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 Shop Guide

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PostSubject: Shop Guide   Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:19 am

Shop Guide Visual Tutorial

Hi Everyone Kyo here to help you with your Shop Set-up!
I know some of you wonderful people would love to have a nail salon in the Downtown section or a famous food joint in the shops but you don't know how to set up these wonderful places for all characters to play. Well this guide, complete with images, will help you each step of the way. If you still have questions please don't hesitate to PM me or any of your fellow Rpers. We will all help you set up shop.

So first thing is first. You need a Name and Catch Phrase or Slogan.

The name of your shop is a must because lets face it you don't want your place to be just like some other place no one remembers so a great name is a must. Some are named after the owners, friends or even a plant or animal. Whatever the case it should have meaning or a symbol of sorts to your character if they are the owner. If your character just works there don't slack off on a good title. If you don't know ask someone to help you come up with a shop title. Everyone here is willing to give you a hand here.

So now you have a Shop name and that's a great start. Now you need a Slogan or catch phrase. Yukie's Slogan come from her belief that this spot she has made is truly a paradise from the hectic. Her slogan matches her shop perfectly because it is her shop matching her belief. Pretty simple but it could be hard if you aren't familiar with it. Try out many things based on the shop and see what sticks. Ask someone to listen to the title and the slogan to see of it works. Once you have it you can move onto the next part.

After this you would need an image of your shop owner. Nothing big something small is all I ask. If your character is the shop owner then something small to use as their shop profile. If you have an image but you need it to be resized ask someone or PM me and ask me. Under the Image you need to place the name of the owner.

This is where your owner introduces the shop and makes it welcoming to their guests. Something small and simple is all you need but it must come from the owners heart.

The next part is your staff. here again will be a small image that we can all see. Their name and their position. This is important so that we all know who works there and we can use their names as we RP.

If you are setting up a shop and would like to hire other characters too you need to place this right after your staff but before you post the images of the shop. You link up the character profile of the character who would like to be hired.
[url=]Kobayashi, Tsukiko[/url]
This is how the code goes for linking a profile to a name on your page. After this you are free to post the images of the shop. If you are not hiring then you can skip this part.

You post all of your Shop images and post any extra information below the images in bold. Then you are done~ Restaurants and Diners should post a menu here as well.

Examples of this are from Yukie's Nail and Hair Salon. Another great shop to check out is Nobutaka's Pizza Palace. I hope this Visual Guide was useful. If you need any other help or just some information feel free to ask any of the RPers in the Chatbox provided below the main portion of the forum or PM anyone. Happy rping Everyone.

Admin Kyo
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Shop Guide
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