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 Hitsuzen Fighter

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PostSubject: Hitsuzen Fighter    Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:57 pm

Full Name: Yvette [no surname]
True Name: Hitsuzen  [currently has faded from her body]
Partner's Name:  N/A
Gender:  Female
Age:  26
Birth Date: It iz unimportant
Occupation/Grade: Main Knife thrower for a traveling circus
Dreams/Life Goals: “Jou zhouldn’t concern jourzelf with zuch matterz.”

Hair: Bluish white
Eyes: Grey to light blue [eye color tends to change to her mood]
Height: 5’6
Build: Slender and rather frail looking but has a very nimble body

Once upon a time perhaps, she was a quiet individual, hardly one to strike up a conversation with a stranger, or even to put herself in crowded places where she was unsure of her surroundings. A kind little girl, a smile for a stranger a nothing more; self kept, private, with little confidence in what she was doing. Shy and meek, the reason she would rather hide in a corner with a nose in a book then play with children her own age.

Perhaps, once upon a time.

Now, Yvette is a young woman to view the glass half full, optimistic in what the future is to hold for her. Whatever that future is or will be.  Smiles for a daring all and about any to approach her, a head of confidence on her shoulders with a coy personality to match, Yvette can be very much a tease at times.  However she is not a push over. Years of traveling alone have given her quite the experiences she needed to survive, she understands how to recognize the ‘right moments’ for things and can become a very calculative person, even if she might not show it on the outside.  

Yvette tends to show a ‘in moment’ personality as well, thinking little of past events, for she has a strong belief what has been done is done and nothing can change it. She would rather except it and move on then dwell in the past.

There is no such thing as coincidence in this world. There is only Hitsuzen

‘What the mind forgets…. The body remembers…

The very first thing her mind register, her very, very first memory is staring out on a ship’s bow to a swinging pocket watch caught on the railing. Feeling like her chest was ripping into pieces and not understanding why as the cold shower of rain poured down upon her from the dark sky above as if it was crying for what she could not remember. Her body was cold, shaking and ears ringing, but beyond what she was looking a the young girl did not know where she was or how she got there. The sounds of voices finally startled the young girl into action, getting to her feet with a very unsteady balance grabbing the watch off the railing and rain in the rain the best she could to find a place to hide, as her body seemd to scream for it. Though she didn’t not understand what was happening, the young girl did so taking refuge in a dark cramped closet in the ship, as the thunder storm raged on. She hid until morning, holding desperately onto the pocket watch not making a sound. She must have fallen a sleep at some point that was sure, for when she became aware again of the suffercating enclose she pushed herself out into the ship hallway. No one was about, and there was a lot of sound coming from outside. The ship had docked in port, and instantly the young blue haired girl found her way off the ship unseen, holding onto nothing more than that little watch. She was in a place on endless sands, tall stone pyramids , and blazing heat, but regardless of the alien feeling she found another place to hide outside of the busy ship port. Here, the young girl finally took a more closer look at the pocket watch she had gone out of her way to save during the storm. Though it torn at her hear from some unknown reason she looked over in delicately in her hands until she figured out to open it. Only to find that the small time piece was stopped, broken at the time fifteen minutes after elven.
The broken pocket watch

But on the solid outside of the watch was written in simple, elegantly the French words “To my beloved daughter, Yvette”, but in the inside that cover of the watch was written Hitsuzen. Light blue eyes just stared, burning into that world as if she could almost touch the memories she just couldn’t reach. For how long she stayed in her hiding place just staring at those unevenly craved out letters, the young girl did not know, but she did know as her stomach protested in hunger some point in the dead of the night she finally got up. And from that point on; it seemed to her that she just kept on walking, straight unknowing to the place calling out forgotten in her mind.

Taking on the name, Yvette, she walked her way across lands and sailed across a few seas. Living even though at times it could be dangers, an adventures life, trying to find what she lost. ‘Yvette’ learned a lot of things, as she worked different trades in the countries she wondered into, making herself a living situation in a way. For it was only herself she had to take care of and she was never in the need of many things. ‘Yvette’ became a bit of an ‘opportunist’, when the chance arise to get herself farther down the road to the place she wanted to be. A long the way she spent a lot of time in India, thinking for some reason it was the place she wanted to be, she loved the culture, the people, the places and sites. But the calling to move on again came whispering in her ears when someone spoke about a place called ‘Japan’. The feeling she seemed to have forgotten came back, and Yvette was a nomad once more crossing mountains on her own into China.

Here, in the city of Hong Kong, as she looked for a place to work since she ran out of money, Yvette was having little luck since she could not speak much of the language as she could in other places. It was here she came across a traveling circus, and through a previous experience she had gain in her traveling was able to join as an understudy to the Main Knife thrower. Yvette was sixteen as she join, and as she got to know the people of the circus she found herself more and more watching over a young acrobat that reminder her a lot of herself. But there was also something else that she couldn’t quiet put her finger on about him as the years went. Yvette had learned a lot of different types of things during her travels before joining the circus and as it travel across China over time she showed them off making up a different unique knife throwing  routine that soon won her a spot in the main rings of the show.

Then the circus came to Japan for the first time….

Yvette was excited when she first hear the news that they were crossing the ocean to Japan, the name of the country that seemed to be calling her after so long and yet the first time they set foot on that soil. Yvette became very uncharateristly afraid. She kept hidden most of the time in her living tent, not wanting to go out with the others to ‘exploder’ the towns they stayed in to do the shows. She didn’t understand why nor could she explain it, but Yvette wasn’t at easy again until the circus left Japan to return to China. For a while though the ten years she was with the circus she was like that. Scared to death every time they circus returned to Japan but at the same time she was so excited she could barely breath. Over time however, Yvette gained the guts to wonder about in the cities, though she become horrible cautious when the sound of ringing that no one else seemed to notice came about.  It was something she knew, something she was supposed to know, and yet the memory was too far away for her to touch. When, Malus, the young acrobat, developed the ringing sound as well, Yvette knew it was something very important once to her .

It was more so around this time she started to pay more attention to the young growing man [more so to make sure he stayed out of trouble. Yvette had seen him enough times sneaking off when others were not looking]. For even in her swallowed fear, Yvette feels that Malus will lead her one day find the light in the darkness in her memory.

Yvette’s stage costume

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: Rhône Provence of France
Language:  France, Japanese, Hindi , Hokkien [Taiwanese]
Parents/Elders/Guardians: unknown
Hobbies: Whirling knives in her hands, regardless if they are her throwing knives or large kitchen knives. If she doesn’t have a knife, then about anything that has a similar weight or look [AKA pens]; Sharpening her throwing knives in a very religious manner[she likes them kept very, very sharp]; Likes making Henna Tattoos on herself or others if she is extremely bored.
Likes: Cloudy windy days, the smell of the ocean,  the taste of white wines,  grapes, sweets
Loves: Curling up under a heavy blanket when it’s raining outside [preferably on a porch ],  hanging around the Tiger pins, and trying to learn how to do new things around the circus [other peoples performances], sharpening her knives
Dislikes: Being at the center of attention [even though she is a performer], being crowded into corners, sudden loud sounds,  constant tapping sounds
Loathes: Thunder, stuck up individuals, the smell of peppermint or even mint in general
Fears: Being alone in a bad thunder storm [or worse an enclosed space during a thunder storm]
Strengths: For the most part, Yvette has a very level head on her shoulders, it takes quite a bit to make her snap and loose self control. Calculative in her moves at times, and seems to have a ‘wise’ air to her around certain types of situations.
Bad habits: When she gets flustered, angry or annoyed with someone has a habit of slipping into speaking French before going back and repeating half of what she said in Japanese.
Odd Habits Standing in a very hot shower after a performance with her show custom on, sitting for a long period of time when she wants to be alone staring at a broken pocket watch.

NC+17 for err somewhat nudity? >>;
Turn ons & offs: Jou like to get very familiar with ztrangerz don’t jou?
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Hitsuzen Fighter
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