toki never held it against her, saying that it was bound to happen sooner or later due his parents wanting to control everything about his life. About six months after they were married, Irene became pregnant with their first children, twins; Toki was ecstatic with the news. The twins were born nine months later and they named the boys, Kaien and Kukaku. The boys were the light of their lives and Irene adored being a mom. When the boys were two, she became pregnant again and this time the couple was blessed with a girl, who they named Tsukiyoko.

Everything was normal with their family until Tsu started to get sick for no reason. It had started off small, too small to notice really but it eventually grew into full on fits where the poor child could barely breathe for all the coughing. They finally took her to the doctor when she starting coughing up blood. They took her to numerous doctors but nothing was ever found. All they could do was treat the symptoms and hope. This would lead to Irene to become very overprotective of her youngest child and she has had trouble letting go of her youngest because of this but she is trying. Years later she would finally understand what her grandmother had meant about their family producing units. Two of her three children, Tsukiyoko and Kukaku, are apart of the Unit world; Kukaku ended up a Fighter like his mother, while Tsu would become a Sacrifice. She has personally overseen their training given that she highly distrusts the leader of the Japanese branch Seven Moons but lately she’s being hearing rumors that Ritsu’s been replaced. She wonders if it’s true.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Parents/Siblings: Mary Delaine- mother; Corey Delaine- father; George Delaine—grandfather; Jenny Delaine-- grandmother
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Toki Delaine (fomerly Nakamure)
Children: Kaien and Kukaku Delaine- twin sons; Tsukiyoko Delaine- daughter
Birthplace: Green Pastures, Georgia
Language: English, Japanese
Hobbies: cooking and watching old movies
Likes: sunsets, nature and sleeping
Loves: spending time with her family and sewing
Dislikes: rudeness and unnecessary fights
Loathes: those who hurt her family and Toki’s parents
Fears: her sacrifice making her give up the life she has now
Strengths: A good heart and strong will
Good qualities: Kind and is a very loving soul
Bad habits: can be very stubborn and will can be a little on the overprotective side
Turn ons: a nice smile and great personality. A good sense of humor doesn’t hurt either
Turn offs: rudeness and people who feel entitled to things and titles they haven’t earned
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Dauntless Fighter
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