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 Club Vanity Arcade

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PostSubject: Club Vanity Arcade   Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:21 am

Club Vanity Arcade

There are no entry areas within the amusement park where only a part of the unit world may enter. Sort of like a secret training ground where anything goes and your greatest enemy is your mind. Only the brave come to test their wit against themselves here in the sectioned off areas of Club Vanity. This was built by sacrifices of high intellect to test ones abilities against themselves and push their minds to limits far unknown. Many have come but very few have conquered their minds here at Club Vanity.

Before you enter into the separate private game rooms you have to sign in at the teller whom guards the door. You will need to sign in and they will hand you a key to one of the rooms for you to use. Each room is coded in a color for a reason due to the amount of tolerance you can take. Some rooms you fight against more than one unit at a time which pushes the limit of a sacrifice's strength. Unlike the fighters who show off in front of others no one else is allowed in these rooms but you. So come with a prepared mind and sound body. You will need it going through this virtual simulation of gauntlet battles.

(You can only use the Topics that are provided to you. Your fighter can not feel nor hear you due to the damper system around the area. Fight at your own risk!)


(This is the undersuit which goes on first.)

(The Target Zones of Shocks)

(Sensor Suit that comes in many colors. Washed after every use. Hypoallergenic. Anything beyond 2XL must be custom made and will have a fee.)

(Inside peek of a Game Room)

Once you receive your card and key you are to follow the arrows on the wall leading you to the Equipment room. You state your size and color to the clerk who will then help you into your body suit. This suit, if any have seen it before, is a screen captured modified to have shock charges on it. Each shock charge is set to a level based on the color room you enter. The simulation will register your body type into the game thanks to the suit. Once the suit is on you are to be placed into your designated room. At the end of your fighting simulation you are to return the suit to the front and return when you are at 100% once again. We ask that you please do not damage or puncture the suits in any way. If you do happen to damage the suit you will be charged a high fee to replace it. If the suit is non responsive please press the home key on your controller and select the Assistance icon. For further information please see the teller about the proper usage of the Screen Capture Suit, SCS, and the Gaming Console.

The Blue Rooms

The stage is set and the first rooms you go to are known as the Blue Rooms. There are 3 different rooms you can enter: Bar of Tranquility, The Realm of the Unknown, and the Room of Treasury

The Red Rooms

The second set of rooms you will visit are called the Red Rooms. There are 3 different rooms you can enter: Red Cat Lounge, Love Hotel: Lust, and the Gallery

The green rooms
The 3rd set of rooms are known as the Green Rooms. There are 3 different rooms you can enter: The Loft, Blank Destiny and the Entrepreneur.

The Rich Palette
The last set of rooms you will com across here in Club Vanity is the Rich Palette. There are 3 different rooms you can enter: The Silver Vanity Master Room, Golden Dining of the Masters, and Diamond Dust.

Club Vanity gives Sacrifices a shocking great time but we do understand you need that chance to ease that pain and relax that weary mind of yours. Regardless if you passed the first level or failed at the third on your way out you will get a coupon to the Lily Spa. For winners and Top Score holders you get vacation packages and more for you and your unit. So are you the best sacrifice out there? Come on and try your luck here at Club Vanity. We won't tell a soul~
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Club Vanity Arcade
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