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  Harmony Fighter

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PostSubject: Harmony Fighter    Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:20 am

Full Name: Haru Matsumoto
Nickname: It's embarrassing so she doesn't give it out.

True Name: Harmony
Unit Position: Fighter
Name location: Written around her neck like a choker necklace
Partner's Name: N/A

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birth Date: November 15
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Student, violinist in the band Fairytale
Sexual Orientation: Hasn't really had the time to think about it but probably wouldn't care which gender they were.
Dreams/Life Goals: To be free to choose her own path and be strong enough to face what it might hold. Oh and get married and have a couple kids.

Large image:

Hair: Black, reaches her hips
Eyes: Gold
Height: 4 feet 8 inches
Weight: 115 lbs.
Ears/Tail: Black with a white tuff of hair on the inside
Build: Haru is tiny and slender. She has a very doll-like and delicate build.
Physical Faults: a few scars from being a rowdy child

Haru is what many would call a pretty girl with long black hair that has grown long enough to reach her hips; not that complementing her means you're safe from her mean streak but it certainly doesn't hurt. She is a tiny, delicate, little doll-like thing and as such she longs to be taller even if it is just a couple inches. Since she is still young and still growing, who knows, her wish may come true. Haru has a pale complexion from mostly sitting inside and practicing her violin all day, not that she hates doing that. Her favorite feature are her golden eyes which she thinks make her look like tiger (her favorite animal). She also loves lolita fashion and usually seen is some form of it, usually in a gothic style.

Haru, like most teenagers, can sometimes be quite cruel without realizing it and while she doesn't mean to do it, it will occur. She doesn't like to just say what people want to hear and will tell exactly how she feels about either you or the subject; and no, she won't sugarcoat anything at all. She is a firm believer in just being honest and while this does get her trouble alot (read: nearly all the time), she does it anyway due her stubborn nature. Haru can also be shockingly playful at times but this is usually with people she likes. I say usually because she can sometimes decide to be with those she dislikes or even down right hates just because she wants to mess with their heads a little.

Haru was born in the Nara prefecture to Kenichi and Juri Matsumoto who were thrilled to finally have a child. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to grasp the idea that smothering your child is a bad thing but that tidbit isn't important for now. Haru was a happy child who played with her cousins alot during that time. She loved them dearly, so much so it was as if they were all siblings themselves instead of just cousins.

Large Image:

In fact it was her elder cousin Emiko who introduced her to her first love: the violin. She was quickly bewitched by the instrument and begged her parents for lessons. After about a month of nonstop begging, they finally agreed if for nothing more than some peace. She was enrolled in classes and quickly fell more in love with music. While she practiced often, it hadn't dominated her life at that time like it would come to do in the future. For now, her time was split pretty evenly between her family and her lessons. Everything seemed perfect then, and Haru would remember these years as some of the happiest in her life but it would all come to a crashing end with uncle's death during his policeman duties. The family was crushed but none more so than his widow, her aunt Arisu.

Arisu would go on to take her cousins Emiko and Takumi and move them to Tokyo. Despite this, Haru believed that they could still keep in contact. Little did she know just how wrong this would prove to be. After about a month with no word, Haru and her remaining two cousins Kasumi and Yoichi tried to find them but nothing ever seemed to work. A couple of more months went by and eventually the two boys would stop trying, Yoichi first, with Kasumi following two weeks later; this would cause her to drift apart from her remaining cousins for awhile. Haru, however, refused to give up and still hasn't till this day. When she wasn't trying to find Emiko and Takumi, she threw herself into her violin like never before. It dominated her life and it reminded her of happier times, dulling her misery if only for a while. Finally she allowed her natural talent for the instrument shine through and her teacher, noticing that she would soon go beyond her expertise, suggested to her parents that she be sent to a special music school. Haru, while at first being excited by the idea, soon realized that this meant she would have to move. She refused to leave but like so many times before (and since) her parents went against her wishes and forced her to go.

Haru before leaving for the music academy

While she would later forgive them for forcing her, understanding that the way she had been living hadn't been exactly healthy, she was furious at first and didn't speak to them the entire two weeks before she left. The school was an amazing place and learned so much from her instructors but she remained closed off and detached from her classmates. She became something of a school legend over time: the lovely violin-playing doll that never spoke a word. It was quite a popular tale and this story eventually intrigued a girl named Tilly Amagi. Tilly approached her and while at first Haru treated her much like everyone else (i.e. not interacting with her at all), over time the Tilly gradually managed to get closer to Haru. The two would become inseparable with Tilly helping her open up to the world again.

Haru and Tilly

She will be forever grateful to Tilly for this since no one wants to be around that sort of person and she would have ended up being even more miserable than she could ever imagined at the time. Slowly, Haru began opening up to her classmates and would soon become pretty popular with them. This popularity gave Tilly an idea. So one day after their classes had ended and the two were walking back to their dorms, Tilly informed her friend of her idea. How about they start a band together? It would be great since they both loved music so much and then they could paid for on top of doing something they both loved! Tilly had thought this was a great plan but Haru hadn't been so sure at first. She wasn't sure how her family would take the idea since they weren't exactly supportive of her. Well, anything that involved her having free will anyway.

But Tilly kept at it and eventually wore Haru down enough to suggest the idea to her parents. Haru got the surprise of a lifetime when they agreed but she would soon learn why they had so readily agreed. Haru immediately told Tilly and the two girls threw themselves into its creation. After much debating (i.e. bickering), the two decided to call themselves Fairytale and their music would combine the classical music that Haru was skilled at with the rock music that Tilly was good at with other bits and pieces from other genres the girls felt like including. It seemed like a great idea and it really appeared to catch on with their classmates. So after graduation came and went, they really starting promoting themselves. With some of Tilly's mother's connections, they were able to secure a record deal much faster than they would have been able to on their own. Having a good sound and two cute girls in the band doesn't hurt either.

However, as they were getting ready to go on their first tour, her name appeared around her neck. Her parents were overjoyed at this development, especially once it was seen what her voice was capable of, but Haru herself was a bit more uneasy. This would mean that she would begin her Fighter training, which wasn't really so bad; no, what she really freared was being forced to face her grandmother, Rei. The woman terrified her to no end but she would eventually be brought before her like a lamb to the slaughter. Her training to be a "proper Fighter for their line" began and after it was over she has refused to divulge what went on.

But the tour, after being postponed for a bit, went off without a hitch and Fairytale rocketed to fame. Haru is still doing her best to get used to all the changes in her life and while she loves her fans, some of them can be rather creepy at times. However, her biggest goal has been to find her missing cousins and with a little help from Tilly's mom, she thinks she may have finally found them once again.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Parents: Kenichi Matsumoto -- Father; Juri Matsumoto -- Mother
Marital Status: Single
Language: Japanese, English, and is the process of learning French and Spanish
Hobbies: practicing her violin, listening to music, and watching television.
Likes: tigers, the color blue, lolita clothes, and daydreaming
Loves: her parents and cousins, bandmate, and her music
Dislikes: her parents hovering around her all the time and of course the more crazy of her fans. They kinda freak her out sometimes.
Loathes: Other members of her family. Her parents basically running her life down to last detail.
Fears: Being stuck in a cage all her life. Her grandmother.
Strengths: A strong will and unwavering determination when she sets her mind to something.
Weakness: Her determination can also blind her at times and prevent her considering certain things.
Good qualities: While she will not seem like it at first, she is very kind hearted to those who can stick out her mean streak.
Bad habits: Can be lazy if she doesn't see any benefit to either her or someone she cares about. She is also quite the master of deadpan snarking and she often doesn't hold her tongue when she should.
Turn ons: intelligence, good manners, and fondness for music
Turn offs: stupidity, rudeness, controlling, and being too hyper.

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Harmony Fighter
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