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 Old Summer House Dock

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PostSubject: Old Summer House Dock   Sun May 12, 2013 11:47 pm

Segumi Takeshi (NPC)

He pulled up next to a summer house that hadn't been rented in a few years due to a problem with mold. Cutting off the engine, he got out and stripped down to his underwear before grabbing the duffle and walking out onto the half-rotted dock. Diving into the water, he tied the duffle around one of the support beams and filled it with rocks to keep it from floating. He then swam back to shore. At the car, he used his T-shirt as a towel before getting back in and driving home.

{Segumi (NPC) has left the Old Summer House Dock and is headed to Takeshi Residence.}
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NPC Rhys


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PostSubject: Re: Old Summer House Dock   Mon May 13, 2013 3:15 am

Rhys knew after today he was going to be way too sore to go into work and sit at a desk all day. He stopped at a house and heard someone coming out of the water. Rhys took the time to hide as he listened. Soon the SUV started up once more and he drove off in a different direction. "Now that bag wasn't with the body which means it is here underwater somewhere. This man is good beyond many I have seen. Still missing the brother and now a dead relative. What kind of job did I sign up for?" Rhys walked around the back and saw how rotten the place looked and he sighed. "Man this is one hell of a game of cat and mouse. And yet this woman is not answering me..Anyways looks like I have a report to fill out and hopefully I can find that brother before he ends up like that mother." Rhys sat to try and catch his breath and rest his aching muscles for a bit more. He took plenty of images of the house for evidence. After a few minutes his phone beeped once more signalling that the vehicle shut off once more. Rhys got up and shook his head. "I am going to take a taxi home after all of this." He stated as he headed to the vehicles last location.

[ Rhys has left: Old Summer House Dock and is heading to: Takeshi's Residence ]
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Old Summer House Dock
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