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 The Green Rooms

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PostSubject: The Green Rooms   Mon Sep 09, 2013 6:28 pm

The Green Room

(The Loft)

The stage is set and the first rooms you go to are known as the Green Rooms. There are 3 different rooms you can enter: This room is called the The Loft. Some of the top Sacrifices live humble lives where others have the best looking homes around the world. This home is named top Loft of the year and our replica captured her living room essence. No worries we are not high off the ground our screens just show her room view. Sit on the couch and enjoy the view while listening to Jazz music until you are instructed to begin.

This room is called the Blank Destiny. Another famous artist has a blank waiting room for his guests before the grand hall is open for showcasing. Here we want you to imagine all your greatest achievements to come and splash the walls with your imagination. Nothing will be in your way in this open space as you let your mind wander free about your wills of destruction.

The last room in this collection is called the Entrepreneur. Some are very successful business men or women found around the globe. But One Sacrifice is top of the line with her Interior designs and architecture. This is a replica of one of her offices and here you can see what others would be envious=ly green about. She understands color plays a major role and when you step into her office it is business and money. Please sit in the waiting room as you enjoy some of her famous songs to listen to as you wait.

Let's Play~
Once the Attendant has locked you in the room a red light will appear over the door stating the room is in session. Pretty soon the music will fade out and the Attendant will ask you to stand in the open area of the room. (Depending on the room you may have to help put things off to the side or wait until the items are remotely put away to not be in the way of your simulation.) Once everything is set and you have an open space to play the screens will come down all around the room. (Some ceilings may already have a screen in use) Once the screens are down you will be asked to start the console on the table and pick up your controller. (If you do not have a card yet you do not have to worry about swiping it in the beginning. You will receive your card at the end of the session.) After the system boots up you will be asked to create a 4-5 letter tag name if you are new. Returning Sacrifices swipe their cards. (For first time users it will be registering your body type from the suit to the screen.) Once all is said and done you are briefed about your suit and the purpose of this game by a rep from Solaris. This is portrayed on the screen in front of you as the other screens show the logo and active background. They will inform you about the terms and conditions which you have to accept. You only go through this once so no worries. You will then be taken to a character select screen to choose your fighter. Read their description and choose one you feel suits you. Choose wisely because this is your fighter throughout your whole session. Once you choose your fighter you will be asked to choose a location to fight. Everything will then load as you see your fighter on the screen and the area you chose. Your controller and suit will now be linking the wavelengths between you and the game. Once the game starts you will see your opponents and the goal is to defeat them with your selected fighter. If you are in a harder mode you will face more units to fight against and the battles are longer and tougher so are the shocks. We do not go over the recommended voltage.  

(Images are coming soon and will be placed in this thread.)

Now it is time to play. You are linked to your Fighter through a connection from your controller and suit. The controller has heat signature registration once your hands touch it. After being registered you can not allow it to fall out of your hands. If you drop the controller you forfeit the match and lose. This will cause you to redo that level when you are once again 100%. Do not come here on drugs or drunk for this lowers your score and the fighters' moral thus hindering your chances at becoming the top sacrifice. Once the battle is underway you have space to move around and avoid attacks if possible. It is a battle simulation so treat it as a real battle. If you are struck in the game the responding area on your suit will send a shock in the same area. The shocks are a wake up call that you have been struck and your health is going down. Your unit waves will also become chaotic when you are stuck. The system has a mic in the room so commanding your fighter is simple. If you feel your hands are faster you can use the commanding menu and go through preset commands.  You lose when you drop your controller and break your Unit bond or your health reaches 0. In defeat you have to start that level over after week minimum of rest. If you win your score will be posted on the main screen you are facing along with the top score of the week and month on the bottom. Resetting the score will show up on the screen in hall. You may move up in third or higher if you keep it up. All points are set on your card which you receive before you leave. Use this card every time and rack up points to be number 1.

(You can only use the Topics that are provided to you. Please keep in mind this is a no holds barred and if you test your brain power against another you are only at 50% brain capacity. Your fighter can not feel nor hear you due to the damper system around the area. Fight at your own risk!)

Please do not damage your suit. This is a rental you are borrowing for your session and you causing chip damage will cause the suit to be dysfunctional and can harm you and other players. If you have harmed it you will be paying a massive fee to not only replace the chip but the suit itself. You have been warned.

Do not come here if you have serious medical issues. We have an alternative for you which will not disrupt your natural flow of energy nor cause any harm to you. We are not liable for you if you have lied to us on your information card at sign up. If you are unsure about your medical history and potential dangers please see your Doctor beforehand.

Do not damage anything in the rooms. Although they are replicas everything still costs money. Please be aware that whatever you break you will be charged to replace it.

The Solaris system is tailored for this specific cause. Do not try to open the system or cause any damage to the controller. It is shatter resistant so it will not break and we check every controller after use as well as clean it. However if you feel your controller is not functioning properly press the S button in the middle of your controller and choose controller. It will give you set options and the attendant will assist you.

You have to win 5 fights in this Section in order to move to the next color. Due to size we only have a few colors available so your higher levels will have you coming back here again at a later time.

If you lose you do have to start the match over after a week of rest. The AI is a Smart Sensory generator. So based on the fighters personality they may become a tad bit upset with you the next battle. If you win they will have a different reaction. The AI is simulated to do different things during battle and say different things as well. Virtual and still life like in responses and actions on the battlefield.

If you practice in a different language and it is not there please inform the Attendant by pressing the S button in the middle of your controller and choose Language option. They will assist you and send a request to Solaris to update the system overnight so you can feel more comfortable to fight.

When you receive your card please do not bend the card. Treat it like a credit card and refrain from damaging it. If your card is damaged you must bring it in to get a replacement which costs 500 Yen. The higher your level is the more expensive your replacement card will be so be careful.

Top Sacrifice
2nd best
3rd best

This place was built to keep you on your toes. Your history of training doesn't matter to anyone here. Fighting is an itch we all get from time to time and a need that must be sated. Many come here to tend to that itch. Club Vanity was built to have you practice your Sacrifice skills and get better in unit bonding. You are placed in simulations and later you fight others screen to screen to prove you are the best sacrifice on the streets. Return constantly to get better and better. We can not tell you who funds this place nor why the prizes are what they are but just know participating here is well worth getting to the top of the food chain. If you ever go out into real battle someday we wish you good luck~

Your Opponents are randomly selected by the Solaris system. You must win your match to move to the next round after a week of rest. You must win 5 matches in order to move up to the next color. Due to spacing we only have a few colors available but they will not affect your leveling. Your Opponents vary based on your level in the game. The higher you are the tougher they get. In the beginning you are just training so you will only fight against a computer but in higher levels you will fight against another room if it becomes occupied.Your level will not go down so do not worry. When you reach these levels the Attendant will notify you about it before you enter the fitting room area.

Roll of Fate
Your first roll will be a defensive move against your Opponent. The second is your attack power. Your team starts off with 100 hit points. You work your way up the ladder to gain more points. An Even number will give you a bonus to your Defense. An Odd number will give you a bonus to your Attack. This only lasts during that turn.

I.E. - Dice one is 6 and dice two is 1 ~ 6+1=7 So you will gain a bonus to your Attack.
Dice one is 5 and dice two is 3 ~ 5+3=8  So you will gain a bonus to your Defense.

Prize Board

Top Sacrifice

2 tickets to Corfu, Greece
5 day/4 night trip
-Flight and Hotel are covered. If you are the top sacrifice please ask to be escorted to the main office where you can claim your prize.

Corfu is one of the Ionian Islands which nestle off the West side of the Greek mainland. The island is 36 miles long and at its widest part (the North) 15 miles wide. Covered with over 3 million evergreen olive trees, watered by winter rains, Corfu, even during the hot dry summers remains one of the greenest of the Mediterranean islands. At the centre is 'Mount Pantocrator' with a height of 998 metres. The NE coast is made up of sheltered rocky coves and shingle beaches offering secluded bays and traditional fishing villages. The North and South offer long sweeping sandy bays and the expected commercialism. The craggy west coast, with the high cliffs and horse-shoe sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets. There is plenty to draw visitors to this magical island. Modern Corfu Town is upbeat and cosmopolitan, offering an exciting conglomeration of Greek, Italian, French and British influences. The old town was laid out by the Venetians in the 14th century and features narrow alleys lined with multi-storeyed pastel-coloured buildings with red tiled roofs, creating a scene reminiscent of Italy. The hub of activity in the town centre is the Liston, an arcaded row of cafes and restaurants, copied from the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Those wishing to escape from the melee in the town can head for the interior to enjoy some spectacular scenery and greenery. Corfu has, for instance, 43 different kinds of orchids growing wild in the countryside, and there are countless olive groves. Finally there are, of course, the beautiful beaches washed by the sparkling Ionian Sea, and it is still possible to search out a secluded cove or two even in the busy season when the over-developed resorts on the east coast are awash with package tourists.

2nd place Sacrifice

3 day/2 night stay at our Willow Springs home Moonlight Serenade
-Room Service is provided. If you are the 2nd place winner please ask to be escorted to the main office where you can claim your prize.

3rd place Sacrifice

-A $50 dinner card to the Restaurant of your choice
-A $50 movie card
-A Special Spa getaway offered by Lily Spa

If you are the 3rd place winner please ask to be escorted to the main office where you can claim your prize.

There will be no exchanges or returns on the prizes. Each prize is different each month. the new list goes up at the 1st of the month the prizes are given the last day of the month. You must follow by the rules and point system to apply. If you are a company willing to contribute to the prize boards please see the Prize Administrator in the Main Office. This will take into effect once Club Vanity has officially been opened. Please stand by.
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The Green Rooms
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