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 Devoted Fighter

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PostSubject: Devoted Fighter   Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:56 pm

Full Name: Fubuki Kanzai (his first name means blizzard)
Nickname: Ice Prince and Buki
True Name: Devoted
Partner's Name: Tsukiyoko Delaine (He has yet to meet her though.)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Age: 23
Birth Date: December 21
Occupation/Grade: He is a student at Seven Moons, and at the local college.
Dreams/Life Goals: He wishes to have the dojo become an even bigger success then it already is.

Hair: His hair is blackish-brown and comes to about the bottom of his ears.
Ears and Tail: He does not have either of them.
Eyes: His eyes are brown.
Height: He is 5'9
Build: He is slim, but has definite muscle tone.
Name location: It's across his chest, just underneath his collarbone.

He has a very cold and somewhat cruel exterior but once he warms up to you (and this will take forever if at all. He is not an easy man to get to know.) he is very sweet and extremely protective of those he holds dear. Harm those he cares for at your own risk; the man is highly dangerous both with a sword and with his spells. He also is slow to anger but when will become very volatile if he does become angered. Fubuki is usually very calm and collected in his day to day life. Hating and loving his sacrifice, he both curses their existence and yet longs to meet them all the same; to say he has conflicted emotions about them would be an understatement. He hates his name due to its connotations. He wonders what sort of man has a name like Devoted anyway? Could you get anymore girly and it's certainly been made fun by his peers at Seven Moons.

(I would like to thank Tsukiyoko for being wonderful and writing up the personality. I probably just butcher it if I tried to summarize, so I used the one she sent me.)

Fubuki comes from a seemingly never ending line of sword masters. His family even owns a dojo that he is next in line to inherit.

He was born during a blizzard on the first day of winter which prompted his parents to name him Fubuki. They thought it was fitting of their first born son.

Fubuki grew up surrounded by swordsmen, so it was only to be expected that he also became one. In fact, he was the best of his age group by the age of ten. He did nothing, but train and study during his childhood which didn't leave much room for making friends. This left him unable to really develop the ability to be friendly and open with just anybody. He became so used to ignoring the outside world and focusing on what his parents deemed "important" that he didn't even make friends for a large portion of his school years.

It wasn't until he entered high school that he made his first real friend. He wasn't even the first one to approach the friendship either. The other had basically badgered him until he gave in and accepted them. He began to form other friendships through this person.

The day he graduated wasn't not a great day for him. He now was going to have no legitimate reason to see the few friends he had made over his high school career. He could do nothing about it though. His parents had expectations of
him, and he would not let them down.

So, the relationships he had built fell apart as he worked himself even harder than ever before. It continued this way until one day when he had a kind of revelation. He had been changing from a particularly rough practice with an older swordsman who slightly outmatched him. He had started applying any needed bandages when he looked in the mirror and realized he didn't want to spend all of his time doing this. Sure, he wanted to inherit the dojo and everything, but he also wanted to see the outside world once more.

So, he made the decision to go to college.

College was actually quite nice, he became friends with a young woman who was in some of the same classes as him. She then showed him the nightlife of a college student. It wasn't really his thing, but he allowed the hyper-active woman to drag him out to a few parties. One night, they got rather drunk together (spiked drinks are horrid things) and slept together. After that, they dated for a while, but it just got awkward, so they kind of became tentative friends who never really talk unless they see each other in the hallways.

Fubuki noticed his name for the first time when he was undressing after a hard day of training. Well, he wasn't the one to notice first, a peer of his was. They knew that he wasn't the type to get such a thing tattooed, so they explained it to him. He knew there was no other explanation for it, so he simply believed them.

When he went to his parents about it, they were extremely confused due to the fact that they had never produced a unit before. They did however see the opportunity in this and approached the school that his peer had told him about.

His parents then proceeded to get him into it.

He first noticed the matching ring of his Partner when he was walking to one of his classes. He had attempted to search for them, but he didn't have time. He now spends his time between classes and looking for that match.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Spouse: He does not have one.
Origin: He is from Japan.
Race/Ethnicity: He is Japanese.
Language: He only knows Japanese.
Blood Type: A-
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: He has a few scars here and there from past years.
Family: He is still in contact with his parents, of course.
Career/Past Careers: He helps out at the dojo.
Hobbies: Practicing with his sword, reading, and searching for his Partner.
Likes: His sword, and anything that has to do with it.
Dislikes: His True Name
Fears: Not being able to find his Partner
Strengths: He is excellent with a sword.
Weaknesses: He doesn't really believe in his True Name.
Good qualities: Good with his sword?
Bad habits: Not getting enough sleep due to practicing, and falling asleep during the day.
Turn ons: He likes his women to be curvy
Turn offs: Slim, flat women.
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Devoted Fighter
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