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 Blank Unit

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PostSubject: Blank Unit   Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:13 pm

Full Name: Kobayashi Mamoru
Nickname: Mama-san/Mama-chan
True Name: BLANK
Partner's Name: Tenchi Jeniou (Plotted)
Gender: male-to-female transgender
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birth Date: September 20
Family: Kobayashi Karasu
Occupation/Grade: real estate agent/club owner
Dreams/Life Goals: She would love to get a sex change, but doesn't want to be disowned.

Hair: long and black, she mostly keeps it tied back to appease her father
Eyes: brown-black
Height: 5'6"
Build: slender and feminine
Name location: N/A

Standing next to her cousin Karasu, Mamoru could pass as her twin sister. Their most noticeable difference is that Mama loves pink and all outfits uber-girly, where Kara is more into dark colors and androgyny.

At her day job, Mamoru is all business. Quiet, serious and calm, she gets the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Off the job, she shucks her monkey suit for her party clothes. Cheerful, mischievous and outspokent, she's a flirt and the life of the party. But, when it comes to men she is attracted to, Mama is extremely shy.

The Kobayashis have humble roots, but they have become one of the few families that keep pace with the Aristocrats of Japan. The Kobayashi family has a long history of producing Units. Though no patter to the births exists, most Unit pieces born to their family have been Sacrifices.

Their fortune was borne three generations ago when Kobayashi Masahiro (father of Kobayashi Suzume, Karasu's great-grandmother) got into the business of real estate. By the time he died, Masahiro had turned his small real estate venture into Japan's leading real estate company. And that's when his grandson, Kobayashi Ichirou took over K. Real Estate.

A year after taking over his grandfather's company, Ichirou and his wife had a son, whom they named Mamoru. Ichirou was strict with his son, dictating everything from what school he would attend to how he got his hair cut. Even though he was strict, he was kind to the boy...untill he caught Mamoru playing dress-up with his cousin, in women's clothing.

Mamoru didn't understand why her father was so angry. She and Ravey (her nickname for Karasu, whose name at the time was Ravyn) had been having fun one minute. The next, Ichirou had her over his knee, tanning her hide. She screamed and cried, but he didn't stop until Ravey took the blame and lied that it had been his idea, not Mamoru's. And then it was Ravey's parents who were punished. They were the ones who hadn't taugh their child proper gender roles, so Ichirou could hardly blame the five-year-old.

From then on, the DeLevains were not allowed to visit their Japanese cousins. However, when Ichirou had to make business trips, he'd send Mamoru to the States to spend the summer. One year, Mamoru spent an entire school year with her cousins. It was probably the best year of her life. Eric and Alice let her grow her hair out and even bought her the pretty pink dress she asked for. They fought the private school's principal to allow her to wear the girls' uniform, and called her Mama-chan, which made her feel really happy. There were bad things, too, like bullies, but Ravey was really commanding and made them leave Mamoru alone.

Mamoru was so happy that year that she forgot to cut her hair and leave the girl clothes with her cousins. When her father picked her up at the airport, the sight of her in her pink dress made him livid. The moment they got home, he forced her to strip in the middle of the front hall and change into mens' clothing. He then dragged her to a barber and had her head shaved bald, while she cried silently. Home again, Ichirou went through her luggage and burned every garment he disapproved of.

"I do not have a daughter, and if you continue this behaviour, I won't have a son, either."

After a time, Mamoru negotiated a deal with her father: she would do her best to be the son he wanted, if he would allow her to keep her hair long the way she liked. Having reached an agreement on the matter, Ichirou turned his attention to the fact that his now fourteen-year-old son had a Ring, but no Unit Name. He had Mamoru trained as a Sacrifice, thinking Fighters were inferior and knowing Blanks could take either role if they were trained properly. The training was brutal, since Mamoru's pain threshold was much lower than the role forced on her required. This lasted for several years until she was numbed to the pain. Despite the lopsided training, Mamoru was able to train as a fighter later on when Ravey emailed her about it. The two of them worked together to learn how to be Fighters, and Mamoru would later be the one to help Ravey learn how to survive as a Sacrifice.

At 21, Mamoru moved into her own studio apartment in the city and was given control of the Tokyo division of K. Real Estate, with her father supervising via weekly conference meetings. She was good at her job, but gained no satisfaction from it. It was around this time that she finally started dating. After several failed relationships, she finally lost her ears at 22. She thought he was The One, but he dumped her when he found out she had been researching sex-change procedures.

A year later, K. Real Estate made a bad deal purchasing a warehouse no one else would buy. After two years of trying unsuccessfully to sell the property, Ichirou gave it to Mamoru to see if she could transform it into a profitable venture. The Obsidian Dragon opened two years later, and Mamoru views it as her refuge.

Kara (on right) and Mama (on left)

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: She has scars on her wrists from a failed suicide attempt.
Likes: fashion, music, dancing, flirting, being referred to as a female
Loves: her cousin, working at Obsidian, pink, animals
Dislikes: her father, her name, her body, bullies
Loathes: homophobia, her job at K. Real Estate
Fears: rejection
Good qualities: kind-hearted, honest and supportive, well-organized and efficient
Bad habits: files her nails when she's nervous
Turn ons: those who chase their dreams, massages (not of the professional variety) and other things she refuses to mention
Turn offs: assholes, making reference to her "boy parts" (for lack of a more PG term) during intimate moments, and that's just for starters

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Blank Unit
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