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 Sanguine Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Sanguine Sacrifice   Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:16 pm

Full Name: Aldair Alladion
Nickname: Ald-chan
True Name: Sanguine
Partner's Name: N/A
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Gay
Age: 22
Birth Date: September 1
Occupation/Grade: He works full-time at a flower shop near his apartment.
Dreams/Life Goals: He hopes to be able to save up enough money to send his little sister to the college of her dreams. Also, he dreams of being an architect, but it isn't working out so well.

Hair: His hair is dyed purple with a few black strands on top. It was originally dark brown.
Ears and Tail: He does not have them.
Eyes: His eyes are the odd color of purple. (He actually dyed his hair to match them)
Height: He is 6'0.
Build: He is somewhat muscled.
Name location: It is goes up the left side of his neck. The first letter is at the base and the last letter is under his ear in a print like style.

Aldair prefers to keep things simple. He is usually straight to the point, and doesn't like to beat around the bush. In his opinion, this makes things in life much smoother. Sure, it may offend some people, but if people can't take a dose of honesty, then Aldair doesn't really want to interact with them. He is also straight forward with his moods. If he is angry with you, he won't hesitate to show it. On the other hand, if he is happy with you, he will also show. Unfortunately, this makes it awkward for people he has feelings for who don't feel the same way. Well, awkward for them. Ald is pretty much ignorant when it comes to awkward situations. He is very sensitive when it comes to pain, and will often cry at even the littlest cut from a thorn. This often results in his tearing up when he hurts himself when he is at work.

Aldair isn't proud of his past, and prefers not to talk about it. His parents loved drugs more than their two children. They would often tell them this and call them "the worst mistakes of their lives" when they were in one of their moods.

He has protected his sister, Annabeth, from the moment she was born when he was twelve. He protected her from their dad when he decided that his daughter was a much better choice then his girlfriend, their mother (the two never got married), and he also protected her when their mother got jealous of Anna. Of course, he couldn't protect her from everything due to the fact he also had to go to school. He was determined to get an education, so he could get a good job, and get the two of them a better life.

His life took a turn for the better at the age of sixteen when he came home one day to find his parents lying dead on floor. He figured they had OD'd or something. He didn't really care what happened though, he just cared that they were gone. Of course, they had a major problem. He couldn't just leave, they had no where to go, and he had two dead bodies (that's all they were to him at this point) in his house. It was then he decided to do something drastic. So drastic that if he were caught, he would definitely go to jail. Well, he was pretty sure that he would go to jail, at least.

He decided to call up his best friend who luckily had a vehicle, and explained what happened. He then asked his friend to help move the bodies to a random alley way far from their home, so that they could be mistaken as some homeless druggies. .

His friend agreed, and they executed their plan at night when they wouldn't be spotted as easily. Somehow, they actually managed to pull the whole thing off. Later, he would realize that the whole plan could go horribly wrong if they were somehow identified, but he would be unable to do anything about it at that point.

Ald quickly managed to find a job at a local flower shop (the one he currently works in). He began to save up money until he could afford to rent an apartment. He considers the day they moved out of that horrible house one of the best days he ever had.

When Ald graduated school, he decided that he wanted to be an architect. It wasn't really fueled by anything, he just figured it would be a good job for him. Of course, he was going to wait to pursue his life's dream until his sister had graduated. He would not be able to afford college and his sister's schooling expenses. So, until then, he spends his days working and dreaming of a better life.

As for how he lost his ears and tail, it was simply a rather drunk night with a co-worker. He honestly didn't even have interest in her (he is gay after all), but apparently she had tons of interest in him. He also discovered his name up his neck the morning after. He is convinced that he got it tattooed while drunk.

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Spouse: None
Origin: Japan
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Blood Type: B-
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: He has various scars across his body from his dad.
Family: He doesn't have any, but he does have a little sister named Annabeth.
Career/Past Careers: He works as a florist.
Hobbies: Making flower arrangements, and designing building.
Likes: Flowers, architecture, listening to music, smoking cigarettes, and drawing.
Dislikes: Drugs and his money problems.
Fears: People finding out about his past, and losing his sister.
Strengths: He is willing to do anything for his sister.
Weaknesses: His sister, pain, and money problems.
Good qualities: He is straight forward, and will do anything to help someone he cares about.
Bad habits: Smoking cigarettes
Turn ons: Smart, decent looking, and understanding.
Turn offs: Douches.
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Sanguine Sacrifice
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