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 Aristocrat Houses/Rules

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PostSubject: Aristocrat Houses/Rules   Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:33 pm

The Aristocrats… Self proclaimed families within the unit world that hold the most influence over what laws are created, the structure in which Sacrifices and Fighters view one another. They in term, are the ones that have created the Academy Branches though out the world, for new units, whether from within the Families or new to the world all together. They, themselves, are the funding supports for the Academy Branches, but, they also have large influence in the governments of the nations they are within.

The power behind this Secret Society to hide the Unit world from the unwanted eyes, by a check and balance system the ultimate controls behind our Unit World.

- - - - -
Aristocrat Structure.

There will only be allowed Seven Families within Japan that had influence power over the Main Branch [Japan]. They are the ones that pick the new Headmaster by an unanimous vote, however as a rule to keep the uneasy peace between the families the SM Main Branch Headmaster cannot be from any of the Aristocrat Families. The Headmaster can also not be replaced unless there is an unanimous vote within the Seven Families to have she/he removed.  To be known as an aristocrat family, there are certain things that must be met in order to be viewed as such.

    First, is the wealth backing, though many families donate funds to support the Seven Moons, these are the families that own parts of the schools, whether it be sections of the building, equipment inside, or the grounds itself.
    Second, and forth most, each family line has a consistency in the unit pieces that are born into their families, and that the majority of all family members are unit pieces. [Whether the family is known for Pure Fighter, Sacrifice, Blank].

Aristocratic Houses in Power: 5/7

Hizaki [Head]: Hizaki, Jin
Sacrifice Bloodline : with rare possibility of Fighter
Advance medical testing/studying/research [Hizaki Corp]
Family Members: Rank

Wate [Heir]:Mesatsu Wate
Security Empire
(Owns a large portion of the Legal Sector)

Family Members: Rank

Jenoiu [Heir]:Jenoiu, Valshe
Fighter Bloodline: No Possibility for Sacrifice for last Nineteen Generations
Family Controls the Hospital
Family Members: Rank
Jenoiu, Katsumi [Cousin]

Matsumoto[Heir]: Matsumoto, Takumi
Fighter Bloodline:Possibility of Sacrifice born every Fifth Generation
Media Empire
Family Members: Rank

Nakamura[Heir]:Julius Nakamura
to be filled
Bank Empire
Family Members: Rank

Visiting Aristocratic Families
For those who have Aristocrats from other countries You don't own land here but you are respected and acknowledged as the status your family has built up. The only priority that is the same is that you give some for of assistance to the Academy since it is a neutral ground for all units. Of course it is wonderful when we have visitors and like always a big party is usually held by one of the families to welcome you into town and vice versa.

All that is needed is your name, the country you are from where you hold this Aristocrat title, and why you are visiting. It can state just personal if needed.

Former Aristocratic Houses
These are the Houses that have fallen out of the Aristocratic System due to their own reasons of no Heir, Taken out by another House through a merge or other unknown reasons that is not recorded in the system.

Knatsu Head : Knatsu, Yuri: status MIA
Sacrifice Bloodline : No fighter’s within last Seventy Generations
War Weapons Development [Knatsu Corp], Political Standing
Family Members: Rank
All family members are deceased.

Umizo: {Head:Umizo Ayane}
Sacrifice Bloodline with 10% fighter possibility
Precious Stones [Jewelry] Fashion: Traditional Kimono
Family Members: Rank
Main Line is gone.

If you wish to have your character be a part of an existing Family, PM the house creator[/center]
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Aristocrat Houses/Rules
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