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 Annie Ackerman

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PostSubject: Annie Ackerman   Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:54 pm

Full Name: Annie Ackerman (Assumed Alias)
Nickname: Little Birdie
True Name: Voiceless
Age: 29
Occupation: Erspähen

Eyes: Greenish gold
Hair: Blonde, usually kept up in a bun with her bands swept to the side of her face
Height: 5'5
Name Location: Written in tiny script down her tongue

Outwardly Annie has a bubbly and friendly personality. She gets along with almost everyone she meets, and has a generally positive outlook on life. Don't let her personality fool you though, Annie is skilled in the art of manipulation and is an expert at digging up secrets and pulling skeletons out of the closet. She works closely with the Hunter's of Germany and is often the one who hands out their assignments and acts as their handlers on cases. Canaan has not met with Annie in person, as Annie's dealings with Jaegers is kept strictly to phone calls to keep the identities of both parties safe. Unbeknownst to most Annie has ties to people all over the Unit world, and has created her own little underground network of information.

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Annie Ackerman
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