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 Romano Montague [Fighter]

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PostSubject: Romano Montague [Fighter]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:31 am

Full Name: Romano Montague
Nickname: Montague-sensei
True Name: Desolate
Partner's Name: Taylor-sensei
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Not Looking
Age: 38
Birth Date: June 25, 1973
Occupation/Grade: Music Instructor at Seven Moons
Dreams/Life Goals: To survive the zombie apocalypse.

Hair: gold-blonde
Eyes: red
Height: 5'7
Build: wiry
Name location: Horizontal along my ribs, near the base in the front

He is slightly paranoid, pretends to be delusional, and is extremely possessive of Taylor-sensei. He prefers instrumental music to company, chatter, or other types of music. When he can not play, he teaches or composes a new song, often one that can be used as a spell. He refuses to think of losing Taylor-sensei, and thinks of the man and school as his "safe" places. He pointedly stays out of the politics of both the Unit World and the regular one with the belief that they don't really concern him. He obssessively carries around either a panflute or harmonica in a pocket.

I was born Maria Montague, but now I am Romano; I'll tell you how that happened, even if you do not wish to know. All I've ever had was music. The feel of some instrument or another against my skin as I learned and played. I was born to a family of musicians, my parents and older siblings each playing a different instrument. There was the piano, violin, cello, flute, harp, and organ, but I was also encouraged to learn an instrument of my own: the saxaphone. I learned how to play eloquently on them all, but my speciality was composition. I could create a melody for anything and fix issues with already existing ones they'd written. We performed for royalty, for paupers, presidents and charity; there was no audience we wouldn't reach out to. It was a grand life, tiring always being on the road. However, as long as I had my family and the music, I needed nothing else.

I was, what now? Twelve, maybe thirteen, I had to have been no older. We were performing for local schools in Tokyo, and the crowd was surprisingly enthusiatic about the show. I remember feeling odd, almost sick, and I was on the piano that night, back away from the crowd. I think I had managed to get lost in the melody or something, but all I remember is looking up at a discordant sound. Up on the stage stood a man wearing nothing but black, from his mask to his gloves and shoes; I never stopped playing. I watched him shoot my parents, my sisters, my brother, and turn the gun to me. I know I was crying my heart out, and I remember changing the song I was playing. I wanted something dark, sorrowful, haunting to play at this moment of my greatest loss. At that moment, I think I may have dared him to shoot me, to take my life too rather than leave me desolate. Instead, he started blubbering; the audience was silent, watching the scene unfold. The song was my tears, my cry out in despair, and it ripped my heart to shreds; apparently, though, it wasn't just mine. The man - I never did find out his identity - was sobbing the way I should have been. Then I stopped playing; I'll never know why, but the last keys thundered and died away, leaving a dead quiet. There was a gunshot, and I could feel a burning pain in my abdomen, right at the base of my ribs. I looked down; I was bleeding, but there was no bullet hole. I remember looking back to the man in black, then the screaming began.

My memory blacks out after that, but I have been told that I promptly fainted. I was taken to the hospital, and my family and the man were taken to the morgue. I was alone, and dying of bloodloss; a word had carved itself into my skin and was freely bleeding. I wouldn't respond to treatment, and all they could do was replace what I lost. Somehow, eventually, I stopped bleeding; my next memory is of waking up for the first time after I stablized. There was a man I'd never seen before, and he had been appointed my legal guardian. He took me home when I was able to leave, but it took months of therapy away from the hospital before I could walk or control my muscles properly again. At the time, my mind blocked the memory of what happened, but every chance I got, I would sit at a piano and play that song; it was almost like it had become part of my soul.

The years have flown since then, and with some very expensive therapists' help, I was able to remember and move on from everything. I decided to legalize what I'd felt from the moment I woke up in the hospital. I'll never know how we afforded it, but I began hormones and had my reproductive organs removed; then came the name change and legal sex change. I went to my first school after I was legally a boy. At first it felt like starting a completely new and different life was lying or dishonoring their memory, but gradually the feeling lessened. My guardian was the History teacher at the school - I never heard it referred to as anything other than Seven Moons, so it seemed perfectly normal to me.

Taylor-sensei and I had classes together, and I learned about everything: the Unit World, Names, Rings, Spell Battles, everything. It was frustrating and hard, but I was grateful, especially when Taylor-sensei convinced one of the other teachers to let me play an instrument during practice sometimes. I've never been told so, but I'm guessing that the improvement was so great that I had to add extra practice hours each day; I practiced on all nine - Taylor-sensei and I had added two more, ones that I could carry around all the time - instruments, practiced battling with them, and practiced battling without them. Taylor-sensei once let it slip that the song (he called it Romano's Requiem) was as much a part of me as our Name, Desolate, and that when I had played it, I had caused the man to kill himself. He couldn't handle the grief; I essentially killed him with no more than a song. I decided that I would stay here, in the school; it had become the only safe place in the world.

I became a teacher, just like Taylor-sensei, only I taught music. Anything anyone wanted to learn about it, as well as specialized and general classes. I tutored children and adults alike; instruments, composition, conducting, nothing was out of bounds. I have been teaching here since I graduated; there is nowhere I'd rather be. I am in a place where I do not stand out, and I have Taylor-sensei and my music, and they are all I'll ever need, but Taylor-sensei told me that he wouldn't always be here. It doesn't matter how old he is, or how long I've had him; I'll never be ready to lose him. When that day comes, I won't have anything but music, and our Name to remind me of him until I die. At least, in this place, I can play my sorrow without killing anyone again.

Spouse: N/A
Race/Ethnicity: Italian
Language: Japanese, English, Italian
Blood Type: A-
Hobbies: plotting how to take over the world in ridiculous ways, planning on how to survive the coming zombie apocalypse
Likes: fooling with people's heads (especially Jonathan's)
Loves: sounding so crazy he's left alone with his music
Dislikes: people talking
Loathes: math
Fears: losing his hearing, falling in love only to be left when it's discovered he was born a girl
Strengths: playing nine instruments (violin, cello, piano, flute, harp, saxaphone, organ, panflute, harmonica), composing
Good qualities: patient with students learning how to play an instrument
Bad habits: yelling at anyone who plays a wrong note outside of practice times
Turn ons: violin and cello, Aqua Velva cologne
Turn offs: women, men in drag
Other: Romano will need a stablizing force when his Sacrifice (Jonathan) passes, someone that can preferably negate or lessen the effects his Requiem has. If such a person can not be found, Romano will have to be either isolated while he grieves or taken out completely.

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Romano Montague [Fighter]
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