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 Bloodlust Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Bloodlust Sacrifice    Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:59 pm

Full Name: Kobayashi Tsukiko (Tsukiko = "moon child")
Nickname: Kiko-chan
True Name: Bloodlust
Partner's Name: none
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Lesbian
Age: 22
Birth Date: March 14
Occupation/Grade: Waitress/Caretaker at the Obsidian Dragon
Dreams/Life Goals: To find her ideal partner. Someone she can love, serve and depend on.

Hair: Short and black. She'll sometimes dye chunks neon colors. Current is a shock of cyan.
Ears and Tail: N/A
Eyes: Blue-gray, the same color as the moon the night she was born. Hence her name.
Height: 5'0" (153cm)
Build: slender
Name location: (just appeared) Outer left thigh

Most often described as being "spunky," Kiko-chan is ever-playful, full of mischief and flirtation. Although she can be quite outspoken and stubborn, she is most content when she has someone else to give her direction and bring her to heel (by force, if necessary). She enjoys being able to serve others. Whether it's bringing a customer their drink in a timely fashion or tending to an injured person's needs...or something much less innocent in nature. Kiko has a difficult time trusting men and will often be rude to them in favor of finding female company.

I was born a little over two decades ago to Shigeru and Michiko Wakahisa, though I barely remember them now. I was told my mother had been a waitress, and my father was a janitor. I remember thinking, How glamorous. Heh. I was a bit of an angry person back when they told me about my birth parents.

My first memory is of being four years old, waking up in the hospital. There was a nice lady from child services there. She told me there had been an accident. My momma and daddy were gone, and I was going to live with a new mommy. I threw a tantrum, screaming for my mother and, when that didn't work, my father. The doctors put something in my IV that made me sleep.

The next ten years passed in a blur of foster families who did nothing to help me. Some beat me. Some starved me. One man even raped me. I was so angry and lost. I didn't know right from wrong. Nobody took care of me, and there was noone I could turn to for help.

After all that I went through in foster care, it shouldn't come as any real surprise that I was wary of my last foster mother Akiko-sama. For the first several months, I treated her like crap, but she put up with me, was gentle with me. She told me that she had always wanted a daughter, but she'd never been able to conceive. She told me that I was beautiful and strong, and that I could be anything I wanted to be. After months of her tender, loving words, I finally learned to love Akiko-sama. And then, the unthinkable happened.

She was diagnosed with cancer.

The next year was hard on us. Her treatment left her looking sick and frail, and she was so tired all the time. In the early stages, she taught me how to cook and how to tell if food was fresh and ripe. By the end, she was completely bed bound, and I was left to take care of all of her needs.

Many girls my age would stop at this point to complain that they had to give up everything to take care of a sick old woman, but I never saw it that way. Akiko-sama was my mother, my friend, my confidante, my provider, my shelter, my world. I was honored that she was willing to allow me to repay every kindness she had shown me since the moment she first took me in. To me, becoming her caregiver was the least I could do for her, and I wished I could do more.

It was snowing, the day Akiko-sama died. I remember because that was the last thing she told me, how much she loved the snow. When they buried her, I knelt in the snow beside her grave for hours before child services came for me. They had found me a new home. In my grief, I hated them. To me, there could be no home without Akiko-sama and her gentle kindness.

I was sixteen when I was introduced to Kichiro-sama. When they brought me into the meeting room where he sat, I was frightened. Never had I met a man who treated me well, and this one... He was toned, arms and torso looking as though he could crush me if he chose. In my fear, I could think of only one thing to say.

I don't need you. I don't want you. I can take care of myself.

He actually smiled at that...and then reached down and used the grabs on the side of his wheelchair to steer himself around the table where I could see him. His legs, after years of disuse, had atrophied away to nothing, and he wore a blanket in his lap as a token attempt to hide the full extent of his disability. He smiled kindly at me.

I am glad you are such a capable young woman. My wife died recently, but we both wanted a child for so long. When I heard how well you cared for your foster mother, I'd hoped you might allow a crippled man the honor of having you for a daughter.

I felt like such a heel. Not only could this man do me no harm, he probably had trouble taking care of himself. I blushed and stammered an apology for being so rude.

I went with him to his family's estate that day, where I learned he had caregivers on staff to tend to his needs. While, yes, this was something of a relief, I was also disappointed to find he didn't need me to help him, only to keep him company. In a matter of weeks, I grew restless and started acting out. I hated feeling so useless.

It wasn't until I started failing my classes that Kichiro-sama lost his patience. The first time he saw a failing grade on one of my assignments, he wheeled over to me and gave me a good hard slap across my face. I was stunned by the force of the blow, from a man who had always been so kind and gentle. I found myself in tears, begging his forgiveness.

After that, I brought my grades up. Kichiro-sama started giving me tasks to do, and my restlessness faded. It was around this time that I first met my cousin Mamoru, who had moved out the day before I came to live with the Kobayashi family.

My first impression of Mamoru was that he was a rather quiet man. I didn't like him. One day, though, I accidentally walked into his room and found him braiding his hair, wearing a gorgeous green dress. Mama-chan explained to me that she was transgendered, and she begged me not to tell anybody. It didn't take long after that for her to become my dearest friend.

Mama-chan introduced me to our American cousin Kara-sama via webcam later that year. In her, I found an echo of Akiko-sama's gentle encouragement. My new family, it seemed, was full of wonderful oddballs. And I loved it.

I was nineteen when I first dated a woman who was interested in BDSM. Through her, I was introduced to a world of leather and kink that shocked me at first. It didn't take me long to find my place in this new world, and I found myself at peace among the leather-clad denizens. Not long after, I learned that Mama-chan was also part of the Scene, which made it another topic we could bond over—shoes, dresses, lipstick, rope and whips. *winks*

After Mama-chan and Kara-sama opened their club, they asked me if I'd like to work under them as part of their wait staff, one of the pairs of eyes and ears in the crowd. I said yes. The rest, as they say, is history.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Language: Japanese, English and rudimentary Spanish
Family: Was adopted by Kobayashi Kichiro (Ichiro's younger brother)
Hobbies: Styles her friends' hair whenever they'll let her.
Likes: serving others, sweets, cute things
Loves: her adoptive cousins (Kara and Mama-chan), shopping
Dislikes: men, sour things, feeling useless
Loathes: hot weather, deception
Fears: being alone
Strengths: High pain tolerance, extremely patient
Weaknesses: Not as assertive as she should be, too trusting at times
Good qualities: Kind, gentle, friendly, extroverted, optimistic, patient
Bad habits: Tends to put others' needs ahead of her own
Turn ons: "Aia~ Gotta feed me before I'll tell you that~" *winks*
Turn offs: Doesn't like submissive partners or men
Other: Piercings. Lots and lots of piercings.
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Stealing shall merit a lifetime of being chased by rainbow unicorn tanks and visions of the most horrific gut-wrenching nude
dancing you will ever encounter...same goes for modifying it without permission (outside of the information fields).
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Bloodlust Sacrifice
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