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 NPC Conflict Fighter

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PostSubject: NPC Conflict Fighter   Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:31 pm

Name: Gin Izama
Nickname: Gin-Sama
Age: 22
Birthdate: August 5th
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Broken Heart
Occupation: Kiyomi's Beauty Floral Shop/Sells services or Items to Rogue Units
Partner: Don't want one
Position: Fighter
True Name: Conflict

Hair: Black with a tint of blue
Build: Tall with lean muscle
Ears and Tail: Lost them to my first
Eyes: Gold
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Name Location: Left Wrist
Physical faults: Wears glasses sometimes for smaller detail.
Weight: A bit on the nosy side are we?

Bad Habit: Remaining calm no matter what. Sometimes I see this as a bad little detail because I feel I am emotionless.
Blood Type: AB
Dislikes: come to dislike girls in a general sense (excluding tomboys), snobbish or stuck up individuals who always demand something, having the store not be perfect.
Dreams: Keeping Keiji all to myself and making my mother happy
Ethnicity: Japanese and Korean
Fears: Losing Keiji
Hobby: Making arrangements my mother taught me when I was a child. It has grown with me ever since.
Language: Japanese, Korean
Likes: Korean food, Gardenia, my mixed heritage
Loathes: Female Sacrifices (must prove themselves), Kaede trying to take what belongs to me, anyone crushing flowers
Loves: Keiji, the flower shop, sleep
Origin: Miyagi, Japan
Family: Kiyomi and Hyun Izama. Also has a twin sister he doesn't like talking about.
Past Career: Helping my parents
Personality: Calm, quiet, formal, and most perceive the image of me being gay since I own a flower shop. Well they aren't far from the truth. I have a very bad mean streak but that is only seen during battle. A sadistic and possessive side which Keiji only sees and a horrible teaser when it comes to our sisters. I am an Observer and watch things and people very carefully everywhere I go. Always keeping a sharp mind about me wherever I happen to set foot.
Strength: My bad habit in a sense is my strength since I can hide my true feelings from the enemy
Weakness: Only Keiji knows those

Kiyomi's Beauty: My mother always wanted to own her own floral shop but when she fell ill that stripped her plans from her. Father and I made arrangements for her everyday and like my father said to this day mother died in her passion. We litter her grave site on her birthday and her favorite holidays with her favorite flowers: Gardenias. I am the owner of the shop thanks to dad signing everything over to me. If you are a Unit seeking aide you must pass my test before I give you the secret password to access the other part of this shop. I contain toxins and lethal materials which you can use to assist you in battle or use discretely. Be warned that nothing can be traced back to me and I am not held liable if you get caught.

History: I was born in a small hospital in Miyagi Japan to a beautiful couple name Hyun and Kiyomi Izama. I was born first and my sister Suka was born minutes after I was. From what dad said they were there for hours since mom went into labor and since we were her first kids and being twins it was a very long process. Now here is the Ironic thing. My mothers' best friend and Sacrifice was also having her kids the same day. Aug 5th. With their own set of twins. Kaede and Keiji Yoshida. Their parents are Mei and Adalbert Yoshida. Both our dads agreed that that day was the most stressful but well worth it in their lives. Since our parents are such great friends we grew up together. Our mothers showed us some of their battles and our fathers always gave them pointers. I was always absorbed by my mothers grace and Mei's accuracy when it came down to attacks and defense. They told us stories on how they used to battle and how many they even lost. My mother claimed she lost to my father in a spell battle that almost killed her.


Mother proclaims that was the most scariest day of her life on top of the Scraper in Korea. Her power and knowledge of Botany actually helped my father recover and start this new life. His love for life actually resparked thanks to my mother and her love of nurturing him back to health. Mei was always watching over them and stayed by my mothers side all the time. Infact they moved right across the street from my parents. Hyun thanks both of his saviors everyday for giving him a chance to enjoy life again. Over time Hyun and my mother became inseparable and eventually Married in April 15th at the start of the Sakura Festival that particular year. My mother had went back to school and wanted to become a Floral shop owner so she had to obtain a business license and a degree in the Botany field. Mom had finished 2 years and managed to get her AA in the Science field but upon entering her following semester she had to drop out once she found out she was pregnant. She was hysterical and obviously told Mei who was also pregnant at the time. I guess you can say we were all destined to be friends since our womb days.

Well my mom and dad were rather excited but dad did admit to me and my sister that it was a scary notion to become a parent of twins. He was so absorbed in his new life that he didn't realize that his old one was catching up to him. Mom was 4 months at the time and she said she was expecting dad home at his usual time but 2 hours later and no sign of dad. She called Mei and her husband so they came over and waited for an hour. Then they got a call from the hospital stating her husband was in extreme condition due to multiple shot wounds. Mei and her husband rushed my mother to the hospital and saw dad on the bed clinging to life yet for the 2nd time. She stayed with him and the nurses grew concerned because mother denied to leave. A hospital was no place for a pregnant woman to be all day. Mei and her husband came there everyday as well to check on mom and dad and help mother cope for an hour. 5 days later and dad became stable but due to the sever wounds in his right leg the doctors told mom that dad will never be able to walk again. Mother didn't care though just as long as dad was alive.

Since then dad has been in a wheelchair but that never stopped him from what he loves to do. He even taught Mei and mother how to move around in the wheelchair when walking became too painful for them during the later months. After we were all born however they went back to their usual routine. By the time we were all crawling my mother said I always went right for Keiji and didn't know why. Dad teased and said boys always tend to stick together when growing up. Kaede and Suka were together but over time they would want our attention too so they came to bother us when we were quiet.

Around 5 Keiji and I were inseparable and Kaede hated that idea. Preschool was tough but Keiji said home was worse sometimes. Kaede used the "I'm the oldest" prank all the time and used to be just flat out mean to Keiji. At times Keiji would lie just to sleep at my place and my sister would stay over with Kaede. In my room he told me stories about what Kaede used to do to him. It used to make me mad but I told him I was going to always be there for him. By the age of 10 things didn't seem to get any better. Kaede was secretly punishing Keiji for hanging around me all the time and Suka would annoy me with her talks about Keiji this and Keiji that. But we all had something happen one day that changed our lives:


Mom and dad found out that Kaede and Keiji also had the same markings and same locations. Keiji, they said, belonged to my sister since theirs is on the right. I somehow ended up with Kaede since mine is on the left. Our mothers trained us hard and our fathers would encourage as much as they could but when it came to private lessons things started to get a bit more complicated. Kaede was too demanding asking for this and that. Demanding that not a scratch be placed on her and during the mock battles it was hard trying to keep our siblings back. I dared not hurt Keiji and as for my sister I knew she could handle some amount of damage but I never over did it. Sadly those mock battles brought about more beatings on Keiji's part. Everyday he would show me a new bruise or another marking she made against his body. I was so peeved by it I told Keiji I wouldn't fight against him anymore.

I went to talk to my mother about it one day but she was coughing so badly I told dad and Suka. As days went on the coughing got worse and she said that she couldn't breathe. Dad took mom to the hospital and she had to stay there. Now everyone was worried and came to visit mother often. She had just finished her floor plans for her little shop and dad bought the building for her on her birthday. Since mother couldn't leave the hospital dad asked us if we could help make mom happy. Suka was in denial about the whole thing and always insisted on bringing mother home. Dad and I did what mother loved: Make arrangements. Everyday we made some dad said he will place one in the shop and one in her room. Since mother had her own room it was fine until they told us that we couldn't enter anymore. Mom's pnemonia had gotten worse and she was contagious. at the time they said mom had lost the baby and here none of us knew she was pregnant until this occurred. Dad was so heart broken but from then on he went alone to visit mom. I continued making the flowers and dad did as we were doing before. My sister was so torn over the loss of a potential sibling she shut herself in her room most of the time. Day after day I chanted for mom to pull though and return to us. Mother was also visited by her "brother and sister" and Kaede and Keiji were always dropped off at our place. It was hard and then the day we all didn't want to hear came true. We were all asleep in my parents living room until Mei's husband wheeled my father into the house. I was the first to wake up and then everyone else followed suit. We ran to our father and with the towel over his head and light sobs I can tell he was up all night until mom's last breaths. Sister being in her denial phase was yelling and cursing the gods for taking mother and child away from us. I laid my head in my fathers lap and cried. Keiji comforted me while Kaede tried to calm Suka down. Mei took one last photo of my mom and dad sharing a kiss in a sea of flowers an hour before her death.

The rest of that year was dark for me. Mother's funeral was littered with Gardenia's and we were so torn I couldn't tear myself away from her grave site. Everyday after class Keiji would walk home with me to see mother and place a flower or even a petal I found along the way on her grave. My father opened up Mom's shop at the end of the year and placed a special vase with gardenias in the middle of the showcase. The card said not for sale and the inside description said: "To my lovely wife Kiyomi who saved my life and brought us 2 beautiful children. Your life is like these flowers beautiful and prized. You are always well missed." As if mothers death wasn't enough Suka was hard to deal with as well and she always looked to Kaede for consoling. Her grades were falling and father didn't know what to do. Mei tried to help us but Suka just wouldn't accept it. It took us 5 months the following year to get her to come around and return to herself partially.

During the summer father allowed us all to work in the shop and I began making arrangements again. Suka helped with the cleaning as dad helped with the customers and Mei and her husband helped keep the shop safe. Kaede helped too but she didn't like the flowers as much as everyone else. I was allowed to stay and so did everyone else but Kaede didn't want to so soon after Suka followed. Soon it was an all male shop except for Mei who worked during the day hours. One night I asked my father if I could take over the shop when I became old enough. He patted my head and said if I wanted to I could. From then on I wanted to fulfill my mothers' dream just like father had been doing.

Now by the time we were 13 we ht our puberty state and Keiji was over often. Kaede didn't like that one bit and Keiji told me all about what Kaede did to him out of spite. She hated that fact we were always together and I would never give her the time of day. Suka told me all the time that Kaede was heart broken and torn since I wouldn't spend hours talking to her but I spent all my time talking to Keiji what she considered useless or nothing. Used to peeve me since she always felt she was important and I should make her number one in my life since she was my sacrifice. Keiji came up with an idea and I knew it would change us forever. One morning we woke up without our ears and by the gods were we scolded and scoffed by Kaede. Now my father did punish me for a bit but as he even said if it was out of love it would be fine but we weren't allowed to do the actions again. Living under his roof we agreed not too but Suka and Kaede were persistent about gaining our attention. Even to this day.

Now I love above the shop and actually tend it full time. Keiji is attending school as of now along with Suka and Kaede.Now more than ever Kaede has been trying to tear me and Keiji apart. She does whatever she can and is determined to have me only see her. At least Suka isn't as bad. She is just googly eyed over Keiji and dreams of having his kids and such. Typical girl stuff to me anyways. Keiji everyday tells his sister that I am his and she can't have me. So where does the hatred come from on female sacrifices? Well let me tell you Kaede being violent actually cut Keiji one day. It was a few days after we all lost our ears in fact and she took a sharp object and sliced his right shoulder. She cursed Keiji for taking me away from her. I was rightfully hers and she stated Keiji had no right to touch me. When he told me this I was highly upset and actually denounced her from being my sacrifice. She swore to change this opinion and as done everything in her power to prove that I can't do anything without a sacrifice.So far her attempts have failed but it caused me to have a vengeful mean streak. All the units she sent after me to break us apart we eventually went back for. I had learned to create hallucinations and Keiji knows healing items. We fought only at night when Kaede would search for us and send a unit after us to break us apart. Each one fell under the hallucinations. others with stronger wills came by the shop looking for the antidote. They would have to fight one of us to get it or die trying. Each one fell as they came after us and this just made her worse. Now she wants to remove Keiji for good and have me in charge of her little fantasies. Determined women scare me and I know she wont stop until I am hers. Her doing this on a constant basis and sending only females to tear us down made me fed up with her altogether so i began disliking them.

Now I am all alone and don't want to have anyone else trying to come into my life at all.
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NPC Conflict Fighter
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