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 Enigma Fighter

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PostSubject: Enigma Fighter   Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:21 am

Full Name: Tenchi Jenoiu
Nickname: Ten-ten

True Name: Enigma
Unit Position: Fighter
Name location: Written diagonally on his back from his left shoulder to his right hip.
Partner's Name: Mamoru Kobayashi

Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Doesn't have one, been to busy to find out.
Age: 26
Birth Date: January 21
Occupation/Grade: In medical school studying to be a heart doctor
Dreams/Life Goals: To live his life without regrets and to help as many people as he can.

Hair: Pink
Ears and Tail: Pink to match his hair with white tips
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 190 lbs
Build: Slender and sort kind of girly
Physical Faults: A few scars from spell battles but not much else.

Appearance when Crossdressing:
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Purple (he wears contacts)

Tenchi could usually be described as handsome, although he only really puts a lot of effort into his appearance if he's cross-dressing. When he's dressing as his normal everyday self, he just wants to look neat and professional; but other than that, he really doesn't care all that much. He has a very tall and slender frame which often got him mocked in school for being too girly and at home, it served as yet another for his parents to be unhappy about. His most unusual feature however, is his naturally pink hair. He has no idea exactly how it happened (though he does have some theories) but it actually is that exact shade of pink and if you think that he didn't get grief for it then you'd be very wrong. He also still has his ears and tail which is really odd for a man of his age but circumstances see him with them, so he makes due for the time being.

Tenchi is a surprisingly kind man considering his family and it really makes one wonder how he ended up that way. He just wants to stay as far away from the family politics as he can but since he is a part of the unit world, this wish will likely go ungranted. He has a bad habit of saying the wrong thing to people but usually means well. It just so happens that he finds himself unable to sugarcoat anything (and I do mean anything) he says. This also means that he'll often say things aren't what most would consider socially correct. This has gotten him into a great deal of trouble in the past but he never stopped due to his need to rebel from his parents (and by extension, his family's expectations). Tenchi acts very similar to his usual self when cross-dressing but will act much more feminine than he normally would to complete the illusion.

Tenchi was born to Harumi and Nana Jenoiu on a night so cold that it set records. This frozen weather would serve as an almost perfect prediction of his childhood and adolescence. His parents were only truly in love with success, something they would forever push their child towards, trying to run his life down to the last detail in hopes that they would be looked upon with favor by the main house. In short, Tenchi was a puppet who never got to be a real boy; it would take years for the young man to eventually break free but that side of the story will told in due time.

It started when he was just a baby, of course, as it is very easy to control them. Tenchi would begin life as an experiment for his family to see if it was possible to force an individual's Name early. Tenchi was largely a success of this experiment, gaining his name at the tender age of two but it did have the unusual side effect of turning his hair pink. None of the other children had any side effects except for maybe his cousin, Meiko, whose Name never appeared but she would eventually be revealed as a Blank. But his parents weren't all that concerned with his cousins (surprise, surprise) and they immediately began training Tenchi as a Fighter. He could barely walk but hey what did that matter since they had to beat out the other kids. They refused to let their pink haired mistake fall behind.

So his training began and went pretty well, except for a few odd things that would happen when he battled. Those little "snags" as they were nicknamed, were largely kept under wraps by this parents more out of embarrassment for themselves than anything else. It was thanks to this that he figured out where his parents really stood on their affections for their "precious little boy". And this cover-up would only be the beginning of the control they would have over his life. The largest cover-up would be the most damaging to young Tenchi. While, he had manifested his unit name perfectly, the procedure had also revealed that his unit thread was strangely formed. It didn't look cut as though his unit partner had died, nor did simply fade out as though his partner wasn't born yet, and it certainly didn't trail off into the distance like a normal one would. For all the world, it looked as though the boy didn't have a unit partner at all.  As in, one didn't exist at all. His thread seemed to be forever doomed to run pathetic circles around him like some sort planetary ring. This was buried very deeply in the family archives but he would eventually find it when he grew older.

Due to his rebellious little self, at least in the eyes of his parents, new rules were set into place. He was not allowed to have friends, he was not allowed to speak unless spoken to and only then it would be after they gave permission. He would wear what he was told to, eat what he was told to, and well, basically do whatever he was commanded to do. For it was never requests, it was always demands. They controlled every aspect of his life to the point where sometimes they would lock their child in room all day and only let him out when they required his services or needed to look like a "happy family", much like a child's plaything.

Tenchi refused to take this treatment at first and would often act out against the demands but all that got him, was punishment. But it was never the kind of punishment that left marks. Couldn't have anyone asking questions now could we? At age seven he discovered the joys of cross-dressing while he was going through his mother's closet to pull a prank on her. When he was eventually discovered, he got the punishment of his life but it was worth it to the young boy since not only did he find a fun hobby but said hobby also really got under his parents' skin when he did so. A wonderful two for the price of one deal, in his opinion.

As he grew older, he slowly began to piece together the family's sordid wishes and experiments. After that, his treatment made sense, everything fell into place. So after learning these secrets, including one that threatened to tear his heart in two, he decided to put his head down and stifled his rebellious spirit in order to fulfill his ultimate goals. Those goals being freedom and do everything in his power to become the opposite of his cruel and selfish parents. It would be his ultimate rebellion. So he went into medicine like most of his other relatives, though in his case he's trying to become a heart doctor, seeing it as the perfect way to further his goals. He's well on his way and is finally on his own, making his own decisions for the first time in his life and, aside from his parents random visits to bully him into coming home, he couldn't be happier.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese, English
Family: Harumi Jeniou-- Father; Nana Jeniou-- Mother; Meiko Jenoiu-- Cousin; Valshe Jenoiu-- Cousin/Family head
Hobbies: reading, sleeping, cross-dressing, and traveling
Likes: watching tv, and spicy food
Loves: helping people and sewing
Dislikes: being in crowds
Loathes: being around his parents
Fears: becoming a mindless doll for his sacrifice to control despite certain factors that would make this highly unlikely
Strengths: stubborn, and a gentle nature
Good qualities: very polite when he when actually tries to be and a willingness to listen
Bad habits: can be very quiet, often not speaking for long periods of time which can be sort of disconcerting to some people, on the other hand he can also talk too much so its sort of mixed bag and sometimes is a bit too stubborn
Turn ons: out-spoken individuals, quirky people, or people just comfortable in their own skin. Plus a few other things that he won't give out here
Turn offs: cruelty, cold, or controlling individuals
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Enigma Fighter
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