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  Toxic Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Toxic Sacrifice   Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:07 pm

Full Name: Julius Nakamura
Nickname: You do not know me well enough to call me by fond titles.
True Name: Toxic
Partner's Name: Kyler Daniels
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 18
Birth Date: June 6th.
Occupation/Grade: Heir to the Nakamura family and last year at Seven Moons
Dreams/Life Goals: I do not see why this concerns you.

Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Height: 5' 9”
Build: thin
Name location: down the inside of my right ring finger, turned horizontally

To some I come off as manipulative. I would not say that is incorrect. Cunning, perhaps, is a word that better fits me. I enjoy chess. I am usually quiet, as I prefer thinking instead of speaking. Speaking without first carefully choosing ones words does nothing but showcase ones foolishness – especially if one is connected to the fighting world, or to that of the aristocrats.
I may come off as harsh, or “no nonsense.” Yes, I do believe this is a fitting term. I will not stand for failure. If one gives ones best and it does not reach par, I see no need to keep their acquaintance. If they are connected to me personally, I see no need to keep them alive in my presence.

I come from the prestigious Nakamura family, as is obvious. Run by my mother, Riza, Nakamura Corporation is one of the most successful businesses in the Innocents' world. We are also among the most well known families in the fighting world, and some the most infamous names in the underground.

The Nakamura family line goes back to feudal Japan. Financial students can crack open any textbook of theirs and the family name will show at least twenty times in any chapter. As banks and financial systems were put in place in the country, the Nakamuras were there, heading the movement. The Bank of Japan was founded by the current Nakamura head at the time, my grandfather (I will leave out the many 'great's) and has since been chaired by the head of the family through each era, all the way from 1882, it's first year.

The Bank of Japan has quite a bit of say in Japan's government, meaning my family itself has the same power. We know this fact well, and many of the branches of the family covet the position the main family (mine) is in. We have had quite a few... fallings out, if you will. Whomever reads this is Seven Moons staff, I presume, so of course you will already know of the fights and disowning and my father's assassination, but for the sake of filling this form out completely, I will reiterate.

My bloodline is purely sacrificial, from the very beginning. Both husbands and wives are tested before marriage to ensure their genes will produce a sacrifice as offspring, and accidental pregnancies do not occur, as that is unacceptable within our family and our community. My father is the exception to the rule of a sacrificial bloodline. It is a romantic and wholly too convenient story, which frankly disgusts me. “Powers of love” they say. Riza, my mother, demanded to her father, the former Chair and head of the family, that she be allowed to marry her fighter, an aristocrat from the United States named William. Her father denied the demand of course. Despite being an aristocrat, William's family held typically American and idealistic thoughts and did not enforce arranged marriages. They also did not uphold the careful science of their bloodline, and therefore were unsure of the chances of their offspring being a fighter. This was a foolish argument, as any average Punnett Square could inform my family of the fact that there is no fighting gene remaining in our blood. No matter whether my mother bred with a sacrifice or a full blooded fighter, her alleles would not allow for a fighter to be birthed. Her child, however, would taint the bloodline.

It took for my mothers threatening her father's life at swordpoint for him to allow their marriage. The family did not agree, but with his begrudging consent, no other word could stop their joining. I was born two years later, again upsetting the family balance as the “tainted prince.” The heir with dirtied blood. Still, I was firstborn son to Riza, and therefore I would be the head of the family after she passed away. I was trained in all aspects of banking, business and finance, and self defense. I was also trained to control the lessers of the underground, although that is a private matter. A gifted student, I excelled in every subject, surpassing my fellow students and some aristocratic children.

At age eleven, my grandfather passed away, yielding the throne to my mother, who had throughout the years developed into a cunning business woman. There was no slack during the time that passed between him dying and her picking the seat up. The branches of the family were mostly silent, seething in private and creating plots to overturn her. At age thirteen, they brought those plots to life. At least, they tried. My father was shot one evening on his way home from one of the banks. I will never forget the sight of my mother collapsing in the sitting room. The fear that struck me will sit with me for life.

After that night, I was not the same person I had been before. The person filling this file out for the World Wide Registry is the sacrifice and namesake of Toxic, yes, or you may refer to me as Julius Nakamura, but do not assume I am the wide eyed and innocent child I once was. You will be sadly mistaken.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.

Other: I left out the history of the underground and the Nakamura family for a reason. Assuming that this character profile is the file on Julius for the WWR, he would see no reason to explain the details of the black market. If anyone would like to know the details, feel free to PM me. If those details absolutely MUST be included in this profile, I will add them as an additional note.

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Toxic Sacrifice
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