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 Arai Daichi [Fighter]

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PostSubject: Arai Daichi [Fighter]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:20 am

Full Name: Arai Hisoka
Nickname: Arai-sensei
True Name: Faultless
Partner's Name: Hitomi-sensei
Gender: Female
Marital Status: widow
Age: 82
Birth Date: July 13, 1929
Occupation/Grade: Art Instructor at Seven Moons
Dreams/Life Goals: My goal is to never retire and die painting.
Hair: silver-gray
Eyes: olive green
Height: 4'7"
Build: Momma's got some meat on her bones!
Name location: It's vertical on my right calf.

She eats, sleeps, and breathes art. She is very critical of others' work (and her own). She dresses rather frumpily (granny style) with the intention of looking nicer than she is. She can laugh at herself, but the humor's more than a little warped. She's very bossy, but her instructions make so much sense that others find themselves obeying without realizing it most of the time. She can be harsh, but it's only when she expects more out of a student (or person) than she's getting from them. She's almost impossible to please, but her sweet-old-lady appearance causes others to let down their guard. She's still as spry and sharp as ever, though. She seems almost passive and forgetful (in her old age) on the surface, but it's another ploy to get behind others' guards. She never talks about her husband.

I was born in 1929, on July 13. I was a child during the depression, but I don't remember anything at all about it. It would be safe to assume that times were hard - they were for everyone. The first thing I remember really was just looking around at the world and wanting to show others what I saw. That hunger has never left me, though it has been expanded and redefined over the years, through learning and everyday life.

I went to school, though now it's been shut down due to lack of funding; back then though, it was very well known. Of course, no one ever remembers those schools these days - such a shame. Right from the start, I knew I would have to go to a vocational school. My passion for sharing how I saw the world lead to me become a teacher. I wanted to teach art, but at first I had to choose a second subject, since most schools werent' hiring art teachers. Yes, while in middle school, I had to decide my life's plan and work for it.

History, that's what my second subject was, and what the first school hired me for. I painted during my (little) time off. It was a relief to be able to get the images out of my head and onto canvas where others could see them. Over time, with study and a great deal of practice, my works became closer to perfection. Then, I created the one that was flawless; that must have been forty or so years ago. Tsubasa was a student of mine at the time; he was constantly into trouble, and the one thing I've never forgiven him for was destroying my finest creation. It was difficult not to treat him more harshly in class, but thankfully, he was an excellent student despite his mischieviousness.

I must have been somewhere in my late thirties when the Name appeared on my calf. I just woke up one morning, and there it was. Needless to say, it was both flattering and confusing (to say the least). Luckily for me, my clothing already hid my legs anyway. What was cause for concern, though, was that some time later, Tsubasa came to me with his matching mark - my student had become my Sacrifice, though I didn't know that then.

My niece had attended a school called Seven Moons after such a thing had happened to her; I was not pleased about being a student again, but I had to learn just what this was all about. We went, and the Headmaster at the time, his soul be blessed, hired me on as a part-time Art Instructor to lessen my embarrassment over being there. The new Headmaster came into power while I was still a student (close enough to leaving the place, though). He made my position full-time, and I had to quit my teaching position at the other school, but thankfully, the pay was enough to let me keep my home. Tsubasa stayed with me while he was a student, then while he hunted for a place of his own after applying for a teaching assistant's postion under the old Mathematics Instructor. That was interesting. When he retired, Tsubasa took his place with a graceful change in power that everyone had seen coming for years. He was what? Forty-six I think it was, probably a little younger or older.

Hea Jung became my ward at fourteen, and she had not a clue what was going on. Her parents had been arrested: her father for raping a young boy (we're talking about six or so), her mother for shooting him in the leg in public (guns are illegal). Mind you, I was only about thirty-four when this happened. We actually attended Seven Moons together as students - bet she didn't tell you that, or that that was how she met Tsubasa. She was a good kid, diligent, determined, all that good stuff. Her Sacrifice was too ambitious - and too loud-mouthed about it. She was terminated; we'd all seen it coming (well the pair didn't), and I knew they would come after Hea Jung, just to prevent anything from occurring (revenge is such a nasty word). I sent her away with an art exhibit, number five I believe (the thrill never lessens, but she had to be made safe). So at seventeen, she was shipped off to China with my masterpieces.

I managed to convince them all that she was no harm to them, and that I would be personally responsible for her actions while she was still living with me. Little did I know what was going on behind the scenes from her end - I just thought she loved Beijing, since she went there every summer break, regardless of how busy she was with school. She applied for a position as an Instructor with Seven Moons - and got it with mine and Tsubasa's reccomendations. She wanted to teach Languages - all ten of them (not counting Japanese). She was thirty-four at the time, but that summer, she came back with a surprise. She had taken a Blank half her age as her Sacrifice! I had to tell the new Headmaster right away, but thankfully, he was in a lenient mood (personally I believe someone with great influence over him told him to let them be). He included in her acceptance letter (for the teaching position) that she needed to register Li for classes. All the lecturing I had done when we got home had been worth it, just to see the looks on their faces when they read that letter.

Her marriage to Tsubasa? A farce - they were feeling old and needed a companion to feel old with. They were at each other's throats for a month before they divorced - and everything went back to normal (though I'm not sure you can say the fact that her Sacrifice is more like her younger brother than partner is normal; then again, I've seen weirder relationships in Units in my time here). Now, my marriage - and this is just for the record - was happy, but he died before Hea Jung came to live with me. He was killed in the line of duty by some teenage gangster wannabe; we had no children, and I will not speak of this again.

You're asking me about the newest Headmaster? His name is something along the lines of Malik, right? That's probably not really his name, but I really don't care. I'm just glad he hasn't tried to retire me. He might have been a former student of mine, but I couldn't tell you positively one way or the other. My opinion is that there's got to be someone in charge, and as long as I'm left in peace, it doesn't matter who it is - as long as it's not Tsubasa.

Spouse: Arai Daichi
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese, English
Blood Type: AB-
Hobbies: painting, drawing, eating, practicing "new" dance moves in the mirror when no one's around
Likes: art and classical music, the smell of acrylic paints
Loves: a completed masterpiece, criticizing all artworks
Dislikes: lazy artists, lazy students, and modern music
Loathes: insects and twitchy models
Fears: spiders and crickets
Strengths: an innate sense of how to teach students about art, the ability to laugh at herself
Good qualities: honest, passionate about her work, easy to understand
Bad habits: criticizing everything, eating out or those microwave meals
Turn ons: watching a masterpiece unfold, hands dirty with paint or charcoal, dancing
Turn offs: sarcasm, any "artwork" she doesn't deem as such, cooking, cleaning anything but her art supplies

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Arai Daichi [Fighter]
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