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 Hitomi Tsubasa [Sacrifice]

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PostSubject: Hitomi Tsubasa [Sacrifice]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:23 am

Full Name: Hitomi Tsubasa
Nickname: Hitomi-sensei
True Name: Faultless
Partner's Name: Arai-sensei
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Twice Divorced
Age: 51
Birth Date: December 3, 1960
Occupation/Grade: Math Instructor at Seven Moons
Dreams/Life Goals: To get a teaching assistant to do all the real work!
Hair: white
Eyes: pale green
Height: 5'8
Build: Scrawny
Name location: right calf, vertical

He is laid-back, mischievious, playful, and has his sweet moments. He's brutally honest to a fault, but he has an almost mean kind of teasing streak. He thinks couples are cute, but doesn't want to be married again. He can be very practical - he just needs the motivation. Numbers are his best friend, and he harrasses Arai-sensei when he gets lonely. He enjoys talking about numbers and playing games of all kinds. He's not very protective of anyone, and is actually really selfish and bordering on narcissistic.

I was born on December 3, 1960, in America. When I was a young child, my parents moved to Japan (my grandparents had left before my parents were born). Mom had had a job offer that was too good to pass up, and Dad stayed home with me, like always. We didn't live the high life, but we weren't really struggling to make ends meet either. I went to school, though how I managed to survive is anyone's guess. I didn't try to get in trouble, but I was too energetic (rambunctious or unrestrained would fit there as well) for the staff. While I was still in middle school, I had to decide my life's course and stick with it. There was a lot of pressure from all around me; eventually I decided to put my gift with numbers to work: I wanted to become a teacher. Unfortunately for Arai-sensei, she was my History teacher. One day she brought this painting she said was flawless into class, to show us. Things got out of hand, and my attempt to keep a girl from cracking her head open on the ground resulted in that painting being ruined. I don't think she's ever forgiven me for that accident. I managed to graduate by the skin of my teeth; I can't remember how many extra hours I put into the work when I should have been sleeping.

My Name appeared when I was fresh out of school and really hunting for an open position. I was staying with Arai-sensei because she had the same mark and felt bad that I didn't have a place to stay. Apparently, her neice had had the same thing happen and went to a school called Seven Moons; I wasn't happy about being a student again, but I had to learn just what this was all about. We went, and the Headmaster at the time hired Arai-sensei on as a part-time Art Instructor; I had applied for the teacher's assistant postion under the Mathematics Instructor. The new Headmaster came into power while I was still a student (close enough to graduating that it didn't really matter, though). That was...interesting, to say the least; Arai-sensei and I drive each other crazy. Eventually, the man retired, and I took his place (everyone had seen that coming for years); the transition was fairly smooth, but I did have my rough patches. I was forty-three when I became a full-time teacher here.

Hea Jung became Arai-sensei's ward at fourteen, and she had no clue what was going on. Her parents had been arrested - her father for raping a really young boy, and her mother for shooting him in public (guns are illegal, but her aim was terrible). I met her at Seven Moons; I'd never been around the house at the same time she was, so we'd never introduced ourselves. I heard that her Sacrifice was too ambitious - and too loud-mouthed about it. She was "disposed of," but we'd all seen it coming (well the they didn't), and we all knew they would come after Hea Jung, just to prevent anything from occurring (revenge is such a nasty word, but an even nastier action, and far too emotional to fit Hea Jung). Thankfully, Arai-sensei sent her away with an art exhibit to China.

Hea Jung went back to Beijing every summer, but none of us had any clue that it wasn't just a fascination with the city. She applied for a position as an Instructor with Seven Moons - and got it with mine and Arai-sensei's reccomendations (mostly Arai-sensei's). She wanted to teach Languages - all ten of them (not counting Japanese)! She was thirty-four at the time, but that summer, she came back with a surprise. She had taken a Blank (half her age, mind you) as her Sacrifice - they should really bow before Arai-sensei, since she's the one that convinced the Headmaster to let them live, be a Unit, let her become an Instuctor, and let Li attend the school as her Sacrifice. Isn't my Fighter just an amazing (formidable) woman when she wants to be?

Our marriage? We took a month to realize it was a huge mistake. The divorce was as simple and clean as our ceremon had been; I kept everything of mine, and she kept everything of hers. Anything that was "ours" was given away. Our relationship is best the way it was: collegues, tied together by Arai-sensei, and possibly friends - on a good day. To be honest, I'm kind of glad we realized that it was just us getting old and needing more company than we currently had. My other Marriage? I don't even remember her name; we were very early twenties, if that. We divorced after her parents and betrothed found out, and that's about all to tell you about that, other than marriage just doesn't suit me.

You're asking me about the new Headmaster? His name is something along the lines of Malik, right? He was a student here sometime ago I do believe. The quiet type with his noise in a book a lot of the time without many friends that I remember; you can say it was not really a surprise when he became the assistant to Ritsu before his death. The kid had a lot of interest in this school and bettering it. Which I guess is alright, he doesn’t mess with me so what do I care?

Spouse: none at the moment
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese (American)
Language: Japanese, English
Blood Type: B+
Hobbies: annoying Arai Hisoka, creating formulas for how to create art that will drive her nuts (being technically perfect without looking right)
Likes: numbers, rum, women
Loves: black jack
Dislikes: marriage
Loathes: divorce
Fears: going blind, dying
Strengths: can demonstrate how math will be used in "the real world",
Good qualities: keeps students and Arai-sensei in line without them realizing it, practical
Bad habits: overly sarcastic, scribbles on his desk
Turn ons: chokers, low tops, high heels, great legs
Turn offs: thongs, men in drag, bare feet


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Hitomi Tsubasa [Sacrifice]
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