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 Dain's apartment (floor 8, 404)

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PostSubject: Dain's apartment (floor 8, 404)   Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:01 am

The girls had many ideas but finally they settled on a bit of a girly feel. Both like to cook but its rare since they are always busy. At times they just have to stop and plan setting aside most of their cares plus mom and dad love a home cooked meal that they dont have to make themselves.

The living room like every room has to be the best so once they found the great painting in the back they got ideas. Its their pride and joy.

The bathroom was small and the girls wanted it simple.

Acacia didnt care about what the bathroom looked like but she did tell Dain no ducks and stupid flowers. Dain loves green so she had a ball. Small space but it gets the job done.

Being the fact that Acacia wanted the room black with all of her posters covering the walls once she googled modern rooms in black she stepped out of her comfort zone and did quite the job in making her nest. Both Dain and their mom is very impressed. Acacia has a few posters hear and there as well so its more of her own.

Afer months of indesisivness Dain has FINALLY gotten ideas and put them to good use on her room.
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Dain's apartment (floor 8, 404)
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