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 Absolute Fighter

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PostSubject: Absolute Fighter   Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:55 am

Full Name: Ren Mireha
Nickname: Doesn't have one. Give him one and you will be beaten to a pulp.
True Name: Absolute
Partner's Name: Atsushi Koizumi
Gender: Male
Marital Status: on and off with who ever he has collared
Orientation: who ever he chooses
Age: 20
Birth Date: 12/7
Occupation/Grade: Gang leader of The Dogs.
Dreams/Life Goals: To RUN THE WORLD BABY!

Hair: Scruffy and white, but some how in all that mess, it looks brushed and neat, which suits him, cause he doesn't own a hairbrush anyway.
Ears and Tail: nope
Eyes: Red, which is quiet a contrast to his white hair, although these are the characteristics of an albino, Ren is not.
Height: He is an average height of 5'9
Build: Built. He is muscle in all the right places, which has girls drooling every time he takes his top off for an athletic event. He isn't shy about his body and loves the attention he receives from both sexes when he does.
Name location: Horizontally along the left inside crease of his elbow.

On the streets when you walk by Ren, at first glance you would think that he is just any typical school aged teenager, who flashes any one, a brilliant smile. But behind that grin, is a calculating teen. Who would, if you got on his bad side bring you down. He doesn't shy away from black mail and likes to play dirty when ever he is given the chance. Ren has the type of personality that most find attractive and alluring. He has the ability to make people think that they are in control when he is really the one pulling the strings, very quickly he can also change this to have some sort of power and dominance over others. He can usually pick weak minded people from a group and knows how to prey on them. This is how he is with most of his 'friends'. He plays it a through they all share some equal sort of power and respect, but really Ren just uses them to his advantage. It is this manipulation skill, and others idea that he has power and therefore needs for respect that has catapulted him to the top of his group, The Dogs.

Also underneath that initial grin, is some thing a little darker. As Ren is a manipulator and a dominant person, he has a slight issue with his love life. He loves control over others, which carries over into the bedroom. He isn't into whips, but doesn't shy away from chains. He isn't picky about the gender of his 'pet', but they must be willing to be treated as a pet. He has a various collection of collars that he puts on the willing ones, that range from shiny ones to collars with spikes. But of all the 'pets' he has had, not one of them would ever compare to the loyalty and high regard he gives to his right hand man Badou.

Trust is a hard thing for Ren, considering his childhood where his mother went through men like there was no tomorrow. So he doesn't trust people very much. But the one who has always been there and stood by his side is Badou.

His relationship with has mother has, over the years become strained to the point where he would just walk into their house and barely acknowledge one another. This has spawned from many years of near neglect, so when they do actually talk, Ren treats his mother like a broken object. He doesn't hate her, just thinks she is scum under his shoe.

When under the influence of drugs alone, Ren is either cackling and talking random shit or he and Badou stare at the walls completely out of it. Other times he is running around rampant with his gang on a high, looking for a bloody and rabid fight.
Other times his mood will change quickly depending on what he has taken and who he is with. In clubs or in social settings he likes loosing himself to music and dance. Although when out in a public he always makes sure there are sober people.

Ren grew up in some what of a broken home, where his mother would bring home a 'new dad' every second night. Do a line or smoke some thing, screw like rabbits and then fight. It seemed to be a never ending circle. This caused the young Ren to spend very little time at home.

As he ventured out every night, many thoughts ran through the young boys mind. Where was his father? Did he want the boy, that now hated being home so much, he avoided coming home after school. It was during this time as a young child of 9, he forged friendships with some of the neighbourhood kids. His closest friend Badou, stuck by Ren and ultimately, became his right hand man. It was with Badou that Ren started experimenting with taking drugs, which then lead them to the making and selling of them as they got older. As the years went on the two gathered more kids off the street and from broken homes and became known as The Dogs.

Their gang of abused, angry and deranged kids became a formidable street presence. Other gangs in the area, some who were just as deranged, tried not to go near The Dogs as word got about that their leader was a blood thirsty mongrel. Which wasn't far from true.

At the age of 14, Ren's mother finally found a man whom she liked and would be good for her son as a father figure. But no, Ren hated the man. The 'family' moved from the small deteriorating house, to a fairly nice house not far away. Ren's mother finally cleaned up her act and for the first time in her life actually pretended to care for her sons welfare. She tried to get him to go to school, which worked for a little while till Ren got expelled for beating up a jock. After that she slipped back into her own little world of being self absorbed. And Ren didn't have to worry about her any more.

It was after this time in his life that Ren really started making a name for The Dogs, they brought in some chemists (drug makers) and started really getting into the process of making and selling drugs. Ren nor Badou never helped make the drugs, nor did they sell it. It was beneath their position and they had many other things to deal with.

On his 15th birthday Ren lost his ears to Badou in a drunken and drugged haze. He didn't really mind though as he trusted Badou with his life and Badou trusted his with Ren. Soon after the alcohol and drugs wore off, Ren noticed a small marking on the inside crook of his left arm. It was a small word, which at first he thought Badou had drawn on him but after much scrubbing he deduced it was rather permanent.

Having no idea why the word Absolute was inked on him, he just ignored it. Yes it was strange, but he had no time to worry about it. It wasn't like his arm was falling off or any thing. So he just went on his usual way and ignored it. That was until one night when he and Badou were walking to their flat that two strangers came out of the shadows and called themselves Moonless. The boys just looked at each other and laughed before walking off. Or so they thought. They had only gotten a few steps before they found their feet wouldn't move. Bewildered and angry, the boys pulled out their guns, which when fired seemed to dodge the ones who called themselves Moonless.

The whole situation was so strange that for the first time in his life and Badou's they didn't know what to do. What topped the whole night off was that the strange pair let them go without a word of explanation. The boys tried to follow the two mysterious people, but they had disappeared into the shadows of the night.

That memory has always struck Ren as weird. About a two months after he had turned 20 Ren and Badou were once again fooling around when Ren yelled as he found the word Shadow inked into Badou's hip. They sat and stared at the word, for a few hours talking about both his and Badou's marks. It was that night they decided to find out about the tattoo's. Hell they couldn't just be coincidences. They meant some thing and they were going to find out.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.

Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese. And a few english words he picked up
Blood Type: O
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: He hasn't weighted himself for years and would have no idea. As for physical faults, he has a few scars here and there. but nothing major and nothing on the two things he considers important. His face and his errrr.... I think you get the point.
Parents/Elders/Guardians: His mother and his step father who he has disowned
Career/Past Careers: Has never worked a legitimate job. He has other people to do that.
Hobbies: Cleaning his gun. Getting as high and as fucked up as he possibly can and the adrenalin from getting into a good punch up.
Likes: Control.
Loves: Drugs, sex, collars, and his gun. Some times Badou when he isn't being annoying.
Dislikes: His mother.
Loathes: His step father.
Fears: Having his trust being broken by Badou.
Strengths: His willingness to never back down.
Good qualities: Never makes a hollow promise.
Bad habits: Drugs and sex.
Turn ons: Submissive people. (If they are too submissive then he will throw them away.)
Turn offs: People who are more dominant and controlling than he is. He see's some dominants as a challenge to see if they will crumble and submit to his control. Being bitten, whilst having sex. He see's it as a try for dominance, some thing that he will not let his 'pets' have.

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Absolute Fighter
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