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 Jenoiu Aristocratic Territory Regulations

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PostSubject: Jenoiu Aristocratic Territory Regulations   Mon May 27, 2013 12:01 am

Jenoiu Aristocratic Territory Regulations

Satoshi Kigamei Jenoiu (Current Aristocratic Head)

"Hello Business owners of my Current Territory. My name is Satoshi Jenoiu but you may call me Toshi for short. I want to bring to your attention what you have signed in your contract by opening up a business within my territory and what your profits read for me. First off I want to congratulate you on opening up a facility. It is hard starting a business and even harder to maintain it if you are understaffed and not sure of what to do. As the head of this sector here is what I will ensure for you while your business is open within my territory."

"Like any responsible leader your Safety and your Property are all covered by me. On your first day of opening shop my Advisers will come to your premises and help install security cameras and introduce you to the lead of Personal Security: General Chou Liang. A Chinese Opreative at the top notch level. Another added Bonus of security is the Unit Police force from the Academy. They patrol the streets for stray Units who wreak havoc across our lands for personal gain. I also have an undercover team available if you wish to have security within your facility during your operation hours. If you provide your own security that is fine but there is a contract wavier you must sign. I am not held responsible once you hire someone out of your own pockets."

Property Insurance
"I have your property covered under my Property coverage plan. If Vandalism, Theft, Fire or other disasters occur please inform me immediately so my advisers and I can cover you and help you open back up for business. If you provide your own insurance please remember again I am not held responsible hence forth and you must sign a waiver form for that."

Sales, Tax, Reimbursements, Selling of Property
"Depending upon what your business is your sells vary. But the percentages taken annually, once a year, do not change. You dues all contribute to a portion of something within the territory which you pay annually. Please keep in mind that if you can't cover the percentage stated in your taxes I will handle what you can't make up but you will pay me double the following year. Here is how the money you pay annually is broken down:

9% is Community Cash. (Supplies the Territory with minor needs like parking spaces, cans, and such)
7.5% is City Amenities Coverage. (Trash pick up, Lighting and Water maintenance, etc)
7% is City and Territory Forces. (Police, Fire Emergency services, Patrol Units, etc)
5.15% is Property Tax. (based upon how large your property is)
5% is Academy Tax. (Helping to ensure the future Units receive an education)
3% is Charity and Event Programs (Help support the City in its Events)
1% is Territory Tax (License to remain under the coverage of the Territory and continue doing business here.)

Every Legal Office has this information so you do not need to worry. As far as your Tax Refunds go you get reimbursed for the Property and Charity Taxes along with your other taxes you pay throughout the city which include but are not limited to the Housing Tax and Education Tax. These should be reimbursed to you on your refund.

If you are no longer doing business here and wish to sell the property I will take it off your hands and receive the contract as well as pay you the asking price if it is within a reasonable amount. Once I have the contract I can do with the Property as I see fit so please keep that in mind."

"Once a month I will host a meeting within my hospital on it's designated floor. At this time you must attend the meeting and give me an updated report about your business. This includes concerns, employment issues, what you feel needs to be done and what not. I will do what I can to ensure that your business is successful and that you as an individual is well taken care of."

Units and Rogues
"Being here you are part of the Unit world somehow. At times I may call for a favor that is only limited within my territory. With you opening business here I may ask you to close early due to a threat. Security will be on the scene and inform you about the situation at hand. Please be aware that there are some dangerous Rogue Units around the area as well. If you happen to encounter them please call for assistance. Although battles are not forbidden within my territory they are heavily regulated to be away from the Hospitals and your businesses. Some streets may be closed down to allow the units to commence their issues and battle it out. Again if something along that magnitude occurs security will inform you."

"It is a pleasure doing business with you and may your business thrive~" - Jenoiu, Satoshi

Businesses under in this Territory
No Businesses have been established within your area yet

Rogue Unit Information:


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Jenoiu Aristocratic Territory Regulations
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