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 Oblivion Fighter

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PostSubject: Oblivion Fighter    Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:56 am

Full Name: Canaan Alshua
True Name: Oblivion
Partner's Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 27
Birth Date: January 1st
Occupation: Fighter for hire
Dreams: To escape her past

Hair: Brunette, cut short (just below her chin) with layers and side bangs
Ears and Tail: Were the same shade of brown as her hair
Eyes: Caramel colored
Height: 5'7
Build: Canaan is at the peak of her physical condition. A strict diet and training regiment keep her in top form.
Name location: Starts on her right side and wraps horizontally around to the front along the bottom of her rib cage.

Canaan views the world as a battle field. A constant war that hasn't been won and never will be. She is a soldier in the truest sense of the word. She can kill without remorse, lead without hesitation, and follow orders to the finest detail. Things such as gentleness and warmth have been beaten out of her. That isn't to say she's full of hate and malice, for that couldn't be further from the truth. To her there is only her duty.

More often than not she is calm and collected in even the most hectic of situations. She doesn't speak often, for she has no use for small talk. She simply says what is needed and nothing more. Polite pleasantries are a waste of breath in her opinion. While she herself doesn't show emotion, she is experienced in knowing how others will react to situations and is able to plan and act accordingly. Canaan wasn't always like this, when she was younger she was the same as any other child, she loved and laughed. It was her training and experiences that have hardened her into what she is today.

Canaan in a sense was not born, she was created by a woman known as Nagisa Sagan. Nagisa was an accomplished woman when it came to creating both Fighter and Sacrifice Units, whom all bore the same name: Zero. Canaan however was not created as one of her precious Zero's, she was commissioned. By a man known only as Siam.

Siam's history is full of blank spots and dead ends, even those who worked with him closely don't fully know where he came from. There are but a few simple facts: he was of Asian decent, was a Fighter, apparently had no Sacrifice, and worked closely with Germany in their trials to create their 'doll' like Fighters. And that was precisely the way he liked it. Not even Canaan ever figured out anything beyond those few things. His personality however was no secrete. Siam was very intolerant of anything he deemed unnecessary, and he was very good at breaking people down. Which is why Germany tasked him with the training of their dolls. It was during these trials that he decided to start an experiment of his own, which is what eventually led him to Nagisa Sagan. It took no small about of threats and bribery to convince her to do his bidding, but eventually she relented and began the work of creating a Fighter for him. But not just any Fighter, but one who bore the same name as he: Oblivion. In truth she was the perfect woman for the job, she was skilled in creating Units and more specifically ones who had the same name. And thus Canaan came to be. A Fighter who bore his name, and one who felt no pain. Like all those who Nagisa created, Canaan's pain receptors were shut off. She can feel touch and pressure but not pain.

Canaan was to be Siam's pet project. A Fighter who would be the perfect solider and yet still retain her own will.

For the first few years of her life Siam raised Canaan as he would any other child. For her young body was not strong enough yet to endure the training he would later inflict upon her. So for her infant and toddler years Siam made sure she was fed, clothed, and safe. He was all she knew. He gave her what she needed to survive and nothing more. There would be no fatherly hugs and kisses, no bed time stories or warmth of any kind. It was not Siam's way, and he was not raising a daughter. He was raising a Fighter.

At the age of five Siam deemed Canaan ready to begin her physical training. This wasn't hard for her in the slightest. As she could never feel tired or even pain. Back then it had been Siam's job to watch her body for signs of distress and he was always careful to never force her body beyond the point of no return. So a strict diet and training regiment were set in place. She learned to fight with knives and blades, how to shoot various guns and even martial arts. Her body was a weapon and Siam taught her how to fully utilize it as such.

In time he also taught her how to keep check of her own body on her own. Canaan learned that she must always watch for signs of broken bones, cuts and scrapes, infection, bruises and strains, concussions and even to constantly monitor her body's temperature. She was different from others, he explained, she could not feel what they felt. It was her strength and would be her downfall if she did not conquer it.

At the age of ten Siam deemed Canaan ready of travelling with him to the German branch of Seven Moons. Canaan already knew of this place and the other's like it, though she herself had never been. Siam often travelled there, leaving her for alone for days and sometimes weeks at a time while he worked on a secret project there. One he would never tell her about till later in her life.

Her regular training continued there, but on top of that Siam also began to teach her about spell battles. Canaan learned that her voice was as much of a weapon as her body, and that if she learned to wield it properly could make her unstoppable. A spell would allow her to take control of others, to bend the elements to her will, and even deal out harm. This particular training proved more difficult than the others, for while her body never tired her mind did. Siam never accepted anything less than perfect and at first she never seemed able to please him. Her spells were too weak, worded wrong, left too much open for a counterattack, took too long to cast, ect. So he began forcing her to read various books on language and poetry. How to word a spell, Siam explained, was the first half of casting one. A properly worded spell left little room for an enemy to turn it against her, or even defend against it.

The other half came from her own will. The force behind a spell is what gave it its power. She had to visualize what she wanted, and force it into reality. There could be no hesitation, no doubt, no fear. As the months passed Canaan grew stronger both physically and mentally. Though Siam left her with little choice. Canaan had to learn in a few years what others took several to learn. It was no easy task for her, but one she accomplished nonetheless.

At the age of twelve Siam decided it was time Canaan try her hand at a real spell battle. Due to her age the school first set her up against younger, less experienced students despite Siam's insistence that she could handle much stronger opponents. Needless to say, Canaan won her first battle. After that the school began pitting her against the older students, ones who were nearing graduation. She lost few of these battles, and later they would prove the only ones she would ever lose.

As her winning streak soared so did her reputation. Students avoided the girl with cold eyes, Siam's little protégé. Canaan didn't care, she simply did as Siam instructed her.

At the age of thirteen Siam declared her ready to undertake her first bloodhound assignment with his accompaniment. The job was simple, find and kill the rogue unit who were charged with attack and the attempted murder of a young aristocratic boy. His family of course demanded the death of the pair, and Seven Moons was forced to act. Siam himself did all the tracking (though he explained his every action and thought process every step of the way) yet he left the actual fighting to Canaan. It proved easy enough for her to defeat them (they were shocked to find that she did not react to physical pain in the slightest) though when it came to dealing the spell that would end their lives she hesitated. Siam was furious and ripped out his boot knife, forcing her to take the blade. He ordered her to kill pair with it instead. She had no choice.

It was a lesson Canaan would never forget. Killing with a spell was easier, it allowed her to be detached from the actual act, while a knife and bullet proved to be more personal. With time she grew to become detached from killing all together. Killing was a duty, and she was a solider. A solider did what they had to, no matter how hard. Those she killed had earned their death. It was not murder. It was not done out of hate or revenge or even because she desired to do so. It was simply her duty and nothing more.

After that first assignment Siam began to take her out on more and always left the actual fighting to her. Sometimes he made her kill with a spell others with a knife or gun. It never got easier, it just became a fact of life. Canaan never felt remorse for the things she did. She was a solider and it was her duty.

At the age of fifteen Siam presented Canaan with a very different task. He ordered her to watch people, anyone and everyone. Her teachers, fellow students, and even regular people. She was to watch what they did and how they reacted. What made them laugh or cry, excited or scared, happy or sad, all of it. Siam wanted her to learn and to study them. At first that's all she had to do. Later she was expected to be able to predict what a particular person would do, what they would say, or how they would react to something. Canaan grew better over time, and eventually she could predict what a person would do down to the finest detail. She learned how humans acted, how to predict them, and even how to copy them if need be.

Siam explained that she had to have this ability, had to always practice it. It's what a hunter did. How a wolf could hide among sheep. How she could always stay steps head of her enemy.

Canaan became a silent witness to the lives of those around her, and they were none the wise. At least, all but one. His name was Mathias, and he was a Fighter around her age. While everyone else was almost oblivious to her Mathias seemed to spot her even among a crowd of hundreds. To Canaan's shame she hadn't even been aware that he had been watching her just as she watched him. Not until he approached her one day.

At first she'd merely ignored him. She had no interest in anyone, let alone some boy. She only paid attention to him and the other's because it was expected of her. Mathias wasn't so easily deterred however, and seemed determined to get to know her. Eventually she gave up avoiding him, after all he was just one boy. But as she got to know him, really know him instead of just watching from afar she discovered that he was more than just one boy. Little by little he cracked away at her defenses, till he'd rooted himself so deep inside her that she couldn't imagine him not being there.

Canaan was careful though, deep down she knew Siam would not approve and did her best to hide her feelings from Mathias from him. For a year things were fine. She still continued training and working with Siam, all while having her secrete relationship with Mathias. Canaan loved him. It was an emotion she'd read about and seen other's experience but not one she herself had ever felt. She craved his happiness and safety above all else. Siam could never know. Just as Mathias could never know of the dark things she'd done in her life and would continue to do. Rumors though were something she could not prevent. All it took was one student over hearing a teacher talk about how ruthless the poor Canaan girl was for Mathias to begin to grow suspicious of all the times Canaan would disappear off campus.

He confronted her, and when she didn't deny his accusations he begged her to stop. Killing was wrong, he'd said. Life was too precious for anyone else to decide to end. Canaan was torn between her love for Mathias and the duty Siam had taught her she must uphold. It was Mathias or Siam. The life she knew or the one Mathias was offering to her. Fate never let her decide.

Siam wasn't as ignorant of her deeds as Canaan had thought. He knew of her relationship with Mathias, and at first let her be. She was free to explore certain pleasures (he himself certainly never denied himself those kinds of comforts) but to an extent. He knew before she did that this boy was swaying her away from the path he'd set her on. He couldn't let that happen. The boy had to go.

It was easy enough for Siam to pull a few strings, to have Mathias falsely convicted, to have the boy's name placed on the death list. The list that Canaan had to carry out. She was devastated, though never once questioned it. Siam had never done her wrong. He went with her when the assignment was given, to ensure that she carried it out. Canaan made Mathias' death swift, he was dead before he could ever feel the pain but not before he looked deep into her eyes.

It was a hard lesson she learned, and after that she vowed to never let anyone get that close again. Siam found that his job was almost complete. Canaan had proved that she was strong, that she could fight, that she could follow any order given even to kill the one person she loved.

Despite his own treachery Siam trusted Canaan more after that. So much that he finally revealed to her the work he'd been doing at Seven Moons all this time. He was the driving force behind the creation of Blank Fighters who could shed names, who would follow any order given no matter what. They were dolls. His particular part in this had been to take away the will of the Blanks, to turn them into mindless servants who could only do what they were told. They were just empty shells of what was once a person. They might as well have been dead. In them Canaan saw what she could have been. In their lifeless eyes she saw a different life for herself. One particular person caught her interest, a petite blonde girl. She looked so out of place here, small and fragile. Yet Canaan learned first hand that her looks were deceiving. When ordered, the blonde could kill without batting an eyelash, just as Canaan could. But at least Canaan still had the choice not to.

After learning of the dolls, Canaan found herself taking more jobs especially the one's that would force her away from Seven Moons longer. She found it hard to be in a place that had condoned just horrors and even harder still to be around other students who were so blissfully ignorant of such things. To her it had been sickening to discover what the blonde and those like her had gone through, though not really for their sakes but for her own. She couldn't stop imagining herself sitting still and silent like them, eyes vacant waiting to be told what to do. When she wasn't on a job she found herself spending time with those empty Fighters, namely the blonde whom she learned was named Shivani (whether that was the girl's real name or just the one they called her Canaan doesn't know). She knew Shivani didn't really notice her presence, at least not like a normal person would. Canaan was just there, just a warm body nearby. Canaan never spoke to them when she visited, just quietly spent time around them. Deep down Canaan realized that her desire to be around them merely came from the fact that she wanted to assure herself that she was still her. That she still had free will. And yet because of them Canaan began to reflect on the things she'd done in her life. The things that they had done, but she had chosen to do so. Did that make her a monster? She chose to kill, to hurt others. Shivani had no choice in the matter.

Siam never seemed to notice the change in Canaan, outwardly she had always been quite and reserved. She still completed the tasks he assigned her and that was all that mattered to him. He never knew that by revealing his hand in creating those lifeless blanks that he'd planted the first seed of hatred in Canaan's heart.

The years passed by slowly after that. Siam's role in Canaan's life became less and less, his role as her teacher was over. Now they were on equal ground, sometimes taking part in the same job and other times going weeks without contact. Though Siam always kept an eye on here activities, he was pleased as his handy work. At creating his own successor, and though he did not know it his own downfall as well.

As Canaan's abilities grew so did her role in the hierarchy of the German Unit world. Aristocrats frequently requested her whenever they needed something completed by the school, and the headmaster took notice of this. He gave Canaan more liberties and access to certain documents in the school. Old reports and records mostly, but ones that Canaan found herself sometimes looking over nonetheless. While she would never admit it, she was particularly interested in the ones pertaining to herself. Her experience with the dolls still haunted her, and she always wondered if other's viewed her the same as them. But she found that most of the reports were mere documentation of facts, just her actions and not personal opinions on the way she'd handled things. Even her own file depicting her life after coming to Seven Moons was dry and very clinical. Just a bunch of facts.

Her curiosity eventually drove her to look up Shivani's file, only to be disappointed to find that there was little to nothing describing her life before she became what she was. Before Siam had gotten hold of her. When that search proved fruitless she turned instead to the project itself, only to hit a dead end. The school it seemed was smart enough not to keep such damning records on site. Frustrated at the lack of information she desired Canaan quit looking through the records in her spare time. None of the information she found in them was new to her.

Life drove on, Canaan remained one of Germany's corporeal punishers and lived her life around the jobs she was assigned. Years passed and blood was shed. She lost count of the people she'd killed, and tried not to think about it after the fact. There was only her duty, and she always answered its call.

On the eve of her twenty-seventh birthday Canaan found herself holed up in the school's record room once again, it had been years since she'd back here. Yet for some reason on this night she felt the desire to look back on her life via the hundreds of file that contained her name. Reading them made her feel empty. She knew the things she did were for the better good, those people had earned their fate. That fact did little to sooth her, Canaan's soul felt black and empty. A void as dark and empty as her true name. In that moment she truly understood the name etched on her side. A name she shared with Siam. Thinking of him made Canaan curious as to what his file looked like. Previously she never would have dared to intrude upon him in such a way. Siam had always made it clear that his past was exactly that, HIS past. That had been years ago, she was stronger now. No longer lingering in Siam's shadow.

As was with most of the important files here, Siam's was sadly lacking. Though there was one thing that caught her attention longer than the others she'd been skimming over. Mathias' name. Siam was the one who signed his death record. Siam was the one who put him on her list. That fact set off countless alarm bells in Canaan's mind. Why was Siam's name on there? Mathias' had been caught conspiring against Seven Moons, he'd been planning an attack on the school. That wasn't Siam's division. Ulrick had been in charge of investigating attacks and treats against the school back then, NOT Siam. It should be Ulrick's name on this report and not her teacher's.

Suddenly suspicious Canaan found herself looking up the investigation into Mathias, only to find once again that Siam's name was on the report where instead Ulrick's should have been. Canaan looked for more, anything else to do with the incident but came up short. There were only the two files, one with the investigation and the other ordering Mathias' death. Both signed by Siam. Canaan left the school in a flurry that night, barely bothering to return the files back to their proper places before leaving. Thankfully, even though Ulrick was officially retired his current address was still listed at the school so it was easy enough for Canaan to appear at his door that same night.

Despite his job Ulrick had always been a sweet man, and in his old age was even more so. He also had a thing for sweet faced women like Canaan. At first the conversation was kept friendly, Canaan lying about her visit that night and Ulrick being unmarried and currently living alone was happy to have company even at such a late hour. Eventually Canaan began to slowly turn the conversation towards the work Ulrick had done at the school, various things he'd done and attacks he'd prevented. Ulrick was more than happy to gloat about those days, and Canaan was thankful that his mind was still intact and he remembered everything correctly (she'd purposely asked him about things she already knew just to test him) and finally she asked him about Mathias. That question brought Ulrick up short, and his greyed brows and wrinkled face twisted in thought and then finally confusion. Ulrick explained to her that he knew of no Mathias and certainly not one who'd attempted an attack on the school, and Ulrick was also quick to say that he would have most definitely remembered if there had been. Canaan was stunned, though she didn't show it and stayed another hour quietly visiting with Ulrick before finally taking her leave.

Once she was alone Canaan began to piece together the facts she'd gathered so far. First Siam's name was on both reports when Ulrick's should have been. Secondly Ulrick knew nothing of the alleged attack when it was his job to handle such things. That left two possibilities. Either Mathias' had done something much worse, something that warranted forging documents to prevent anyone from finding out or that there had been no threat at all and Mathias' had been set up. But why Siam's involvement? Siam was only working for Seven Moons for the doll project, nothing else. The only connection between Mathias' and Siam had been Canaan herself... Suddenly the pieces clicked together for Canaan.

At 3:32am on her birthday Canaan committed her first murder. The first time she'd killed out of revenge, out of hate. Siam was dead, and his dying words would linger in her mind for the rest of her life.

"How is it? How does it feel to fight for hatred? It's like mud, right? A bottomless darkness where the more you struggle, the more you get pulled in. I've already endured such humiliation, and already climbed my way back out." Siam was silent then, pensive as he lay dying. "Just remember what I taught you, revenge produces nothing. A soldier who is born of hatred will only lose. You're a soldier, Canaan. A snake on the ground poised and ready to strike up anywhere. You're just like me." And then he'd smiled, showing off blood stained teeth before taking in his final breath.

Canaan buried him later that day, out in the field next to the house she'd spent the first ten years of her life. She stayed at that house for awhile, reflecting on her next move. In her mind she didn't feel right returning to Seven Moons. She felt like a liar, having gone against everything she believed in. She was a murderer now. She'd killed because she wanted to, not because her duty dictated it. Canaan wanted to atone for her sin.

It would take several more weeks before Canaan finally decided what she wanted to do, what she had to do. She had to correct the mistakes Siam had made in his life. Mathias' was already dead so there was no more helping him, the only people left in this world who'd been hurt by Siam besides herself (and that she knew of) were the poor blanks in the doll project. And of them, there was only one left still alive. Shivani, the blonde girl that made Canaan once regret the things she'd done. Over the next several days after making her decisions, Canaan discovered where Shivani currently was (the Japanese branch of Seven Moons) and made the arrangements to fly there.

Currently Canaan has been in Japan for less than a week, and in that time she has acquired a place to live and begun her investigation into Shivani. Canaan doesn't intend to actually contact her unless need be, right now she just getting a feel for what's going on around here.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
1. Canaan has no real Sacrifice. Siam was the true Oblivion Fighter his own Sacrifice died in childbirth. Canaan was created as his copy, and therefore there is no person containing the other half of her soul. While there may be another Oblivion Sacrifice they will be in no way tied to her. Just as the two Zero Unit's were in no way tied to one another.
2. Canaan as a copy of Siam has his ring effect. Thus her ring allows her to cancel out the effects of other rings. Oblivion essentially means null/void so her ring nullifies the rings of those around her.
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