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 Tori University Overview

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PostSubject: Tori University Overview   Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:00 am

Tori University

Welcome to Tori University home of the Akitas! Our Uni is bounding its way to the top of the best higher education school located here in Kibō. We are currently ranked #15 in the top 25 Universities of study choice and we hold the titles to 4 academic competitions and 5 sports competitions. Our hounds have heart, soul and lots of energy to compete against the odds.

Classes and Academic Careers
We have Academic degrees in many fields ranging from the Arts - Scientific Research and Study. You can receive up to a Masters Degree on our campus. If you wish to find something higher we will assist you in looking for a higher education. We help place you into your field of study and assist you in getting the hands on experience you need to be qualified for your field. Our professors are required to be active within their field in order to teach our students and equip them with the skills used now.

Classes are more flexible than ever now with the new online courses added to help you receive an education without disrupting your daily life. We have early classes starting at 6am - the last class starting at 9pm. This allow you to schedule your courses around your daily life without missing your education. Each classroom has a unique look to help you get the feel of your profession and to help stimulate you for better learning.

We not only have Uni events but we host events for the city as well. All ranging from sporting events to even the festivals held throughout the year. Every student and faculty is given a calendar with important dates and times. We also post this throughout the campus. Please keep in mind some events may change but there will be an announcement of what changes and why.

No characters work or teach here currently.
(Create Side Characters for now until characters are ready to fill in the slots.)

Akita Pride

Roxy our Mascot

Welcome Akitas to the greatest Kennel of knowledge this world has yet to know. Tori University was developed by a group of Akita rescuers. During their time it was hard to get an education when everything was being rationed out and work was scarce. Only the wealthy could afford schooling during their time of war so these intelligent men who rescued dogs for a living decided to help school children within the area. These men at the time couldn't find work and one of their partners was disabled so they all opted out of the military to assist him. During their time together on helping these children receive their education a lone akita puppy kept coming to their small building. The kids were enthusiastic about the puppy and so in order to keep her they told the kids they had to pass their tests.

When they passed the small group kept the puppy and named her Tori. As time passed the kids knowledge grew all thanks to their furry friend whom they eagerly cared for. With this same passion the Rescuers decided to buy the land and help raise education and abandoned dogs. The kennel was cared for by the students as well as the men. It took on lost wealthy boy to stumble upon this unique school and fall in love with the idea of pets and education. His father funded the men to help build a school for all and continue to rescue dogs. The mens passion of making sure kids got an education no matter what the ear was going through and their love for animals brought the academy to be where it is today.

As odd of a background on how this place started the overall goal is still the same:

"We are all capable of understanding. Great and small, Human and beast. But all is the same no matter how you see it. To change the world we have to be equipped and work together changing one heart at a time."

Today the kennel is still active and students volunteer to help care for them. Those with allergies don't have to worry since the kennels are far and very well maintained. Tori's generation of pups are still the current Mascots. The education today? Top Notch with students gaining degrees in many fields and often returning to help new students rise into greatness. So come and join our rankings as we all climb our way to the top and bound over the competition.
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Tori University Overview
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