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 Loveless History Set Up

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PostSubject: Loveless History Set Up   Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:44 pm

Be a part of the history of Loveless! Hello Aristocratic Family Owners I wanted to share with you the Skeleton of the Loveless History. Each Family fits in this history and this is where you lovelies come in. I would love for you to help me formulate where your family fits in the history, like when they came in what they do for the academy now and what they own now. Its me adding your family history into this. Let us build this together and make this fun. This is not concrete until we all come up with an agreement and this can go to its finalized state.

This world we live in is compromised of many countries. Every country has an important city. Not a metropolis but contains the power of one. Not a capital and yet it has the attention of the world who wants to go there even if it is just once. Even with this in mind it is similar to a town which is close knit and left alone in its perimeter. These unique places are the melting pots which many major cities lack. Rich culture due to the visitors from all over the world who come here for their own reasons. A birth place of ideas, dreams, and imagination where we train people to make the impossible very possible. But not all of these things are as it seems....because every major city has a major secret. A secret so intricate and diverse it has the whole world involved in what we call the spider's nest.

What is this secret? Heh...well that is a very complicated story to tell. I am only a simple connection to this web just like you are. A world that started long ago as a simple shadow in the currents of life. I am talking about the fighter and the sacrifice. Something known as the Unit world. A world where a fighter uses words as a weapon to protect its counterpart. The sacrifice bares the pain as a fair exchange and issues the command on what to do. Not everyone can be a part of this secret society. Only those with this so called Ring or unique Vibration which people of this special world can detect. All who posses this power can sense another like them walking among the normals. These are the very people who use the power of language enhanced as a weapon. A word written on their body to symbolize they're part of this world. Every unit is different even if they share the same word. Now don't get me wrong....we used the laws of nature and as our guide for behavior. But different rules were set when the first war began...

This first war was a mistake to have been made. One that we don't even acknowledge in our history books as anything of importance. Our kind was seen as a threat to the normals and thus we were the ones blamed for the "misfortunes" going on with our nations at the time. Of course there was no evidence to prove we did anything at all but that didn't matter to the people. Politicians who wanted to save face waged this onscale war against Units from around their area. But it didn't stop there....It spread from their lands to others and to the higher officials. Before we knew it our world was crumbling by the hands of the normals who threatened to kill every last one of us. In the japanese history it even states they wiped out a version of the human race they believed was flawed or saw as a threat to the populace as a whole.

But what actually happened is not written in the history book of the normals. It is in our books through the care of the Aristocratic System. A man of power, wealth and high political standing at the time was the one who stopped the war. Although he didn't fight in it he did however spend money where it was needed to get people to stop fueling the hate of the Unit world. In secret his hired hands gathered the units from the major cities and relocated them to rural, and much later suburban, areas. He had labeled the "Threatening humans as deceased" when the government couldn't locate these people of mass destruction. He had went around looking for people like him who were also entangled in the unit world to help support the fearful members. By surprise he found many who were very similar to him all around the world and one by one they gathered together to help save the Units.

In Japan 7 households of power, wealth and high standing in society bonded together and created rules for this world in order to survive. Of course you have your rebellious members who didn't like these rules and tried to go against them but in the end these rebellious ones were killed off by the normals or by us. An idea of a town built to shield the Units from the world was unheard of but these 7 families did what was concieved as impossible. Together they created a school as well seeing as we needed it to learn to control our powers and to help the world view us as normal people once more.

The academy was a point of interest since one was needed. Everyone needed to learn how play their roles in this complex society. Sadly the more the academy's cirriculum came about the more the 7 families argued about everything. Arguments were unavoidable at times and others it was seen as difficult to come up with a conclusion on how to run the academy. One family wanted to rule over it. The over all decision came from a very brilliant aunt. She suggested that no one tied to the families should run the academy. The families will supply and support ensuring they have all areas covered. "It is to be a safe haven to grow, to find their other half and to chose their paths of life they wish to seek. We are to be the support to make all overcome their difficulties." Those words have become the main staple to the academy today thanks to her. Of course the families were not happy about this idea but at the time they felt it would be the best decision to prevent more headaches and issues. This caused the city to be split into parts where each family owns a section. Due to this split everyone has:

To Chose the path that they would find outside the academy walls. What Family to follow...

The academy is a place to learn the rules, to follow the structure set out by the oldest, longest lines that had become the Dictators of this world these new individuals would become apart of. They had in the history of time turned into something like a Mafia. Slowly growing for more power behind the sceens, controlling the world through a black shroud..

The Big Brother of the World

Septimal Moon's taught rules, how to battle, and they taught the Seven Sides that every Unit would be required before graduating to decide who they would become apart of. They gained that Families protection, rights to certain places, plus as long as they fought in those shadow battles to help keep that families territory when the time came. The Academy was funded as a Holy Grounds by all the Families, it is a sanctum. But over time families were watching out for each other and the Academy was being neglected a bit.

Over the passing of Headmasters to their elected succesors, behind the closed doors of the Main Branch is where everything started to change. The school produced less Units loyal to the Aristocrat Families and more rogues, or more so in secret, an army to over throw the current structure. The neglect of the Families pulled up in their own never ending turmoil allowed the growth until its boiling point.

Ritsu Minami took control of the school in his youth by a clever over throw of the previous Headmaster and in the middle of a fallout between two of the larger Aristocrat Families in japan. He was a tyrant to the students, the young minds of Units, that came to Septimal Moon's. He promoted the Master/Slave relationship that was hard stuck in several of the Tradition Sacrifice Aristocrat families. He was cruel to fighters and a monster to Sacrifices that tired to challenge him. It was during his hold as Headmaster of the Main branch this fall out changed many of the other Septimal Moon's though out the world.

Spetimal Moon's Changed from its sanctum to a Hell many refused to go to.

During this time it led to the creation of a group called Seven Suns, a group labled by world wide Aristocrat Families as Rogues. They did not follow the rules laid out by them, they refused to set foot in the School created for them, they did not follow any family, and most of all..

They were the risk of exposure to the 'Non-unit' World.

Though Individual Families chose to 'take care' of the problem on their own within their own territory. Seven Suns was slowly growing in the shadows. Over the years of his rein in Septimal Moons, in secert Ritsu produced the first Bloodhound an individual that would work as a 'police force' that was controlled souly by the school and not by the Aristocrat families. His Bloodhound did what was ordered of him without question. What Ritsu didn't know was his Bloodhound was steps ahead of him but before Ritsu knew it Malik Tanaki overthrew him during a war that occured between Units and Rogues.

That was the end of Ritsu's reign of terror and the beginning of the Aristocratic Problems. While Malik himself took over Ritsu's spot and appointed more Bloodhounds to task out the Families were bickering again. No sooner did it become fights and the blame game since one needed to be blamed for the Haven no longer retaining it's purpose. Soon the fights became out of hand and some families went down in the fight and others went into hiding. As the smoke had cleared from that chaos did Malik turn up missing. Now the families have to gather at the Academy to find out who they can find to run the Academy and the Bloodhounds. Otherwise the Rogues just might be on the rise of their epic revolution.

This brings us to the First chapter of the Forum. We can come up with a Group name together but this is basically the concentration of finding a new headmaster. It is not meant to be easy so whomever attempts understand you will be faced with a lot of Opposition.

Thank you so much for being a part of this forum and for trying to make this place a place of enjoyment once again!


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Loveless History Set Up
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