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 Downtown Civil Building Overview

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PostSubject: Downtown Civil Building Overview   Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:40 pm

Kibō Downtown District

Downtown Kibō has so much to offer not only their residents but their guests as well. There are even a few landmarks that are even important to see when you are there. Here we will go over the Main View Points of Downtown that you should know about.

Kibō City Hall

: Currently no characters work here

This is our City Hall near the shops of Kibō. City Officials handle the paperwork, the taxes and everything to govern this city from all edges of the provenience. This place is run by a City Council which is in no relation to the Aristocrats. They do meet with the heads when something is needed and to check on the condition of the city. They govern if an expansion is needed and approve the major changes. If something happens to one of the governing heads they will find someone to fill the position. You can also File your votes, vehicle registration and pay utilities here.

Kibō International Cultural Library

: Currently no characters work here

This is the city's newly redesigned library. It houses 10,000 more books and there are elevated study rooms where students and book enthusiasts can read to their content. We carry books now form other countries so please visit the foreign affairs sections and explore what other parts of the world have to offer. Donations are accepted but you must see the front desk for all the details. Check out details are also there as well. Please be on time returning books we do fine you for late returns.

Kibō Police Department

: Currently no characters work here

This is the large major police station of Kibō which not only caters to our protection but also to the nearby towns and the Rural areas around us as well. Protection services, Private Services and some Military Sectors have their own sections and requirements when stationed here. Please see the Front Desk for details. CIA, Detectives and Forensics are in a separate wing on the right hand side. Information is all at the front desk.

Kibō Fire Station

: Currently no characters work here

Like the police Station the Fire station caters to the neighboring towns and the Rural area. The housing for Firemen is located behind the Truck house.

Kibō Courthouse

: Currently no characters work here

This is the courthouse where you settle claims, violations and yes those dreaded traffic tickets. Most cases are dealt with fairly quickly. If your case has to go to a higher system your case will be sent to Tokyo.
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Downtown Civil Building Overview
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