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 Seven Suns Airport Overview

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PostSubject: Seven Suns Airport Overview   Thu May 23, 2013 1:35 pm

Welcome to the Seven Suns International Airport

Hello and welcome to our lovely city: Kibō. Owned and ran by the Unit Groups that make up this city. We ask that upon your arrival you head to the luggage area of your designated Terminal. Please also have your passports, IDs and Tickets ready in order to cross over into the main area. While you are here we ask that you walk around and enjoy the airport as you wait for your next destination to begin. If you are here for visiting our City specifically then welcome! We all hope you enjoy your stay here and please come back to visit us soon!

The Seven Suns Airport is currently on its 2nd remake thus far. The first airport was built by a man named Jin Okitaka. He was one of the old supporters of Transportation and Travel. Being the man in charge he made sure that this city, at the time newly formed town, had all the basics it needed. Being right along the coast he stated a pier for trades and an airport would be essential since Japan would have so few at the time. With the backing of the government the airport was half built on land and the other half was in the coastal waters. This traditional method was common even here and for a time nothing was wrong. It was small so not many flights were taking off or arriving but it was always busy.

In xx67 our town witnessed the most devastating Tsunami in about 35 years. It was believed that we would never rebuild due to the fact we didn't have much of an airport left to build off of. Many of the planes were lost and funding was hard to come by due to the war efforts keeping everyone at bay. With the airport lost the tourist declined and our own was suffering without our backbone support. But things turned around when a representative from the organization called the Seven Suns came with a very large sum of Yen and asked how much it would cost to repair the airport as a whole. The town's Major was unsure so the organization hired help from another location to assist in the rebuilding of the damaged airport. Thanks to them the Seven Suns Airport was built out at sea and remained steady even during some of the minor turbulence due to weather.

In xx03 the funds from all the flights and the shops inside helped to make the airport new once more. The woman in charge of the airport at the time invested in a new plan for our Seaport with technology that would rival any airport to date. The Hydroplane system works with the flows of nature to help build a steadier and more reinforced road and runway. Thanks to her investment the Seven Suns Airport was saved from having another disaster when the next major Tsunami hit. Only a few planes were damaged and we had minor injuries.

Today there is a Seven Sun representative seated at the helm holding on to their airport maintenance and Title but rumor has it that the Airport is soon going up for sale. Thus far no one has had the funds to take control so no territory has claimed it just yet.

Restaurants, Shops and Services*
Each Terminal is labeled by a number so please refer to the map located in the front for directions to each one. Each has it's own set of restaurants, shops and other convenient services to fit your needs. If you have any other questions please refer to the clerk desks located in the middle of each Terminal for more information

Current Service People Working
No Characters serve here at this time.

Sake Emporium T1
No Characters serve here at this time.

Shiro's Sport's Bar T1
No Characters serve here at this time.

YinYang Bar and Lounge T2
No Characters serve here at this time.

Toki's Sushi T1
No Characters serve here at this time.

Mos Burger T2
No Characters serve here at this time.

Night Blossom Food Court T3
No Characters serve here at this time.

Oh Anime T1, T2, T3
No Characters serve here at this time.

Sanrio Shopee T2
No Characters serve here at this time.

Evangelion Convenience Store T3
No Characters serve here at this time.

Meji Books T1
No Characters serve here at this time.

Mitzsoki News T1, T2, T3
No Characters serve here at this time.

Exchange Express T1, T2, T3
No Characters serve here at this time.

Bank of Japan T2
No Characters serve here at this time.

Suikoi Relaxation T1
No Characters serve here at this time.

Yukie's Nail and Hair T2
Kobayashi, Tsukiko

Nippon Car Rentals T1, T2, T3
No Characters serve here at this time.

Current Seven Suns Airport Owner*

Ariasu, Kiskei

"Welcome to the Seven Sun's Airport! I hope you had a safe flight into our beautiful country. Please check out all the wonderful shops we have placed here to cater to your needs. We assure you customer service is number one and so is your safety. All screens broadcast the news, flight schedules and service schedules. If you can not find the location you are looking for please tap the screen and a map will come up for you. The bridge from the airport leads to Southern Japan, Northern Japan and the city where this is all possible. Thank you for flying one of our great carriers and please enjoy your stay here in Japan. If you are leaving us I hope you come back soon."

* Special Information:
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Seven Suns Airport Overview
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