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 Aristocratic Family: Matsumoto House History

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PostSubject: Aristocratic Family: Matsumoto House History   Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:12 pm

Matsumoto Family

The Matsumotos, as owners of Japan's leading news and entertainment corporation, are the Aristocratic censors of the media. They are responsible for keeping the Unit world as hidden as possible in the modern age, and for running the ads that help the other Families' companies survive.

Rule of Succession
The Matsumoto family is a line of Fighters, but they have always been ruled by a Sacrifice. Every fifth generation, a Sacrifice is born to the family. That Sacrifice becomes the Heir, and succession follows the line of his/her first born son. The first born's Sacrifice then becomes the Head of the family, while the Heir himself becomes their Patriarch. For the first time in the family's history, this tradition is coming back to bite them in the ass.

What has caused the tradition that has kept this family neutral for hundreds of years to backfire? Her name is Rei, Tyranny Sacrifice.

State of the Family
For fifty-three years, Rei was a fairly docile presence in the Matsumoto family, with only a few incidents (suspicious deaths) to indicate what she was capable of. She was a harsh leader, but a good one. The family prospered under her reign.

That all changed when the Knatsu family was killed in a housefire. For the past two years, Tyranny has reigned supreme. She cut all ties to the other Aristocrats (anyone trying to go to the other families for aid has ended up in the morgue), ceased running advertisements for their companies, and has tortured several members of her husband's family who dared speak ill of her. She rules by fear, preventing all bids for aid and arranging for the defiant to die.

The Factions
The family has responded to Rei's behaviour in a curious division of loyalty. Those loyal to the Tyranny Sacrifice are so overcome by fear that they do not believe their young Heir, Takumi, capable of defeating her. On the other hand, a growing number of the Matsumotos are merely biding their time until the Fearless Sacrifice is ready for them to rise up against Rei.

Tyranny Faction Theme: "Tear the World Down" by We Are the Fallen

Fearless Faction Theme: "Overtake You" by Red

Key Figures
Name: Rei
Position: Head
Unit: Tyranny Sacrifice
Age: 77
Player: NPC
Info: Born to a minor member of the Umizo family, Rei had little freedom as a young girl. Her family's treatment of her made her bitter toward them, and all Aristocrats. She met her Fighter, who was the Heir of the Matsumoto family, when she was nineteen. They married a year later, shortly before his father's death. She became the Head of the Matsumoto family because of their traditions and has held the office with the focus and cruelty of a tyrant for the past 55 years.

Name: Takehiro
Position: Patriarch
Unit: Tyranny Fighter
Age: 83
Player: NPC
Info: Takehiro, as the first born son of the first born son of the second born son (the firstborn died young) of the last Sacrifice born to the Matsumoto family, was groomed from a young age to become the family's Patriarch, a title afforded the Matsumoto-born Fighter whose Sacrifice becomes their Head. Takehiro is the kinder half of his unit, counseling Rei to moderation and spoiling his grandchildren.

Name: Takumi (deceased)
Position: Heir, firstborn of Takehiro
Unit: unknown
Age: 18
Player: N/A
Info: Takumi would have been Rei's Heir, but he died in a boating accident the day after his Unit name appeared.

Name: Makato (deceased)
Position: Thirdborn son of Rei, Father of Takumi
Unit: Groundless Fighter
Age: 41
Player: N/A
Info: Makato was Takehiro's third son, fourth child. He was afforded a much more relaxed life than his two older brothers, and grieved Takumi's death fiercely. He became a police officer at 20 and married his Sacrifice at 22. He died in the line of duty after calling his mother a tyrant in front of his wife and two children.

Name: Inoue Arisu (deceased)
Position: widow of Makato, mother of Takumi
Unit: Groundless Sacrifice
Age: 45
Player: N/A
Info: Arisu's childhood was humble, with a college professor for a father and a cleaning lady for a mother. She attended Seven Moons, then became a bartender. She met her Fighter after her house had been broken into, married him and had two children. After her husband died, she fled to Tokyo with the kids. Recently remarried to Segumi Takeshi.

Name: Emiko
Position: granddaughter of Rei, daughter of Makato, sister of Takumi
Unit: Fearless Fighter
Age: 25
Player: NPC
Info: Emiko grew up in the family's main estate as a minor member of the main branch of the family. She and her brother are a completed Unit, though the absence of his Mark prevents him from knowing this.

Name: Takumi ("Taki")
Position: Heir, Grandson of Takehiro
Unit: Fearless Sacrifice
Age: 14
Player: Ace
Info: Named after his dead uncle, former Heir of the family, Taki is the youngest member of the main branch of the Matsumoto family. He spent the first half of his life with his father's relatives before being taken to Tokyo with his mother. He's gotten used to being middle class, but soon, a revelation about his past and his family will change everything he thought he knew about himself, his family, and his father's death.

Name: Haru
Position: Granddaughter of Rei
Unit: Harmony Fighter
Age: 15
Player: Tsukiyoko
Info: This outspoken young violinist is among the youngest members of the family. She, Emiko and Taki grew up together and were very close. She has remained devoted to the Fearless Unit, despite their long absence.

Name: Segumi Takeshi
Position: husband to Arisu
Unit: Spite Sacrifice
Age: 43
Player: NPC
Info: Segumi is the proud owner of a successful gym. He is also the Sacrifice of a Rogue Unit, and his motives for marrying Arisu are questionable at best. He taught Taki how to fight.

Name: Hitoru Takehashi
Position: hitman-for-hire
Unit: Spite Fighter
Age: 41
Player: NPC
Info: He was Segumi's best man. Taki noticed him speaking to Rei before the wedding.
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Aristocratic Family: Matsumoto House History
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