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 Loveless Redemption Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Loveless Redemption Rules and Regulations   Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:29 pm

Welcome to Loveless Redemption. A Loveless Role Playing Site with Original Twists!
We are currently using the Free Board known as Forummotion. Before I begin with our Site's personal Rules and Regulations I would like to take the time out to give you the Forummotion Rules and Regulations. These apply to any Forummotion forum you happen to visit and it is a fresh reminder for returning members.

Forummotion Rules
Any forum containing the following elements and/or behaviors will be deleted without further notice :

* Sexual and/or pornographic content *This is in a written format unseen by Viewers*
* Hateful or abusive content
* Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
* Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other illicit substance
* Copyright infringement / hacking
* Spam / phishing and/ or malware website
* Credit card fraud

These rules you must follow at all times on any Forummotion site. If the rules are broken Forummotion will shut down your sites and ban you from their database. Members please follow these rules as well so this can all be prevented. Thank you!

Loveless Redemption
Loveless Forum with Original Twists!

Welcome to our forum -  Loveless: Redemption. All of us here from Members to Staff would like to say Welcome and thank you so much for showing an interest in our Loveless Role Playing Forum! This is the Loveless Redemption Rules and Regulations Thread which will take into effect once you send me the information. This agreement page has hidden messages all throughout it so please read carefully to find them. This page not only will give you a synopsis about the forum but links to direct you to more detailed information, posts for ideas and inspiration and those helpful tips and tricks to help get you around and into our Role Playing World for a lot of fun!

Meet the Staff of Loveless Redemption
Now before we go into forum details let me introduce you to the wonderful staff we have on our lovely forum. These people are behind the scenes making this forum as great as it can be and we try to assist all the members as best we can in the time we have available to us. Of course I want to point out that our members are the best I have ever had. Helpful and fun you can always count on a good time with these lovely people. When you need guidance or other assistance these are Staff members you should go to:

ThemeMaster Yuri: A very funny Creator who seems to have ghosts follow her all the time. She is the one in charge of creating all of our visual themes for the forum. For now the theme changes once a month and she will randomly choose characters for the month based on their Biographies, Role Plays, and/or Character Development Threads. (We are currently undergoing a new system with more member involvement!) Now if you would like to suggest a Theme for Creator Yuri then you must go to the ThemeMaster Billboard. A guide will be up on how to suggest a Theme and even how to submit one if you create one very soon. Keep your eyes open for the announcement! Everyone's character has a chance to be a star for a month. For more details about Themes please see the billboard.

Moderator Tsukiyoko: The Cheerleader and helpful woman of the team. If she was to be a mascot for any one she would have to be chosen for her charisma and outgoing energy. She handles a lot of the Chat Box and Role Playing Ordeals. Always cheering others on making impressive stories for us and our guests to read as well as being helpful in all aspects of the forum. She is the pick me up when you are having a low day. If you ever have a question and no one has answered it yet she is sure to assist you in the best way possible.

Administrator Kyo: The last one in the bunch is me. Not sure what about me is interesting besides being nice and quirky at times. I haunt the forum and check to make sure everything is in order. I usually stay behind the scenes helping to make this forum better. Always a lot to do but I do take a break and spend it with all the members. I enjoy helping everyone out and lending them my ear when they need it the most. Pretty much I should be the last resort person to come to if you have any questions that still need to be answered.

We are a mirror of the current world. Living among the shadows in secret from untrained eyes.

Joining Loveless Redemption
When you click the register button you will be brought to another page listing the Forummotion rules. These are the same rules which I have posted to you in the very beginning of this thread. You must agree to this page before joining the forum. When you Join you create a Username and Password. Most Usernames are the names of the characters we role-play. You are free to choose another name as long as it is note derogatory, hateful, or filled with cursing. If you wish to change your username at a later time please PM me about it.

As you sign up I want to warn you that you can only have one account on here. If another account is found I will be deleting it and you will be placed on probation. If you fail to comply with probation rules and regulations your account will be deleted. I ask that you give us an active email since important information is not only sent to your PM box here but also to your Email address. There is no Newsletter for this forum just yet but one is being planned for in the future. Also an active Email is important just in case you forget your password or you need to change it.

Once you have become accepted onto the forum you still can not access the forum until you do the rules and send me the secret message. As a helpful reminder there are hidden messages all throughout this thread. Look for them and send me all of them in a PM with the Topic labeled Rules and Regulations. Once I ensure I have everything then I will unlock the full thread to you. I suggest you check out the Rules once in a while since I will change them periodically throughout the year and completely change them once a year. I have been given this ticket to walk beyond the black veils to enter into this secret world which has had my interest since I heard it whispered in the wind.

We go through this long process in order to ensure that you are indeed human and that your account is not fraudulent. A red account will cause a site to be placed on maintenance by Forummotion and they will go through the site to assess the problem. When a site is down there is no fun to be had. If I find out you have started to add software to our forum I will report you and enclose all your information to Forummotion. What they do to handle you will not be my liability. I am here to ensure my members are safe and having fun and I will do my best to protect them. Forummotion also does periodical checks on every forum to ensure it is running smoothly. If you try anything funny during their swipe you will get caught. You have been warned!

The Beginning of Your Legends!
Once I have accepted your Rules and Regulations your account will be fully activated. Now during this time I ask that you check on the side of the forum when you log in and go through the Character Creation listing. Now that you are active you are asked to have a  Character Profile in the Pending Section to be up within 2 weeks time. If you pm me that you will be busy during your 2 week set up period I will give you 1, 2 week extension. If however you require another extension you will get 1 more week. If you can not make that deadline your account will be deleted and we ask that you return when you are not so busy.

Once you have a character who was approved you may now begin your role playing adventures. You can check out the Open Topics section to see where you can place your character to role play with others. You can also ask around and see if anyone would like to create a topic with you so your character meets someone to interact with. If you are a bit too shy to ask someone you can always create a post in an Always Open thread and wait for others to jump in. There are many ways to start the fun but if you ever need help please don't hesitate to ask in the Chat Box or PM the Staff or members! I do want to bring something to your attention however and that is as you role play with others you remain open minded that people will not reply right away to the thread. I give people a month to at least reply to a thread.

To some people this may seem like a long time and for others too short of time to accomplish anything. Well I set this up in this manner because most of us clock in long hours from a hard day of work. Cram tireless hours of schooling into our brains to become amazing people in society. Some have to raise families and make sure their haven is in order before their loved ones return to relax and unwind. This site was created to help you relax and have fun during your downtime. Interact with other people over similar interests and escape from the grind of daily life when you can. If you do not have time for the site we understand all that we ask is you let us know in the Absent/Vacation Thread or PM me directly and we can come up with a plan together. I state this because we do delete accounts and I don't want you to be startled when your account is no longer valid. All of these steps are to ensure you remain with us for lots of fun but also that we don't delete your account by mistake. If you can't post that you will be away contact one of the members and they can post for you that way your account will be safe.

Again if you would like some assistance please don't be afraid to speak up. There are so many wonderful members on here that are willing to give you a hand with whatever you need. If they can't seem to answer your questions please contact a Staff member. If they can't answer it come to me and I will do my best for you to answer your questions and provide a much better way to access such information for future people.

Our World based on Another
Loveless Redemption is based on the Loveless Manga Series up to a certain point. Mostly all members have read the story and are familiar with its contents and aspects. If you have not read it please check it out and read some of it so you can understand what we use here is inspired by the Series. But I will break down the aspects of the Series later and more in-depth guides will be built to give a much better understanding of each role played here on the forum.

Loveless Redemption will soon have it's lore and storyline plot added to the site so please be on the look out for that. But lets at least give you a heads up about how our storyline is set up:

Ritsu's reign over the Japanese Branch has come to an end and the Unit World for a time was silent. The most powerful families in the city were at a stand still for a while as their middle ground was now being replaced by a new man named Kyros Iygari. The Prime Minister of this province may very well have Kibō under their leadership but it is the wealthy, most powerful aristocratic families who run this city and make this unit world thrive. But with a new head in the middle comes new things. New rules and a rebuilding of a once notorious academy. A new system is being built to replace the one Ritsu had. Aristocratic heads are plotting as the upcoming heirs are watching, waiting for their chance to rule what is theirs and take over what they want.

But alas as peace is being built chaos has reared up once again staking claim where they feel it needs it the most. Rogue Units who plotted against the order are now on the rise to expose and toy with worlds so carefully placed order. Blanks are becoming more chaotic when unclaimed wrecking havoc with whomever they meet. Aristocratic households have internal strife and turf warfare. Let alone a new enemy is now on the rise. Watching, waiting on when to strike this crumbling world apart. Will you be the one to help rebuild a better world? Or are you the Harbinger who has com to claim the souls of this crumbling world?

Many of the former cast of Loveless have graduated from here but they will come and visit from time to time although it is rare. We use the Units of the world to build ours and created a new system to flow better with our ever growing plots which shift on twists and turns to keep everyone active and role playing. Once again this is only a synopsis for now and I will have sections and guides up soon. Links will be added once everything is set up and ready!

When you log in on the right hand side of the screen you will see a Character Creation Box. That is your quick guide on how we build our characters on this forum. A much more in-depth guide will be built for you on how to use such an important feature. For now our forum currently has a character cap limit which is 5. Once you have reach your cap limit you are not allowed to create more characters. Please Keep this in mind because you will be penalized for attempting to create more. Misconduct can also cause you to lose a character slot. Penalization and Probation will have its own page later. As members we have seen people cap out their limit and burn out quickly. Some become no longer interested in the character and try to abandon the partner which is usually another creator. This not only causes a few problems but it creates a trust issue with some members. We ask that you try and refrain from maxing out on you character cap limit. Create one character and get used to our form of Role Play. When time comes and you are more comfortable with everyone then create another character. Go with what works best for you.

Current Members since 2010:

As you look around and get an idea of what kind of character to make I want to take the time out and explain the 3 main groups a character will fall under in this Unit world. More in-depth guides will come soon and will later be linked to this thread and added to the character creation box on the right hand side.

Blanks - These are the pieces of the unit world that awaken to this hidden society without a Namesake printed on their Skin. They are individuals who can cast spells or be the one to bare the pain. Until these Unit Pieces are given a Namesake [by being Claimed or awakening to their true nature] they have the ability to walk into a spell battle being either piece. However, the more these Individuals battle or are 'fake bounded' to another in a certain position the more they loose the ability to be bound as the opposite or can loose it permanently once bound by a claiming.

Blanks can develop a rare ability to shed a Namesake to allow them to change to another. But once they are bound to a position by the first Claiming it will be near impossible for them to change back to the opposite [I.E. bound as a fighter, sheds namesake, can not become a Sacrifice]. However, Shedding a Namesake does not come without repercussions. If you chose to Make a Blank that has this ability please PM an Admin first so that they can go into this in further detail.

Blanks are viewed as a 'wild' card, as they can become either or, some lack the ability to have a 'ring' so they can also go unnoticed in the unit world, some have the ability to reflect back a ring or mimic one to be their own for a short while. But they also come with repercussions if left unbound.

Universal Blank: Shivani Iygari

Universal Blank: Shivani is one in a very few amount of Blanks who not only can play the Role of the Fighter but she can also play the Role of a Sacrifice. The Perfect Doll who's ring is hallow and the echos travel far.

Blanks that can play both sides of a unit can easily become wild they loose the ability to control spell casting and the taking of bounds. In a sense once Wild they loose what we call 'humanity' and become nothing more then a destructive beast.  Because of the high risk, world wide in the secret society of the Unit World, Blanks bound to Blanks as a unit has been seen as the greatest 'never let happen'. The pieces to a puzzle and yet the master of the board of my own bidding. Choosing a side will be hard but I must press on. Units created by nothing but Blanks are hunted down and terminated because the large risk they can create. An example of this is:

Blank Fighter: Dokaku Masamune

Wild Blank: Masa will at random times lose himself in a fit of rage and becomes destructive. These uncontrollable fits can last from a few minutes to hours. These people are unclaimed blanks who have gone many years without being claimed. They are the high threats of society.

More Blank Info:

Status in Society: A Fighter is seen as the loyal companion of a Sacrifice. The Bodyguard if you will who Protects and takes orders from their Sacrifice once they are partnered up. Of course you have some Families who treat the Fighters very differently. Some praise them while others curse them into being slaves rather than treating them like people. Some train them to no mercy and others just train a few minutes a day to make sure they gain the needed knowledge. In Society it is generally the same until you become part of a household. A world so unique and dangerous I must be cautious of who I have as friends, family and companions.  The status in society is actually set by the Aristocratic House and the Academy: Septimal Moons of Japan.

Unity between Fighter and Sacrifice: The Unit bond you create with your unit name and ring is very special. As the Fighter you should beam with pride that you are the protector of someone very special. It is a honor when you gain a sacrifice as your partner because they are the quick, witted brains of your unity. You have a unique fighting power by using the power of words to your strength. A key phrase, or for the higher trained Fighters a keyword, sets the universe in motion at your fingertips to create the summon you call upon to affect your opponent. You have the raw strength in your words to help create these words to materialize into action. Your sacrifice will usually guide you with what to use and it is up to you on how you want to materialize it for them.

Of course the strength of your bond as a unit will help determine your attacks as well. If the Unit bond is not strong like it should be your unit can be shattered very easily. Especially if there is a Unit out there that can nullify you or is your polar opposite at a much stronger bond level than you. Not all the time will a Fighter agree with their Sacrifice. At that point your bond weakens but eventually the power that dwells inside of you will eventually obey even if you are against them. At this point of distrust the Sacrifice may go as far as to punish their fighter for their constant behavior of denying to do what they have been told. Punishments vary according to the Sacrifice. But no matter what if you are at a disagreement in battle your bond will lower your attack power and leave you both vulnerable for your opponent.

Valour Fighter

Other Fighter Info:

This is the individual of the unit that may have the most control, but the least bit of power. Unlike the Fighter they cannot cast word spells. In battle they take on the pain of their other so that they can continue fighting. The battle is called when the Sacrifice is bound Seven times [mouth, [2]hands, arms to torso, [2]legs, eyes]. Outside of their unit, and alone, the only means of protection without their other is the use of their Will.

Their will is a force they can exert in order to confuse or blind an attacker. This Will effect is caused by their 'ring' [the sound only units can hear that is like a note[s] on a piano] that takes on its own meaning by their namesake. Each will is different. For ideas of what your will be for the character you decide that is a Sacrifice please look over Unit Rings.

Devoted Sacrifice

Other Sacrifice Info:

Once you have created a character in on of these systems the character is permanently locked in their side. Again Blanks are structured differently but in the end they will fall in either the Fighter path or the Sacrifice path once hey are claimed. Now that you are a bit familiar with the 3 groups let me explain about the 4 systems your characters can take on as Roles in the Society:

Like any society, order comes from those with power. In our version of Loveless, there are several families that have powerful influence in several areas of the 'Normal Society'. Together, through time, these families have come to be called the 'Aristocrats' as they govern the Unit world to keep its secrets. Each family has an something that they control, that gives them powers to fund keeping all Units hidden or control information. Equally they work together with a check and balance system but like all things, though they should use it for the better of all, sometimes power can corrupt.

Each family has 'territory' that has been gained through private hidden battles with each other. Within these territories Units that live there must abide by the house. Pay dues for the Family's protection in what way that Family requires it to be paid; whether in money or services. But a Unit individual does not have to go through forced service. To make the play field even the Families joined together to make a 'Holy ground' were all are equal until they had learned the rules that these Families have painstakingly made to keep all from being discovered.

For who knows the havoc the discovery of Units could have on the History of man.

Aristocrat Houses/Rules

City Council
Most of this City is ruled by the families but to outside eyes the city council governs it. To qualify you have to have a very appealing Biography and only I can approve it. If you make a compelling Bio you can take the City Council position. Of course as city council you help provide for the city and have discussions with the Aristocratic families. Like any character here you have your own agenda as well. Just imagine what you can do at the seat of power. But first and foremost you run the city and keep it as a great place.

These are the units who wish to expose the unit world for what it is to the masses. Now each person and/or group has their own means of doing what they feel will accomplish their mission. By the Unit Law they have broken the rules and are hereby considered a threat. Most of the times Bloodhounds are after them to help silence them. Rarely are drastic measures taken. Not all rogues are considered evil they are just rule breakers causing trouble.

Rogue Character Template

This means you have a character that is not part of the other systems. They live a life by their own means without the pressures of the current state of society. You can change your character's status later on in the Role Plays and eventually they may end up in another place but it is not required.

Just a reminder that more in-depth guides will be built and linked here. We want everyone to play roles here on the forum so there will be no need for so many Non-Playable Characters unless they are storyline related. This is a very interactive forum so we ask that you don't have a partner with the same person more than twice. This goes for lovers and other oddball relationships. I state this because everyone needs a break from their normal and needs to get out of the box more often. So if you have a pair with one person ask someone different if you can create a unique duo. If I see more than 2 pairs with the same person I will ask you both to seek other players. Everyone deserves a chance to RP with everyone. If you can't seem to want to role play with others then I know this forum is not for you.

Forum Activities
Loveless Redemption is a constant evolving forum. With small plots weaving into a major storyline that changes based on the events through out the forum. Every character has their own storyline which interacts with others on this forum. You help build towards the way society shapes around them and you affect the bigger stories that involve everyone. Because this forum has so much interaction you have to get to know everyone here. This forum was designed to have characters meet, play, and travel around on the forum imitating them moving through various parts in a city. Most Role Playing sites stick with the one thread posting. If you prefer the traditional style of one thread and one other person this forum may very well not be for you.

This is a very dynamic forum and we would like to keep it that way. Although it takes much more time and patience to operate we like to keep it this way and help it evolve along the way. Because so much is going on you have to have patience on this forum and understand Role Playing will vary based per person. Some have to take weeks before replying and others it takes a few days. I state this because people are busy with their daily lives and this is their getaway from the norm. If you are one who has too much time and little patience then I ask that you think about signing up before doing so. If you don't mind the waiting on a response and the ever evolving forum that involves everyone you are very welcome to being part of the Redemption Family~

Hiatus Status
While I am on the topic of slow replies and such I want to bring your attention to the Legend known as Hiatus. This is at the bottom of the list of groups you are a part of and this changes your color when the time comes for you to be away for a long while. This was developed for people who know they will not be on the forum for a month or more and/or replying will be scarce due to real life situations occurring. This status color not only tells other members that you will be on when you can but it also lets us know that our Role Plays will be much slower than normal. Again if the pacing is just too slow for you then this site may very well not be for you. I would like others to have their daily lives and us this as an escape and hang out spot when they need a breather.

First is make sure you have your reasoning posted in the vacation thread so you can be on hiatus. Don't want you coming back and you have no account record. Two you must inform all the people you are currently in a Role Play with that the pacing will be slower than normal and see if that is alright. If all members agree it is fine then you can continue to role play at the slower pace. Although it will be very rare but if the majority has an issue with the much slower pace then it would be best to send said character home. Third is be sure to take good care of yourself and if you can log in once in a blue moon then please do so. Your health is very important and life can be very stressful. If you feel you will not be returning to the forum to RP please contact me so that we can remove you from the database. People off to the side sleeping it seems. Some have on a few chains and others are in straight jackets and chains placed in very tiny rooms. I definitely don't want to be like those two groups. Sleeping looks so much better. You are free to return unless you were a constant rule breaker. We have ways of locking your entire system out. Let's hope we never have to use that option. To fully RP once more send a staff member a PM that you are back to Role play at your normal pace once again.

So Why do this you ask? As stated above we do love to Role Play and life will pull us away from our hideouts. We all need to handle life and take care of ourselves as best as we can. From Social Standings to Becoming Degree Champions we all have a life we want to live to our fullest potential. Sometimes the pressure with work is excessive and school believes we should have nothing but study and exams so time here is very scarce. The Hiatus status saves your account from being placed on the 2 week probation if you are gone over a month time without a post or PM sent to a member or staff on the forum. Because we would like to keep our forum clean and as active as we possible can we delete accounts of people who have been gone without a sign in and post for more than 2 month without a word in the Hiatus thread. When you are placed on the 2 week probation period you have exactly 2 weeks to respond to my PM or Email about your status and post it in the Hiatus thread. If nothing is heard from you then your account will be deleted at the end of your 2 week probation period. Posting in the Hiatus thread prevents this so please have someone post for you if you can't make it back on the forum.

Rping and general posting
Before you can begin RP you must have an approved profile. Approval is usually done the same day. If your profile is not approved, an Admin or MOD will request you to change it. You only have 2 weeks to change it. If you have not changed it after that time your account will be suspended from all activities except for the Vacation Thread and the Pending Profile. After a Month if no improvements made then your account will be deleted.

After you have been given access to the RP section, please post in the thread Character Paths. We ask that you post where you character(s) has(ve)  been because some outside sources love to read about a particular character. This even helps people find their future partners and some to even sign up because a storyline is interesting.

Be sure to name your RP threads with the appropriate tags: (Open), (Private), (Always Open). A thread labeled “Open” anyone can join. A thread labeled “Private” only the person(s) you want to join may participate. A thread labeled “Always Open” would be something like a store, café, or anything along those lines. When everyone has left the thread, the tag will be updated to “Ended” and locked.

Amount of RPs at a time per character: Each character can be in 4 RP's at one time. If you are found to have one character in more than the allotted number you will be asked to close the latest one down and your number will be reduced. There is a chart and staff see this daily. First offense is 60 day probation and if you are well behaved you get all 20 Thread Posting back. Second offense doubles the days but you lose one slot permanently for said character you made the offense with. Your slate is cleaned the beginning of next year. But this clean slate is subject to change.

Each Character will participate in an RP. To ensure everyone rps with each other and is exposed to characters from across the board. 5 Private posts can be made per RPer account. Everyone needs exposure and interaction. So only 5 Private posts no matter how many characters you have. All other posts must be open or in an always open thread. Make sure to RP with many people and not the same people over and over again. If you are more of a private secluded individual and don't want to rp with others you will need to look for single player thread forums which support just a one on one mentality. Now that I am all set I came here to find enjoyment and that is exactly what I am going to do! Interaction and storytelling is what you will find here and this is what we support.

Lets say you are next in the thread to post but you don't have time to get to a comp to write out your reply? Then this guide to Offline Posting may definitely help you so that you can remain on track. So the next time you are online you post your amazing piece and continue on with life. This is very helpful for those who have very little computer time and even for those who love to write amazing replies by taking their time.

When you leave a thread, please add the end tag so other members know where your character is moving to. End tag: [(Insert name) has left (Insert location in "talk" color and is going to (Insert location and name of thread in "talk" color)] *If you can link it great. If not an Admin or Respected Mod will do it for you at a much later date.
Kyo has left the park and is headed to Class: Blank Fighter Specialty

One thing we do ask a lot from you is no One Liners and do not rush an RP. Think of this as if it was going to be placed into a manga or animated one day. As an Artist here there really isn't much for me to go off of since you posted so little. Also when you post so little you don't give the next people to respond enough info:
Examples of one liners:
He walked into the classroom and sat at a desk.

Man how long has it been since I attended School? Woah that's a teacher?

See not enough information. So here is the same thing with a much better understanding:
Kyo sighed as he walked into the Blank Training Classroom. Looking around he noticed two things. 1 it was a very long room and 2 half of the room had some weird flooring that he couldn't seem to describe. Shrugging his shoulders and fixing the black and blue bag strap on his shoulder he saw and empty desk by the 2nd window overlooking the campus courtyard below. He allowed the bag to drop to the floor right next to his feet as he looked out the window waiting for class to begin.

Sighing into the palm of his right hand he turned away from the window and noticed how small his class is for the first period. Man when was the last time I was in school? I don't even remember. Once the chimes rang everyone sat in their seats as 2 teachers walked in along with the Headmaster of the School. All of them looked too powerful to even be teaching such low levels such as his class. 2 of the guys had long hair but one of them was just mesmerizing and he seemed like a lethal weapon. He almost looked like a girl without the breast aspect. Woah that's a teacher? he thought with his eyes wide and his gaze fixed upon the man who was going to be teaching their first subject: Attack!

See much better right? You can paint a picture with words but you have to take your time. When you rush to answer it will come out messy and to some it will lack information and not make any sense. So no rushing but instead have fun and enjoy it!

RP threads that are inactive for a month will be removed from the RP section if both members didn't post in the vacation thread. If you posted in the Vacation thread you must follow the rules there. We want to ensure most threads are active within the RP section.

If your character’s plan to get down a dirty, you must hide your post in a spoiler and mark it NC-17+. Read at your own discretion.

What is NC-17+?
In the film industry, it means “No one under 17 admitted.” This also applies here.

When should a spoiler be marked as NC-17+?
Any time the role playing becomes mature. Kissing and/or mild, flirtatious behavior is not considered mature. Anything that involves touching in inappropriate areas, any type of smex (oral, anal, vaginal, etc), the use of provocative smex toys (bondage, whips, etc) and all other posts dealing with such acts will be considered mature and must be marked NC-17+. If you do not mark your spoilers appropriately, you will be warned once. On the second time, you will be suspended for 7 days and on the third time, banned from the forum.

Top General rules
Alright down to the last segment. This is more so how to act on the forum more so than anything else. Obviously no RPer fights are allowed. Between characters as far as plots go it is fine. But between members will not be tolerated. The next thing is your intimate relationships. We don't need details and such. Not everyone is comfortable with it. So Rpers if you are dating each other keep your intimate notions off the boards. We don't need to know how good your sex was or how to kiss someone. Last thing we need is to make someone feel uncomfortable. Characters going at it though is a great thing but we ask that it only plays out in the RP Forum segments and not the chat box. Chat box is for chatting and having a good time or coming up with quick plots to get your rps moving.

Chat box has become a very huge issue so lets address this now before I list all the penalties of not following the rules. As we started personal issues must be checked before you sign in. This is a place to relax and have fun. Your daily life of starting drama is not needed here. Between characters is fine to an extent. If the other RPer's feel you are becoming a bit too personal or out of character then please advise an Admin or Mod.

If you have an issue or a problem with someone we need to resolve it immediately. An Admin will talk to both parties to try and resolve the issue. If nothing can come of it both will be required to not have a chat box privilege until they are willing to work out their differences.

Now let's address the penalties of not following the rules:

You first warning is a Chat box ban for a few hours. More like a slap on the wrist and a warning before the actual bans start to kick in. The Chat box is a privilege to have on this forum. Not a right. To me it has been a hindrance and a helpful tool. This is why it has stayed. But members who used to act up in the past are the cause for stricter rules now.

If the first ban isn't enough and you continue acting up the Chat box ban will go from 1 day - a Perma Ban. Permanent ban is you will never be allowed on the box until the fresh start of the new year. Don't make a fool of yourself and be placed there.

If you continue to misbehave then Character Deletion (For former Members over 5 characters)/Role Playing Suspension will come into affect. For the older members you will be required to remove your latest character from the forum if you hit this yellow mark. You continue to act up then this will continue until you are down to the new mark of 5 characters.

Role Playing bans will usually be a week to 2 weeks. If your behavior is still inappropriate you will be told that you have to leave. All you information you have 1 week to gather and then you are to not return and you can not resign up. Bad behavior will be punished.

Behave and have fun! Got it. Thank you for my ticket to fun and now I shall have as much fun as I can! Very long I know but the messages makes sure you have read all of it. Thank you for join our forum and a very happy RPing to you all.

P.S. If the rules are not read, you will not be granted access to the RP section. Trust me, we will know if you have not read them, so pay special attention to the hidden instructions.

Revised July 21, 2014
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Loveless Redemption Rules and Regulations
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